Not Too Late to Stop Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind: Open Letter to Congress   3 comments

Here’s the powerful open letter, signed by individuals and organizations from all over the country including several Utah grassroots organizations, asking Congress to stop the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind.–0B810B12-A6E9-4D7F-9414-7DC79D4D7940/congressional-esea-letter-final.pdf#sthash.YLc0t0ki.dpuf

For more information, see these links:  here’s what’s wrong with the bills, in bullet-point form, from American Principles Project: (the only point that’s changed, and is no longer valid, is #14, which was taken care of by amendment on the Senate floor)


Here are analyses of the amendments to both bills:

3 responses to “Not Too Late to Stop Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind: Open Letter to Congress

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  1. I think this is fantastic, but I have serious concerns about the letter. First of all, why are we “asking” them to do anything? Education is not an authority rightly wielded by the federal government. If we believe in the authority of the Constitution, then we must DEMAND that it be upheld. If we do not, we are completely diluting its supreme authority so we’ll need to stop referring to it. Also, we want to wait for the next administration so they will hopefully do what? I think it’s already been established that the federal government has no authority in education, period. Why is it we insist on asking the govt to give back power it never had the right to I the first place? Are we ok with it as long as they can make it comfortable and safe for us? This isn’t just an assault on education, it’s an assault on State sovereignty and American Liberty. If we hire a manger to run our hotdog stand, do we someday wait for just the right moment and ask him nicely if he’ll allow us to sell hamburgers sometime in the future whenever and if he’s ok with it? Im sorry, I’ve been on this for over 3 yrs now and I have the utmost respect for everyone who’s fighting back the tyranny, but this is that ridiculous already. Or do I have it all wrong?

  2. Katherine, AMEN.

  3. Hello,
    I’m having trouble posting this comment. Please forgive me if it should post more than once!
    Thank you for all your invaluable work! I want to share this information, but want to know how much time, if known, that we have to act. Thanks again!
    [My blog site address shows in my details from WordPress. I haven’t posted to the site for nearly two years, and I don’t believe I made any posts there related to Common Core.]

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