Video: Maryland Dad Arrested For Persistent Questioning of Common Core   19 comments

Maryland Dad Robert Small, the Rosa Parks of 2013.

Maryland Dad, Robert Small, was forcibly removed from a meeting last night, when he stood to ask questions about Common Core that were not being answered in the preferred written format.

The Baltimore Sun, The Blaze, and have all reported on this story.

In the video taken at last night’s event, you hear other parents in the audience pleading with the board to allow this man the dignity to ask his question. But the man was removed by security, and he was then arrested –for “disturbing a school operation” and reportedly for also assaulting an officer. The reports say Small will face jail time and/or hefty fines.

Fines for disturbing a school operation? This was an informational meeting for parents, where information was clearly not being honorably and fully disclosed.

Robert Small refused to be told that he doesn’t have a voice, refused to be told he, as a parent with concerns, doesn’t matter. He refused to say that the edu-government knows best about what is best for his child– without his input.

He is a hero. I am thinking that Rosa Parks is smiling down on Robert Small tonight.

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19 responses to “Video: Maryland Dad Arrested For Persistent Questioning of Common Core

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  1. Please RT: Teachers, show you are better than Common Core #TeacherShowandTellSaturdays

  2. That’s why we’re homeschooling our children !

    • same here!! Just one of many reasons. This just solidifies the decision.

    • Homeschoolers must comply, also, because the test curriculum for graduation and higher education will be based on common core principles. Even religious, private schools must comply.

      • That may be true in Maryland or some states, buy not where I live. We are free to choose our own curriculum.
        I have yet to hear of a state that mandates common core for homeschoolers.
        We only do annual CAT tests in my state, and even that is not mandated.
        Are you a homeschooler and what state?

        • David Coleman, former consultant at McKinsey & Co. (managing partners with CCSSO in developing the PARCC tests for assessing Common Core) and creator of Student Achievement Partners (non-profit that developed the CC standards) has recently been named President of the College Board. He is in the process of making sure that all college-bound students will have to follow this CC format. If you plan on sending your kids to college, you will not be able to escape it.

          • You write that statement as if this were a foregone conclusion. Wrong. Many states are pulling back from this disaster.
            I’m not terribly concerned. As a Christian, I know this will only succeed if it is His will. He led millions of us to homeschool, and there are as many reasons for doing so, but one common one and that is to glorify and honor His leading.
            David Coleman is just a man against many odds. I am flabbergasted by the “it’s a foregone conclusion” attitude.

  3. Students, their parents and dedicated teachers , and the American People, are getting the shaft. While all the other commotion was going on, Obama Care and first several years of Obama, Common Core, like a thief in the night, was silently, being prepared to be implemented as fully as possible in as many States as possible; and yet so few heard even a whisper until about a year ago. At least that’s when I remember the term ‘Common Core’ popping up and people saying, “Common What”, what’s that? Well its Obama Care for educating the leaders of tomorrow–Obama Ed– Children as young as preschool, if not day-care, apparently legally, are now being propagandized even before they can walk, propagandized to the extremely left, but subtly, that is, of course, until someone’s dad is pushed out of a meeting for interested parents meeting with school administrators and other parents to put forward questions regarding their children’s education, but they seem to go loudly unanswered! What we don’t see in the video, is that Mr. Small is actually arrested, allegedly for assaulting the security; while back in the meeting room, the only assaulting we saw was perpetrated by the security “Bouncer” — must be, kept putting some ID hanging around his neck in Mr. Small’s face and shoving him, and then more forcefully out the door (but video ends just before that, but not audio)! Common Core is aptly named, oh so common, and in line with Clow&Pviens(sp?), Alinsky, Marx, The Tides Foundation, and (don’t kid yourself) aligned with various Muslim, Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, but all the names seem to start with The American–well there’s nothing American about it! The National Government engorges itself on the American People and tosses away the bones; and one clone is as good as another, Right? No, Wrong! The American People are not clones, automatons, Obama’s ‘yes men’! We are The Citizens Of Our Free Republic of the United States of America and Obama, ,et al, have to go!!! Impeach Obama, the list of ‘impeachable offenses” (title of one of Aaron Klein’s books) is endless, and are valid and easily substantiated!!! God Bless America!!!

  4. One way to fight Common Core is to pull your kids from school, homeschool them (so the school loses federal dollars), and work to change the homeschooling laws in oppressively regulated states like PA and NY. Those regulations deter folks from homeschooling.

