Please Pray for the Defeat of Common Core   26 comments

A long list of powerful groups endorse Common Core, despite all evidence that Common Core is academically and constitutionally illegitimate: the U.S. Army endorsed it; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Harvard University, the national P.T.A., Exxon, Chevron, Jeb Bush’s Foundation, the Bill Gates-Pearson partnership, the National Governors’ Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, etc. etc…

Yet parents and others who are fighting Common Core are STILL making a huge dent in the monster– so much so that U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has had to appeal to national news editors, asking them to help him end the Stop Common Core rebellion. That says something.

Now, additional storm clouds are gathering, in the form of millions of new marketing dollars and in the form of government’s tax-funded propaganda campaigns and political videos being created by proponents of Common Core in many states, aiming to quash the uprising of parents and others fighting Common Core. Here in Utah, the state office of education tells its teachers in professional development conferences that only the misinformed “common core crazies” see dangers to Common Core.

We know cannot come up with multimillions to compete with Bill Gates; and we cannot compete with the marketing resources (tax money) of the Utah State Office of Education nor the U.S. Department of Education used to promote Common Core.

But we have the documented truth on our side.

Doesn’t truth trump everything?

It would seem we’re outnumbered.

But: as you talk to people all across this nation who are fighting Common Core, you realize something: Common Core fighters are people of faith— people of various faiths. I do not think this is a coincidence. People who value God’s truth and prize liberty, easily detect lies and the loss of liberties.

This is why I have hope.

When people of faith petition God for help, if the petition is good and the timing is approved, He helps. It’s proven; it’s documented throughout all Scripture.

We remember that God made an ocean of water stop so that the children of Israel could walk through on dry ground. We remember that the walls of Jericho fell down when the people of God marched around Jericho and made a loud noise, in faith. We remember that the colonists in America were saved from the massive destruction planned by the French fleets that outnumbered them in 1746, when they fasted and prayed and God sent storms to upset the fleets. We remember the many prayers of our founding fathers.

He conditions His interventions on faith and our acting on that faith.

So pray.

Please, if you are a prayer, actually petition God. Pray that many, many more people will feel compelled to seek out and learn the whole truth about this initiative and its roots, which so affect children and the quality of our future society and its freedoms; pray that many people will rise and exercise their citizenship and use their voices, so that Common Core and its tangled web of unwanted controls will be defeated by the facts and by the truth, so that time-tested education and local control of it will be restored.

Thank you.

26 responses to “Please Pray for the Defeat of Common Core

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  1. Yes let’s pray to stop common core in every state in our great country! This is going to be one of our great downfalls if it is not defeated now!

  2. Thank you, Christel! Wow — I JUST finished an email to someone about what a great lady in my anti-Common Core group here in Louisiana said to us just a few days ago. Then to go the next email in my inbox and see this from your site is a blessing! She compared this battle to David and Goliath. We are going up against a Goliath, but she reminded us that although David gathered five smooth stones to fight Goliath with, it only took one.

    Also, just this morning and yesterday I’ve felt convicted to call on the name of God on my site and not be afraid to share that I believe God is greater and we need to pray about this battle. So you beat me to it and said it much better than I could have. lol!

  3. You should coordinate with Glenn Beck & David Barton to have a specific week of prayer and fasting.
    You have a great audience and a strong following, and so do they! I have seen miracles happen through Glenn Becks concerted efforts of prayer and action. I really think this would be very helpful.

  4. I don’t know if you respond to a ‘reply’, can’t seem to find any other way to contact you. I’m a school board member from a Michigan public school. When and where are the revised selected reading ( book ) lists noted ? Can’t find any reference to book lists on

    So, who is removing the classic literature and adding contemporary trash ?

    Thank You.

    On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 11:09 AM, COMMON CORE

  5. Ronald, go to the appendix B for Common Core Standards.

    • Christel, if Ronald needs something to look at right now the three book reviews I have on my website are a direct examples of “contemporary trash”.

      I am with you in prayer. I have told folks in Alabama for months that the fight against Common Core is more than a fight. It is an opportunity to get out of the Church and into the world and tell others about the goodness and love of Jesus Christ. HE knows what is going on. He hears our prayers. Our prayers are not said in vain. He collects our tears. He strengthens are weary bodies. He sees our obedience when we fight for children. He LOVES children.

      There are people we come in contact with daily that have no faith, yet our faith is an example to them and many don’t understand that. That’s ok. They will. And they will have to make a choice.

      When I became a part of this battle in Alabama I was very naïve. Yet, after 32 years in education I knew enough to know a power-grab when I saw one and the grab is for our children. I am no longer naïve and God is very active in my comings and goings. He alone will win this battle. This IS HIS battle to lead us through. There are great wars around us that we cannot see because they are being fought in the Heavenlies because of our prayers. Our prayers are “trending” and God has dispensed His angels. They are all around us. His angels are huge, battle ready, and not battle fatigued. Whenever I get tired I remember that God knows. He is not still. I see Him in your writings. I see him in the eyes of parents when they get fired up to put their children first. I see Him when I read that someone else has come to the understanding of what Common Core is. I see Him when, because of this fight, I can be kind and loving instead of antagonistic.

