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Utah “wins” waiver from No Child Left Behind, forcing us into Common Core program   11 comments

You can read for yourself what Utah agreed to, in requesting a federal waiver from the law called No Child Left Behind, which was a restrictive and unpopular federal educational mandate.

Today, Utah received a “yes” answer about the NCLB waiver, from the U.S. Dept. of Education. We got the NCLB waiver, so we are released from following its mandates, but that means we have to abide by common standards. Common Core.

I’d rather be saddled with NCLB than Common Core because the mandating tentacles of Common Core are further reaching, and the standards are not amendable by us. At least we used to have local control over our educational standards before Common Core.



Common Core Science Implements U.N. Directives For Host Countries Via Microsoft   4 comments


 Will Utah adopt Common Core Science? 

If so, we can expect an over-emphasis on “sustainable development,” “climate change,” and “environmental awareness” that will marginalize traditional academic science in favor of United Nations-inspired “sustainability” science.  We can also expect a continued degrading of local control. 

Utah, like most of the states in this nation, adopted the Common Core math and English standards without any sort of public vetting or a vote.  The Utah State Superintendent and State School Board is still marching forward at top speed, having implemented Common Core’s preschool, math, English, the SBAC common nationalized testing system, and P-20 /SLDS citizen tracking systems, so there’s no reason to think we won’t add Common Core Science, unless there’s a huge public outcry against it.

Why would  it be a huge mistake to add the Common Core Science?

Common Core Science Standards will be aligned  with the environmental agenda-driven “science” promoted by the United Nations. 

   The United Nations’ UNESCO, via the funding tool of Microsoft and Bill Gates, is attempting to call the shots on what will be taught in U.S. schools, and it’s going to be “environmental awareness,” not honest academic science.  Here’s  how we know:


Read for yourself.  Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft, in its 26-page Cooperation Agreement document with UNESCO (The United Nations Education branch) shows Gates giving support and money to promote the U.N.’s “programmes”  in host countries like the USA.  That PDF is here: .

The document states:

“UNESCO’s intention is to mobilise partners from civil society and in particular from the private sector to achieve its strategic goals and programme priorities…. Microsoft supports the objectives of UNESCO as stipulated in UNESCO’s Constitution and intends to contribute…” (page 2, Cooperation Agreement.)


Priority “programmes” are outlined on the U.N.’s website:  –Highlights include:

“Programme Priorities for UNESCO’s Five Major Programmes Approved Programme and Budget for 2010-2011

…Supporting the achievement of Education for All… Providing global and regional leadership in education…Policies and capacity-building in science, technology and innovation for sustainable development and …sustainable management.”

To me, the honor and trust of “providing regional leadership in education” belongs to my local school board, parents, principals and teachers.  Not to UNESCO/the U.N.

In Chapter 25 of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, as well, the U.N. website states that countries should use preexisting systems, formal and informal educational methods, to mandate that global citizens learn the importance of environmental issues.  This is the agenda of the Common Core science, in American schools.

   Further explanation of the children/education/environmental agenda of Gates and the U.N.:  That site states:

Children in sustainable development:

Basis for action:

25.12. Children not only will inherit the responsibility of looking after the Earth… They are also highly aware supporters of environmental thinkingchildren need to be  taken fully into account in the participatory process on environment and  development in order to safeguard the future sustainability…

ensure that  education reflects… and   incorporates the concepts of environmental awareness and sustainable  development throughout the curricula;  … include youth and youth non-governmental  organizations to develop educational and awareness programmes  specifically targeted to the youth population on critical issues  pertaining to youth… use formal and  non-formal educational methods to reach a maximum audience  …media, non-governmental organizations, businesses and other organizations should assist… ”


His own grant-giving website states that he gave about $25 million to the CCSSO to promote Common Core, but $9 million of that was specific to environmental propaganda:

“Purpose: to continue in [CCSSO’s] its leadership role on Common Core State Standards, to continue work on an effective teaching agenda that seeks to move the ‘middle’ group of states farther along the EET policy agenda, and… publicize access to emerging research on resource reallocation…”*

EET, Earth Exploration Toolkit, is heavy on climate change and environmental awareness.  EET’s suggested colleagues’ webinar topic for teacherss’ professional development, climate change, is here:

A word search in the EET chapter headings from the EET text, gives 43 matches for “climate change” and 43 matches for “ozone,” while it gives 1 match for astronomy, 3 matches for biology, no matches for zoology, and 8 matches for chemistry.

*(the meaning of mandated “resource reallocation” = state/global control of lands, or communism).

The EPIC Lawsuit Against the U.S. Dept. of Education – This will be affecting old people too   Leave a comment

I got to talk with Khalia Barnes today about the legal action her company, EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) has taken against the U.S. Department of Education. 

Ms. Barnes said that they’ve had no press. No press!  The U.S. Department of Education is being sued for stepping outside the bounds of their statutory authority and making regulatory changes to FERPA, a Congressionally written law from 1974, and nobody thinks it’s newsworthy?  This affects us all, now and for years and years and years to come.  It matters, people.  Strange that this is not in the news.

Also not newsworthy, apparently:  Ms. Barnes told me that if FERPA regulatory changes don’t get overturned by the judge over this case (when it’s completed in October 2012) then it’s not just kids who will be exposed to massive privacy intrusions.  It’s every single citizen, regardless of age, who ever attended a college or university that keeps educational records, so long as that institution has accepted federal funding, which most have.  So the kid-tracking now affects all ages. 