    If you can do that- educate your own chidren- districts might start to come around.

    School administrators don’t have answers. They’re just as bamboozled as the rest of us. They aren’t being given answers vecause there *are none.*

    Sure wish it would be easier for folks to move to the states where CC has been rejected…….

    It is not enough to wake up and ask questions- people need to take action.

  5. Reblogged this on Parents of PVMS and commented:
    Again, I would like to thank the St. Tammany Parish School Board for really listening to parents’ concerns and for fighting with us.

    I also want to reiterate that parents and teachers NEED to inform themselves about what is going in our education system. We have to stand up and be heard. We cannot just sit by and let this happen. It parallels everything else happening in our country. Do we let them do it?

    I will not! I will not be quiet. I will not take what you say at face value. I will not stop informing myself and making my own decisions based on that information. Because if I do, you will have total power over me. I will never let that happen. I am not yours to control.

  6. Welcome to 1984, Obama’s America. Why do you always vote to pay more and more school taxes “for the kids”. This is what you are getting. Not education. Intimidation. Humiliation and threats. And you vote to pay up because you worry about the kids. Well, think again. Your kids are being shaped and molded by the people you are paying and the school boards you elect. Wake up before there is nothing left of your freedom, liberty and personal integrity. Don’t take this lightly.

  7. NAZI tactics at work here folks. If we allow this to continue, we will have no rights left at all. It is time to take a stand. Not only should parents REFUSE to send their kids to any of this School Districts schools, they should be openly protesting outside the school boards meeting hall until the entire board RESIGNS. These kind of tactics MUST NOT be allowed to stand. It is bad enough that you need to spend an hour a day deprogramming your child from the indoctrination into the Socialist party taking place in our schools, but when they start arresting the parents for asking non-scripted questions regarding their own children’s education, it is time to TAKE A STAND ! ! !

    Failure to stand up and fight now is a guarantee that your child will be indoctrinated into the party, will be a drone of the State, and will likely forfeit their freedom for the foreseeable future. For if you as parents are unwilling to stand and say “THIS IS NOT RIGHT”, who will? Will we all wait for someone else to do what needs to be done? Are we that scared of those in power? Are the Courts that corrupt that we fear a judges ruling when arrested on such bogus charges? Is this the kind of Country you want your child to grow up in?

    Then it is time to rise up and DEMAND change. Demand the school board resign. Demand the officer be fired. Demand the father be released and apologized to. Demand to have your questions answered. Demand YOUR RIGHTS! Or stay home and be content to be a SLAVE to the State, secure in the knowledge that you have also condemned your children to a life of servitude because of your unwillingness to do what is needed, necessary and justified.

  8. Just watched the video arresting a father who wanted to raise valid questions about core curriculum. He seemed very civil in his attempt..watching the security agent push him around and arresting him was disgusting. He is a concerned parent and I believe justly so…do we not have free speech in this country any more. He is now threatened with a six month jail sentence? This situation could have been handled much differently than the security guard pushing him around. There had to be some people who would agree with this; I think is so sad that no one came to his defense. Time for some people to “grow a spine”. Stand up and be counted!!!!.
    mpg Atlanta

  9. I wonder… the parents at this meeting that sat quietly and did not speak up, did they all receive PBIS cards?

  10. Okay Marylanders, what are we going to do about this. At the least we can write and call the involved officials. I will, and I don’t even have a kid. This is a free speech issue and government thuggery issue. A couple hundred people showing up at their office would be better.

    The PTB will keep pushing the envelope until they have the compliant, easily directed population that they strive for. We have to start saying no.

  11. The state is taking away your right to have your own children educated in a manner that speaks to the values this country was based and founded on. If you refuse to stand up for this man and his First Amendment rights (Maryland has already turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the Second Amendment) then where will it stop? I believe we live in a country in which we chose to be governed, not dictated to. Our founding fathers were wise. They had dealt with tyranny and put the guarantees in our Constitution and Bill of Rights to make certain those that followed in their footsteps would not. Stand and be heard, refuse to be herded, or accept the treatment this gentleman received.

  12. If Robert is smart he will sue, starting with the police officer who assaulted him. The MD school boards, like the rest of MD government is one of a post Constitutional America. They strip your freedom everyday and dumb you down.

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