      I stand with you and all others in this great land who are praying. God answers prayers. He answers them in His way, in His time and for our benefit who love Him. We are not being ignored by God. He knows exactly what needs to be done when. Isn’t that exciting? Isn’t it exciting that we can truly trust Him with this just and righteous cause? Whenever we fight for children and become their ‘voice’ we are doing the right thing, as long as we do it for the right reason and one that God approves.

      Now, let’s get this prayer chain of enormous proportions going. Let’s use some old fashioned tried and true math and divide the states by the number of the days of the week and assign states to specific days of the week to pray specifically for the repeal, defunding, cleansing of this nation of anything Common Core, ANYTHING Common Core. Using my mental math skills, it looks like we could have 7 states for each of the 7 days of the week and by jingo, in Bible terms, 7 is the number that represents perfection. Since Alabama is the first one in alphabetical order and Sunday is the first day of the week, I’ll get Alabama folks to be one of the seven states for Sundays.

      Lord, bless these sweet ladies in all that they do. They work for the right reason, for the right time for the right people; children. Amen and Amen

  6. Christel you are right on again. Thanks for all of your efforts and hard work. I know you are being guided by God.

  7. Keep on fighting this monster! Keep praying for our country and keep writing your legislators and demand they stop common core! Tell all the ones that are funding common core to stop!!!

  8. I’ve just recently begun searching out information about Common Core and really liked your article. I’d like to become more involved in the fight against Common Core but have no idea of where or how to begin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  9. Cami, 1) Learn all you can so you can explain to others. 2) Communicate clearly and often: talk to your legislators, school board reps; write letters to the editor; talk, talk, talk. I believe we can stop Common Core if the truth gets to enough numbers of people who act on their knowledge . 3) Help your children/grandchildren in whatever way you feel you should; for some, this means going to private or home school; for some, it means getting them moved into different classes or having other teachers. For some, it means supplementing what they do in public school with other kinds of books and projects at home. For some, it means opting out of taking any Common Core tests.

  10. On Prayer.

    I have been researching the Common Core and NCLB for the past 7 years. I am a teacher, and I wrote on the education system. “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix It” I won’t quote it exactly, but it has been said that if the constitution is to be saved it will be by those that appeal to God and are his Stuarts. It is our duty to do what we can. If we are to bring back this right to our states then we are to pray and do. We must unite, act together, and pray for what has been taken. The sad fact is that most of the nation is in the dark about the Common Core, and everything else the federal government is doing. Ask any parent and they don’t know how it affects them. The sad truth is that we are now controlled, dictated by a government that thinks nothing of our freedom to chose. And is that not what we all fought for in the beginning. It is therefore not strange to see what is happening now. It is also not strange to see the speed in which it is happening. But we can prevail if we act and pray together.
    We need information, we need unity, and we need to be heard by heaven, hell, and shake the foundation of the government to the very center to bring back the constitution in all it’s former glory. If we do nothing there will be a day when we remember what it was like to have a choice. Darkness would not reveal what is really at play. But there is hope if we pray.

  11. A reporter just asked me if I thought I was alienating nonreligious people with this blog post. Really! I told him that I think most nonreligious people respect others’ right to pray. I also said that there are probably religious people praying for just the opposite. Doesn’t it seem like an odd question, almost as if he thought that I would be more concerned about alienating some p.c. group than about actually praying? I am scratching my head.

    • Political correctness is a strong tool. It began showing it’s face in the early 80’s. Now it is as powerful as anything else used against what is right. It is an easy trick to dissuade people from even thinking about the issue and focusing strictly on political correctness. Once that is done, the issue itself becomes lost in the backdrop. On another note, have you spoken to Joyce. She suggested we team up. Contact me at

  12. Thank you Christel for your thoughts on prayer and divine intervention. I know I was divinely lead to this fight against CC and my children have not been educated in the government schools. I have been so amazed by the people I have met since becoming involved. It is very apparent they are strong believers in a higher power and have the courage to stand against a very powerful foe. I believe we are witnessing a great rising of the good people in America who fear God more than man and cherish their freedom. You and others like you have become an example of great strength to me. It all seems so impossible to overcome, thank you for the reminder that ” With God All Things Are Possible” and we need only to ask for his help.

  13. So what about all the people who are praying for Common Core or for some other prayer? What Does God do? Is He supposed to choose between the “more righteous ” the most religious?! The God I worship is no respecter of persons so it seems that your petition will be in vain. It is not His will you are seeking but your own.

    • Once again liberals with their rhetoric. God’s will is liberty, freedom, and free agency. The Common Core is social education run by the government. It is a socialist form of education. It is not choice but government decision on what they deem fit. The founding fathers were inspired of the Almighty because He cares about our freedom, and so should you.

