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On Common Core: Note from Bulgaria   8 comments

I received permission to share this email from Viktor Kostov of Bulgaria.


“The end result of  the full application of the Common Core will be fully socialized  communistic education, entirely controlled by the government…

I am speaking from the  reality of post-communist Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). The state  (government) Ministry of Education is the sole standard and source of  ANY thought on the philosophy of education (or lack thereof). Private  education is subject to the government’s a) permission and b)  curriculum. Homeschooling was unheard of until recently.

At a  conversation with the chair of the parliamentarian commission on  education last year I brought up the idea that the government-issued  diploma should not be the sole verification of one’s academic  achievement.

This was a novel idea to the gentleman — he was sincerely  amazed at the notion of a standardized test made up by educators  unrelated to the state; and that the purpose of government education  should be to provide an alternative for those who choose to, or cannot  school their children privately or at home. He and even a “right wing”  Bulgarian politician were stunned at the idea that a government school  should not be a factory for citizens (as many European states see  education).

Homeschooling here (Bulgaria), although now widely  debated due to the latest events and our efforts, is still a largely  non-existent category in the minds of the general public. The reason for this absence is in the worldview and the perception — the god of the  state provides knowledge for our children. For free.

This thinking is a  remainder from totalitarianism but is so deeply imbedded in the culture  that any thought of education free from government control and intrusion is political and social heresy. And biblical heresy for most Christians here (until the debate started about a year ago with the Child Law).

While America is still relatively far off from fully aligning all education  to a centralized government, that is the direction of the Common Core.  However, the introduction of a globalist agenda and the push to  socialism, so visible under the current federal government, will not let up any time soon in the U.S.

The issue of who controls education is deeply ideological, political, theological, value-based and  worldview-based. It is a faith-issue and religious freedom issue.

It is  even a matter of who do we worship — God or Caesar.

Viktor  Kostov, PhD

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