Video: Board Member Wendy Hart on Why Common Science Standards Adoption is a Bad Idea   4 comments

Wendy Hart, a member of the school board in Alpine School District, Utah’s largest district, has taken a public stand against the Utah State Office of Education’s adoption of NGSS national “Science” standards.  You can, too.

Please watch her video and share it.  When we don’t tell legislators or other elected officials how we feel, the USOE feels justified in assuming it’s fine with us.

This is not fine.

You have less than a week to leave a big “NO THANKS” in the public comment area on the USOE website, here

4 responses to “Video: Board Member Wendy Hart on Why Common Science Standards Adoption is a Bad Idea

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  1. P.S. The survey is, I am sure, deliberately intimidating and annoyingly long. Don’t be intimidated. Write whatever YOU want to write and don’t fill in every single box. Just let them know that we don’t want NGSS standards in our schools, and we know they are pretending that Utah Science Standards aren’t NGSS, yet we know that that’s exactly, almost word for word, what they are. Don’t let them get away with these pretenses. Be a barking watchdog. Be the conscience. Be strong. These are OUR rights that are being taken away: the right to locally determine what truth is, what science is, and whether or not political views will be recognized as if they were settled scientific facts; the right to create non-common science curriculum and tests; the right to non-federalized/nationalized education; the right to use and teach the scientific method itself– to question “settled” questions of science; the right to not be lied to, as a taxpayer or as a teacher or as a parent (the USOE literally said these aren’t NGSS standards, when that’s exactly what they are).

  2. Wendy, I am thinking seriously of applying for a position on our school board the first of the year.I am very opposed to Common Core and I feel I can be a tool in helping to get Common Core removed from the school system. Can you tell me how much influence the school board has in the School Districts in achieving things of this nature and somewhat what I can expect. I would love to hear from you and your opinion.


    Shirley Warren

  3. The so-called integrated model is a disaster in the making. NGSS cheerleaders conflate how professional scientists do science with how young children best learn science. Bad idea; big mistake.

    #4 – NGSS pedagogy relies almost exclusively on the discredited, Constructivist/Discovery method of instruction. This will not work, and the best most serious students will be turned off to science. Bad idea.

    The NGSS have been sold by misrepresenting how science is being taught. NGSS proponents rail against the teaching of rote, isolated facts as if we are still stuck in 1950. Wrong. They created a bogus problem in order to sell us their solutions.

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