  14. “…is to be saved it will be by those that appeal to God and are his Stuarts” Yes, by all means, we shouldn’t have to make sure our students, or teachers, have a minimum level of education. I’m sure the person who posted the quote referred to above really meant “Stuarts” because they’re a good family, not stewards, which is the correct word. And as for praying, please read Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address.

    • Thank you for the lesson on spelling. However, the allusion was indeed to “stuarts” or rather “Stuarts” referring to the family of nobility. This is why I explained that I would not use the quote directly here. But for those that would use sarcasm as a means to prove their point, despite the government’s theft, I will post the quote, and as an English teacher I will give the lesson. The quote reads thus: “The state of monarchy is the supremest thing upon earth: for kings are not only God’s Lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon God’s throne, but even by God himself they are called gods.”James I of England, James VI of Scotland. Often in literature we are expected to understand and be well read, thus allusions are like puns or play on words the writer often uses to prove their purpose. While “stewards” was the homonym, the intended play on words alluded to James of England’s quote and thus makes those that understand as noblemen and women. They become endowed by their Creator and become as gods that can make a difference in this world; rather than those that would believe the folklore and deception. I make a similar allusion in my book, towards the last chapter, where I compare Obama to a Monarch butterfly. “But the beauty of a Monarch will outreach the horizons. Transformed, it outstretches its wings to try the air, testing the flight that will become its purpose. No longer bound to earth, but to soar the sky, the transformation was its natural design—to become a monarch.” Notice that the last word is also a homonym with the butterfly but indeed is meant as a pun. Obama is not a beautiful butterfly but intends to be king by deception. The federal government would be the kingdom, but without consent of its people. The reason why writers write will allegories, allusions, and hyperbole is to first speak to an educated audience who is well read and understands these type of references, and second to give the reader the opportunity to seek higher learning and interpret the message. Or would we take E.E. Cummings as a poor speller? Of course the previous statement made by A. Hall had no intent on correcting grammar or spelling. Theirs was a more devious method of distracting the reader from the message by pinpointing a fault that was not there. A common trick that is metaphorically given by a non-stuart. And well played, for you caught me into speaking about grammar instead of the Common Core.

  15. Please visit my website to learn more about the big Obama scam on the public, and how he took away the constitutional power of education away from the states without a democratic legislative process.

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  17. Before reporting or commenting on the common core standards, please read the standards. The old first grade reading and language standards were about 21 and now more than 30. This is what you mean by fewer standards but greater depth! More rigorous standards means more students will be successful by raising the bar so if we ask them to learn calculus in second grade this will increase college readiness?!! The common core answer to college readiness is move more standards down a grade level or two. California and other states did this with Algebra 1 and the research at Brown and Duke Universities showed that this caused more students to be less successful at higher level math and more students stopped taking math courses due to their poor early experinces. I do not believe people are this ignorant and will believe anything without using a little common sense instead of common core nonsense and the governors had nothing to do with the actual writing which was funded by the Gates Foundation and two of their Gods telling the rest of us what our children need when they would never allow this behavior or environment for their own children. Remember, Billy was a college dropout so he is telling us how to get children ready for college success?!! Are you starting to see why I believe many of you are seriously in need of counseling before you do something very damaging to my Grandchildren!!!

  18. I am a teacher. I was speaking with a wonderful old lady I met about the Common Core. I explained to her how the government planned to have NCLB collapse on purpose, and how they planned from the beginning to take over education. I explained that I had researched the system for the past six years and had learned what the future will bring if we allow the Common core to continue. I explained that it is a smaller scale of Obamacare, used as a trial to see if they could get away with it. She asked me “get away with what?” I answered with passing laws without congressional approval. They did it you know. And they got away with it. Now on a much larger scale they are repeating it again with Obamacare. Glenn Beck commented that bypassing congress had never happened before. It actually has – through Common Core. Nobody voted for it, legislation went past congress and was directed by dictation from the White House. There was no democratic process, just an imperialistic takeover of education that was stolen from the states. She then asked me if I was educating people like her about it. What was I doing to let people know. I told her that that’s why I wrote my book…
    I’m having a promo free download for 48 hours on kindle; It’s not about the money, it is about letting people know about the travesty and dishonesty that is taking place in our country. It is about preserving our rights and our freedoms, and our constitution. It is about letting people know what the Common Core is, why the education system is failing, why so many parents are frustrated, and what we can do to Please tell everyone to pick up my book for free on ebook kindle in the next 48 hours. Please think of anyone that can benefit from being educated without the hype.
    It is a free promo for people like you.
    Feel free to share the link with whomever you like.
    But do your part to stop the Common Core from becoming the World Core
    Have a great day
    Mr. Noriega
    (paperback also available at
    Free ebook 48 hours:
    “Prisoner of Paradise”

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