Interview: Data Collection With Jenni White of Oklahoma R.O.P.E.   7 comments

There may be someone in America who has studied the education data collection scheme more than Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education. But I haven’t found that person. Here’s a video interview that Alisa, Renee and I filmed with Jenni this week.


What is the State Longitudinal Database System?
Why does every state track every citizen with the SLDS?
What is the P20 system?
Why did the federal government pay every state many millions to build the system?
Why did they require states to build interoperable systems if they were not to share data outside the state?
How do schools, prisons, hospitals and military agencies now share data?
Is this really just career path assistance or is it citizen surveillance?

7 responses to “Interview: Data Collection With Jenni White of Oklahoma R.O.P.E.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Modern Pioneer Family and commented:
    Please watch this video. If you don’t know about President Obama’s Common Core Initiative yet, this will take the blinders off your eyes and open your mind. Parents and grandparents, do whatever you can to protect your kids and grandkids.

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  4. Thanks for the info. Great stuff. I’m w/Jenni…scary stuff. I think people will protest and not comply. The info is slowly getting out there.

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  6. Can we share this on our blog: ?

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