— Unless EPIC wins the suit!  I’m going to be following the EPIC webpage and lawsuit very closely.

Who Funded and Promoted Common Core? Hint: It wasn’t the states themselves.   1 comment

  1.  Bill Gates paid the National PTA (Parents and Teachers Association) a million bucks to promote Common Core in 2009, before the Common Core Standards had ever been written or released –in 2010.  (It is like getting married before you meet your spouse.  So reasonable a thing to do with the educational future of the entire nation.)  But ah, the PTA– how brilliant of Gates.  And no wonder we all seem to believe Common Core is such a good thing, like bake sales and pajama day.  and

  2. Bill Gates paid the Council of Chief School Officers $9 million in 2011, to promote Common Core and the EET policy agenda (environmental climate change per U.N. guidance)  and  He also paid the CCSSO in 2010 and in 2009, nearing a total of several tens of millions to create the Common Core system.

  3.  Bill Gates paid the National Governor’s Association $3 million to promote Common Core.

  4. Bill Gates paid the NCEE (National Center of Education and the Economy– Marc Tucker’s NCEE)  to promote Common Core exams.

  5. The U.S. Department of Education paid $4.35 BILLION DOLLARS –our tax money– to push Common Core, to promote and incentivize states’ adoption of Common Core, via RTTT (Race to the Top) grants. But we never got to vote on Common Core. No one did. is money they could have spent on legitimate public education– teacher salaries, textbooks, school buses, etc.

  6.  The U.S. Department of Education spent $100 BILLION DOLLARS of our tax money to “drive key school reforms” which include the building of state SLDS systems (citizen-tracking databases) and the promotion of the network-system called the Common Core Initiative.  Utah received over $9 million to build that tracking database. and here’s the reference for the $100 billion .


A Deep Look at the Forces Behind Common Core   Leave a comment

A college student’s well referenced research paper about the funders and promoters of Common Core.

The Arne Duncan Plan: Rob Kids of the Opportunity to Ever Change Or Improve Academic Path   2 comments

Arne Duncan says he needs to control children via data-driven decisions.  This data will be collected via the Common Core testing system: 

“… so that every child knows on every step of their educational trajectory what they’re going to do.”

THIS IS NOT GOOD.  Children don’t always know what they want to be when they grow up.  Some children make huge mistakes. We don’t want them over-guided and over-tracked.  Let kids be kids.  Let people make up their minds as they go along!  No tracking and pushing, please, Mr. Secretary of Education Duncan.

“You should know in fifth and sixth and seventh and eighth grade what your strengths are, what you weaknesses are.”  Yikes! No way!


 “We have to be transparent about our data.” 

This statement explains so much: why he wrote the Cooperative Agreement that triangulates the data Common Core tests will collect under his watchful eye; why he rewrote FERPA regulations without authority or Congressional oversight, why he paid for states to create SLDS systems to track citizens, why he’s happy about our P-20 tracking councils… What he really means is, YOU have to be transparent about YOUR data; give it to Big Brother.


I feel sick to my stomach.

KSL put out the list of the new appointees to the Utah State School Board and included on the list is the wicked witch, Leslie Castle.

District 1: Alan Shakespear and Tami Pyfer

• District 4: Bruce Davis and David Thomas

• District 7: Carlton Getz and Leslie Castle

• District 8: Christopher Williams and Jennifer Johnson

• District 10: David Crandall and Nina Welker

• District 11: Jefferson Moss and Sergio Vasquez

• District 12: Dixie Allen and Wendy Simmerman

• District 13: Ken Parkinson and Mark Openshaw

• District 15: Barbara Corry and Bette Arial

I am not using the term “wicked witch” lightly.  This is the person who pushes the anti-liberty values of Common Core and who literally said in an email to me that she knows equality, not freedom, is the driving force of the U.S. Constitution.

She lied.  She emailed all the board, saying that I had never even been a teacher, so no one should listen to me at all.  This is silly, because why shouldn’t the board listen, even if I was only a concerned parent?  But anyway.  All this was after I’d given her my up-to-date teacher licensing information, and after I had invited her to contact all the principals and university administrators who had ever worked with me and under whom I had taught.

I even had parents of former students write to her. They all defended my truthfulness.

She ignored it all and kept saying her lies to the rest of the school board.

WHY?  Because I was calling the board on their misrepresentation of Common Core!  I wrote a four page rebuttal to their flier (Fact v. fiction about Common Core) and she wanted it all discredited.  (their flier, which is without references)  (my rebuttal with references)

She really tormented me (for questioning the board’s adoption of Common Core). I had to ask for an official reprimand to be given to her, and an unofficial electronic restraining order because she was so mean, dishonest, and attacking.  After I asked for that official reprimand of her treatment of me, she quit attacking me.

Many people wrote to our Governor on my behalf, asking him not to re-appoint her.

I submitted pages of emails exchanged between me and Ms. Castle, to show what kind of character Leslie Castle is.

But Governor Herbert still re-appointed her as a school board candidate.

I do feel sick.  So many other good, good people were candidates for her position.

I wish I understood our Governor.  He must have some reason.

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