The Full Glenn Beck TV Show on Common Core 3-14-13   11 comments

Here is the whole show from last Thursday, March 14, 2013.

11 responses to “The Full Glenn Beck TV Show on Common Core 3-14-13

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  2. I just have one correction, and I emailed the Glenn Beck show about it, too. I didn’t retire because of common core. I quit teaching to have a baby who is now 2. But it’s true that I will not work in the public school system as long as I am forced to teach this Common Core which goes against all logic, conscience, constitutional rights and academic integrity.

  3. Friends:
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    • You must not think that you can run away to private schools and be safe, because CCSS will follow you, especially if we approve vouchers. Vouchers will eliminate choice in a short time, because with the money will come the same restrictions hurting the public schools, such as Common Core. You take the money, it will be crammed down your throat.

      Not only that, but if vouchers are legalized, private schools who don’t want to take the vouchers, for fear of the controls and CCSS, will not be able to compete with those who do take the voucher, effectively running them out of business.

      So in the end private schools who take the voucher will be no different than the public schools except in who owns the building (just like Holland and Sweden) and the others will be out of business. At that point there will be NO CHOICE!

      No the answer is we HAVE to fight and stop CCSS here and now. We CAN’T run away, for there is no place to hide. We have to stop it here.

  4. Trying to get the word out by writing to state representatives and networking with other moms. Going to the local media soon. Hope to see more people like me getting involved to help get the word out. Ther is not enough noise being made about common core.

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    The education system is in trouble. It has been that way for a long time, but look what they are trying to do now.

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