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With all your free time this summer, here’s something fun.  Study the reports of the global monitoring group at the U.N.’s International Bureau of Education, and see how much of what they say aligns with, or has inspired, Common Core.

No?  Okay, fine.  I’ll do it.

Here’s just a peek into the International Bureau of Education and the Global Monitoring Report.  These sound like something from a horror movie or a chapter in Orwell’s 1984, I know.  But they are actually real.

“Education for All” is a United Nations project that uses the same catch phrases used by Common Core proponents in the United States.  For instance, the stated goals of the Global Monitoring Report (GMR) –which of course, sound good on the surface– mirror recent U.S. education reforms:  Emphasizing equity.  Emphasizing measurability. Emphasizing finance.

Click here:  GMR Proposed post-2015 education goals: emphasizing equity, measurability and finance.

But what do those three concepts mean for U.S. citizens?

EquityEducation For All promotes the redistribution of world wealth so that ultimately, no locality or individual has ownership over his/her own earnings, and global government owns all, so that global government can ensure fair distribution to all.  This is not voluntary sharing; this is punishable, forced redistribution— it is legalized stealing of local taxes, by governments abroad.

Measurability – this means increased surveillance and testing of all teachers and students so that all can be compared and controlled by the global governance.

Finance – In the powerpoint presentation that was given at  a Brussels, Belgium meeting last month, ‘Education post-2015: Equity, measurability and finance’, you can see that it is the United States that is being told to “donate” to make this global educational governance possible.  Annually, the U.S. should “donate” 53 billion, the powerpoint presentation states.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6O8_EjUkaU (GMR “Education for All” video link)

So when you watch this Global Monitoring Report video, you’ll hear the presenter describing the sad facts of poverty in foreign countries as if she were leading a fundraising effort for a charity.

But that’s not what it is.  It is a justification for global communism, which religious leaders have been warning us about for many, many years; communism is, frankly, a  captivating tool of evil.  And many are falling for its lure because it beckons to the envious as well as the charitable.  It asks both to give away self reliance, self respect and freedom– in favor of forced redistribution.

My point today is that a Common Core of cookie-cutter education is not just an American phenomenon.  Globalists want it, too.  And they don’t care if some people lose academically or financially, so long as everyone ends up the same.  The very same.

One particular character who reveals the Common Core / Global Core same-same connection is British globalist Sir Michael Barber, CEA of the world’s largest educational sales company, Pearson.

Barber praises and promotes nationalized educational systems in many countries, lumping Common Core in with the rest.  Watch and listen to his Council on Foreign Relations video and audio interviews. Watch his speeches on YouTube.  He specifically mentions irreversible global reforms, global data collection, and the American Common Core. He says education should be borderless. He defines all education as needing to be “ethically underpinned” by the environmental movement.  He says that all children in all places should be learning the exact same things.  He promotes global databases to compare all people in global educational.  He has written a book (“Deliverology”) dedicated to American education reformers, telling them how to force “irreversible reform”.

He also likes the terms “sustainable reform” and “revolution” and uses these in his Twitter-tweets, (along with  rantings about the need for gun control in the U.S.)  Oh, and his company, Pearson, has aligned all its textbooks, teacher trainings, early childhood education products and other merchandising, to Common Core. Of course.

Sir Michael Barber is highly praised and quoted by our U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan– openly,  lavishly, in public speeches.

Sir Michael Barber.  The man who bridges Common Core to Global Core.

Don’t let him out of your sight.

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  1. Have you read the book Brave New Schools by Berit Kjos? It’s amazing that her book written in 1995 rings so very true today. And her “Chronology of Events Leading to International Education” (Section C, pp. 223-241) is eye-opening. These events began in 1905 with the founding of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

  2. What he is proposing is truly frightening. Thanks for posting this information.

    Carie Valentine
  3. One can only pray longevity doesn’t run in his family. Obviously insanity does.

  4. Don’t forget Bill Gates’ 2004 contract with UNESCO to be the Information and Communication Technology provider.


  5. Click to access Observatory%20Summary%20English.pdf

    August 2011: The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) has launched a new initiative to track student
    achievement and its measurement worldwide.

    a. A global database of internationally comparable indicators of learning outcomes. The
    source information for this dataset comes from existing and or new assessments – with a
    focus on reading, numeracy and writing skills at the end of the primary education.
    International comparability is a central attribute of the UIS mandate to monitor worldwide
    progress in education quality.

    b. A catalogue of measures used by countries to depict the learning levels of their school
    children (i.e. from national assessments and examinations, and international sources)
    including selected attributes of the approaches countries choose to generate and report
    this information.

    Neither measuring nor monitoring student achievement inherently brings about learning.
    Rather, these activities produce evidence to inform policies and practices that can contribute
    to learning. The wealth of knowledge from decades of research and practices attests to the
    essential role that assessments of student achievement play in improving education quality.
    The Observatory of Learning Outcomes aims to add value to the global commitment to
    “learning for all” beyond 2015.

  6. I have been reading this blog http://www.invisibleserfcollar.com by Robin S. Eubanks and her book “Credentialed to Destroy” both worth reading. Covering exactly what you are speaking of here and much more.

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