Just Like Stalin’s 5-Year Plan   3 comments

There’s a term too few people know about:  “The Stalinization of Education.”   I learned this from page 68 of the book by Professors Christopher Tienken and Don Orlich, “The School Reform Landscape: Fraud, Myth, and Lies.”

The Stalinization of Education is a term that describes how America’s “No Child Left Behind,” “Common Core” and national testing are eerily similar to Stalin’s 5 year plan of over 70 years ago. How?

  • There was the complete politicization of schools (today it’s form is “teaching for social justice”).
  • There was the transformation of teachers from caretaker-nurturer to technician-like soldier, from child centered to test- or curriculum-centered.
  • There was the conversion of teachers to a new party line (today it’s  “environmental sustainability”)
  • There was the altering of loose-tight to tight-loose controls over  education. Secretary Arne Duncan used those exact words in his speech to the inter-american-development-bank (Ed secretary speech to a bank!?!) –recently.
  • There was the removal of teachers’ use of intellectual skepticism,  benevolence, spontaneity, and openness to an emphasis on militaristic strength,   effectiveness and being political and curriculum-centered.
  • Pay-for-performance transformed the definition of what a high quality  teacher would be.
Academia has been bought by the Common Core pushers (Gates, Soros, Pearson).
And academia not questioning the lack of empirical evidence behind the push the Common Core experiment is the promotion of educational malpractice.  Common Core is absolutely intellectually dishonest. It’s academic fraud.  But the highest ranking academics in our nation will not say so.
No one can explain this problem better than these guys do in this book (it’s the book I mentioned on Glenn Beck.)
Still, it’s true that countless educators believe our educational system was so awful that it is worth giving up local constitutional control of standards, for the cure-all of supposedly much better standards.
In South Carolina’s Senator Mike Fair’s words, we need to show them that Common Core is a case of trading our birthright for a mess of pottage –but not even getting the pottage.
The real trade was actual education and actual local control, for one size fits all progressive education and no control.

3 responses to “Just Like Stalin’s 5-Year Plan

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  1. All weekend ExxonMobil promoted Common Core in their TV ads during the Masters Golf Tournament. Please call their headquarters at 972-444-1000 and tell them they need to do their homework and find out that CC is a massive federal takeover of our education system. I gave them this website as reference and said I would stop buying their products until they cut ties with the Fed.

  2. One of the figures that is “celebrated” in the teacher training materials for the Common Core written by Linda Darling Hammond is Lev Vygotsky. In fact, he is quoted frequently in the materials and appears to have quite a place in the Child Development Literature in contemporary America. While Lev Vygotsky did make some contributions to learning theory, the teacher training materials seem to not really pay attention to the larger picture of Lev Vygotsky. Rarely are his actual words quoted, for he wrote in Russian; but Russian immigrants might not recognize Vygotsky’s name, but they will the system of education

    While Vygotsky did serve the Tsars of Russia, he readily sided with the Communists when they took over. Indeed, when Stalin needed to set up a manpower and education program, he turned to Lev Vygotsky and his team. Lev Vygotsky is regarded as the father of Soviet Psychology In his team’s service to Stalin and the Soviet State, they developed psycho-
    metric testing of young children in efforts to predict where they would be best suited to serve the state’s economic plan. They were conditioned to value the state overall and the serve the collective first, and to put their own goals as secondary. While it is true that Vygotsky fell out of grace with Stalin for diagnosing Stalin’s own son as an imbecile, the architecture he established for conditioning children for the collective, and the idea of developing predictors from young children to meet national manpower needs and production goals was a very powerful contribution to the tyranny of the Stalin regime.


  3. “‘Marxist’ psychology … is developing before our eyes, … it does not yet have its own methodology and attempts to find it ready-made in the haphazard psychological statements of the founders of Marxism, not to mention the fact that to find a ready-made formula of the mind in the writings of others would mean to demand ‘science before science itself.”. Consciousness as a problem in the psychology of behavior. “ http://www.marxists.org/archive/vygotsky/index.htm

    Character clearly has no place in Vygotsky’s world, or if it does, it is due to social class and not what you were taught by your parents. (Oh, that is right, in Vygotsky’s world the state raises the child.) How about this lovely description of a person being nothing more than his social group? That a person could be nothing more than what social evolution dictates? That a person is nothing more than a product of social class and technology?

    “As an individual only exists as a social being, as a member of some social group within whose context he follows the road of his historical development, the composition of his personality and the structure of his behaviour turn out to be a quantity which is dependent on social evolution and whose main aspects are determined by the latter. Already in primitive societies, which are only just taking their first steps along the road of their historical development, the entire psychological makeup of individuals can be seen to depend directly on the development of technology, the degree of development of the production forces and on the structure of that social group to which the individual belongs. Research in the field of ethnic psychology has provided incontrovertible proof that both of these factors, whose intrinsic interdependence has been established by the theory of historical materialism, are the decisive factors of the whole psychology of primitive man.” Vygotsky, L. 1930: Socialisticheskaja peredelka cheloveka. VARNITSO, the journal of the All-Union Association of Workers in Science and Technics for the Furthering of the Socialist Edification in the USSR

    Here is Lev Vygotsky extolling the virtues of the collective and the alteration of man. This sounds very different from what these teachers are being told….and this definition of personal liberty is not what most Americans view it to be.

    “Collectivism, the unification of intellectual and physical labour, a change in the relationships between the sexes, the abolition of the gap between physical and intellectual development, these are the key aspects of that alteration of man which is the subject of our discussion. And the result of achieving this, the crowning glory of this whole process of transforming human nature, should be the appearance of this higher form of human freedom which Marx describes in the following way: ‘Only in community [with others has each] individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions: only in community therefore, is personal freedom possible.’[10] Just like all human society, the individual personality must make this leap forward from the realm of necessity to the sphere of freedom, as described by Engels. Vygotsky, L. 1930: Socialisticheskaja peredelka cheloveka. VARNITSO, the journal of the All-Union Association of Workers in Science and Technics for the Furthering of the Socialist Edification in the USSR

    Did you catch that? Only in communism can you have personal liberty? Is this what the taxpayers and voters of Alaska want? I find this quite troubling.

    This explains the data mining in Common Core. They need the data for economic planning. Vygotsky’s primary contribution wasn’t learning as such, but social conditioning of a populous for tyrants like Joseph Stalin. It was for stealing free will, a central tenet of capitalism, along with many religions. This is theft of self-determination. This is theft of people’s lives.

    This is the foundation of the teacher training that is funded with your tax dollars. While most of it is in the Common Core teacher training, there are other teacher in-services that build on Vygotsky’s work.

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