Video: Dr. Terrence Moore Testifies Against Common Core Readings and the Lack of Local Control   8 comments

Dr. Terrence Moore, professor of history at Hillsdale College, testified last month to the Indiana legislature. This is the video of his short, (ten minute) excellent testimony.

He describes in detail what Common Core robs from students, as it cuts classic literature and dramatically cuts the heart away from readings including the U.S. Constitution and Tom Sawyer. He describes the truncation that will happen to classic works of literature in favor of informational texts in new Common Core aligned ELA anthologies. He describes how Common Core robs charter schools of parental control with the piercing question, “Are you Common Core compliant?” He also describes how Common Core testing makes teachers and charters servile to the Common Core.

He also says:

The thing that bothers me more than anything else is found on page number one of the introduction. That says that Common Core is a living work. That means that the thing that you vote on today could be something different tomorrow, and five years from now it is completely unrecognizable.”

That’s the real issue. Whether politicians, teachers or school board members like it today is actually, totally irrelevant. Don’t ask them if they like Common Core; ask them if they know that it can change at any time, but they don’t get a vote or a voice in what happens to it. Ever.

Thank you, Dr. Moore.

8 responses to “Video: Dr. Terrence Moore Testifies Against Common Core Readings and the Lack of Local Control

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  1. Lets stop common core!! United we stand!!!!

    • Moore’s testimony is a leap in logic.

      How is stopping common core going to solve the fundamental problem that government-funded schools always have a pro-government agenda -whether at the state or federal level?

      Hillsdale College was once the standard among schools that remained independent of government funding. However, Hillsdale has since betrayed that principle by developing and promoting its own charter schools. Charter schools are voucher (government funded) receiving public schools that are destroying the very concept that made Hillsdale great – the authentically independent, private school. Charter schools also destroy free enterprise, the reason Hillsdale was created.

      When Hillsdale can turn against the free market, who can we turn to to fix it?

      Here is Moore whining about his charter schools, but actually Hillsdale brought it on itself by getting on the charter school band wagon in the first place.

      What did Moore think would happen when Hllsdale sought government subsidies?

      When will Americans learn that when you take one federal or state dollar, you have just lost local control?

      To add insult to injury, Moore speaks of “choice” but apparently has NO clue how his charter schools are actually KILLING choice – and private religious schools, forcing them to apply for charters and secularize! This is a HUGE deal to the Catholic schools.

      It’s apalling to know that Hillsdale has sold out for profit.

      The fact is, we once HAD choice: public, private and home schools.

      How can authentic independent, private schools compete with FREE? They can’t!

      Will someone please begin to have this discussion because if we don’t and if charter schools continue to grow, we will lose representative government entirely. How? A charter school requires open enrollment. Open enrollment requires STATE control of funding, equalization of funding. Follow the money and you’ll find the control – and the corruption.

      Additionally, charter schools do NOT have elected boards, meaning they are not elected by the taxpayers that are funding those schools. A taxpayer cannot run for one of those boards because they typically must have a student in the school or be on the faculty. This is taxation without representation. This is the loss of local control and representative government.

      The good moms that have built this site have brilliantly exposed Bill Gates’ involvement in common core and his progressive agenda. It’s time to start asking why Bill Gates has been funding charter schools.

  2. Awesome voice for education.

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