Video: Dr. Christopher Tienken – End Standardization of Common Core; Diversify   4 comments

Dr. Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall has spoken out against Common Core because it’s made such wide-reaching education policy– based on dataless claims.

He speaks of the “educational crisis myth” and of “educational malpractice.”

In this video, he explains how the Common Core fails us. He calls Common Core an anti-intellectual, illogical version of “imitate and regurgitate” rather than teaching innovation, creativity and meaningful, high quality education.

So where should we go?

Tienken says we must end standardization. We should commit to a guiding paradigm that puts the interests and abilities of individuals first. He says, “We can do better than myths, fears and lies; we need to expand, enrich and diversify.”

Incredibly well done video:

4 responses to “Video: Dr. Christopher Tienken – End Standardization of Common Core; Diversify

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  1. Government has no idea what the next big industry will be. When they guess, they are always wrong. America has been great because we have allowed our citizens their liberty and with that liberty the people have pursued their own dreams and passions. To the extent that liberty is pursued to achieve excellence and integrity all of society is blessed, but even better individuals are blessed. I love how he includes his denstist, mechanic and the ballet teacher. These people might not have the same need to understand Algebra in the same way, but when you go to pick up your pink tutu’ed toddler from her dance class, you know from sheer joy how grateful you are that someone had a passion for dance they can share with your child.
    Our society is blessed by the diversity of talents and knowledge of those in our community. How can we then treat our children’s education as an assembly plant and expect to see positive results. In our age and with the tools we have available, we should be seeking to tailor each child’s education to the child and help them to soar!
    When we standardize education, we always tend to standardize to the least common denominator. It happens every single time. This happens because we pretend that all children are at the same level at the same age, without taking into consideration any regional challenges. Family stability, the level of poverty and or affluence and other such things make a huge difference in where a child might be in their education and pretending that isn’t the case is just blindness.

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