Mothers Cry Out   4 comments

When   Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC said  “we” need to “break through” the notion of children belonging with parents, there was a huge public outcry.

No one cried out louder than the indomitable Michelle Malkin, who was interviewed by Sean Hannity soon after (must see: 3:55  Malkin derided the progressive idea of collective ownership:  “Hands off my kids!   My kids are not your guinea pigs. My kids are not your cash cows. My kids’ minds are not for you to propagandize, and my kids’ futures are not for you to raid in the name of social justice!”

Parent activist Yvonne Gasparino said it this way:  “My children, my own flesh and blood, these beautiful little souls that I carried for nine months with nothing but unconditional love from the time the stick read “positive” –are being ripped out of my loving and protective hands virtually and kidnapped by the government for their future use. I will not and cannot let that happen and will fight with every moral fiber of my soul that God has bestowed upon me.”

Here is Yvonne's image...

4 responses to “Mothers Cry Out

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  1. Can I take her kids to Church every week since her kids now belong to ME?

  2. Thank you so very much. I am extremely honored to be mentioned by three stellar ladies are not only very brave but who are also the Founders of this Movement to OPPOSE the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM. You have been my inspiration. God Bless to you all.


  3. hi ladies what happenned to the phone # you had up before?

  4. Thank you, MomWithABrain, Yvonne, and Jackie! We get a little more mail and phone traffic than we can handle, but we will email anyone who leaves a message in the comment area asking us to call. Thanks.

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