On Common Core: Note from Bulgaria   8 comments

I received permission to share this email from Viktor Kostov of Bulgaria.


“The end result of  the full application of the Common Core will be fully socialized  communistic education, entirely controlled by the government…

I am speaking from the  reality of post-communist Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). The state  (government) Ministry of Education is the sole standard and source of  ANY thought on the philosophy of education (or lack thereof). Private  education is subject to the government’s a) permission and b)  curriculum. Homeschooling was unheard of until recently.

At a  conversation with the chair of the parliamentarian commission on  education last year I brought up the idea that the government-issued  diploma should not be the sole verification of one’s academic  achievement.

This was a novel idea to the gentleman — he was sincerely  amazed at the notion of a standardized test made up by educators  unrelated to the state; and that the purpose of government education  should be to provide an alternative for those who choose to, or cannot  school their children privately or at home. He and even a “right wing”  Bulgarian politician were stunned at the idea that a government school  should not be a factory for citizens (as many European states see  education).

Homeschooling here (Bulgaria), although now widely  debated due to the latest events and our efforts, is still a largely  non-existent category in the minds of the general public. The reason for this absence is in the worldview and the perception — the god of the  state provides knowledge for our children. For free.

This thinking is a  remainder from totalitarianism but is so deeply imbedded in the culture  that any thought of education free from government control and intrusion is political and social heresy. And biblical heresy for most Christians here (until the debate started about a year ago with the Child Law).

While America is still relatively far off from fully aligning all education  to a centralized government, that is the direction of the Common Core.  However, the introduction of a globalist agenda and the push to  socialism, so visible under the current federal government, will not let up any time soon in the U.S.

The issue of who controls education is deeply ideological, political, theological, value-based and  worldview-based. It is a faith-issue and religious freedom issue.

It is  even a matter of who do we worship — God or Caesar.

Viktor  Kostov, PhD

8 responses to “On Common Core: Note from Bulgaria

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  1. As a history teacher, I am convinced that history/events do repeat themselves. We need to stop this serpent or it will devour all of us whether teacher or student. From the biblical perspective, we are told in the book of Ecclesiastes that we will “know the end from the beginning”. Is anyone reading and doing their homework? Are we not to study to show ourselves approved? We need help in Alabama to get the lies that are being told revealed. my name is Tom McCall and you can reach me at tmccall1958@yahoo.com or 205-799-7189. Pray for our leaders to have the wisdom to do away with Common Core.

  2. This letter is very insightful and eye opening! Thank you for sharing it, Christel! I am going to pass this along to some other people I know. I agree with Mr. McCall and that history repeats itself. Hate to compare it to Hitler days but that is all that comes to mind about this. This letter just gives me more references for my research I am doing for my family and safe guarding them from the federal government. We need all Americans to speak up and protect their children.
    Mr. McCall, don’t give up. Get on the phone with anyone who will listen. Call your State Senators and Legislators. Rep or Dem. Let them know your disgust with the changes they are making in the education system. If they say there is nothing you or they can do, don’t stop. Let that be your fuel to keep going. Educate parents and teachers and show them the proof. CCSS is untested and is backed by no research. Hand out flyers at schools that give brief facts about CCSS. Go to homeschool conferences in your area and hand out information to those parents who feel they are already protecting their children, but little do they know this will affect them also.
    Please don’t give up. Christel is a great source of information and will help you along the way. She has been a great asset to me in my fight here in Florida. I have found Facebook pages of others who are against CCSS. See what you can find there. If not get in touch with Andrew Palmer of Conservative Teachers of America. Keep searching and you are more than welcome to contact me as well to find support on your efforts. imjustamom@bellsouth.net is the best one to reach me at.
    God Bless you this Easter Weekend.

    Debbie Higginbotham
    • Debbie, I am not giving,in fact just getting started. I know I’m late to the fight, but full of enthusiasm and want to make a difference. Spoke with a state school board member this afternoon and she is with us. I ‘m just a teacher that supports what our founding fathers were doing when they wrote the Constitution, who they empowered and that they would be fighting back against this global tyranny. This is not a Tea party, thing or a Republican or Conservative thing,this is a struggle for freedom of thought, pursuit of happiness and that the “powers not delegated or reserved remain with the People and the states respectively”thing. Thanks for your encouragement, wiull contact you soon. Tom 205-799-7189 Tuscaloosa,Alabama

      • Mr. McCall, Do you find other teachers who feel the same as you do? Are they willing to speak out or are they in fear of losing their jobs if they do say something? That is what I am finding here. I tread lightly around my children’s school and feel teachers out before I mention any opposition to CCSS. Here in FLorida we have the problem of being a Jeb Bush state and he is floating around the country endorsing this and all the senators here are aligning with him without doing their own research (nothing new there). Have you made any progress recently?

        Debbie Higginbotham
        • Debbie,Great to hear from you and it’s ‘Tom”, please. Mr. McCall gets old. The teachers I have spoken with are either afraid, agree but are waiting to see what will happen, definitely confused and don’t have a clue. Those who have been in this fight for a while are my greatest resources and cheerleaders. On the Q/T, a buddy of mine said if we got the word out , he will speak out. I contacted a parent of one of my First Priority kids with some info today and just waiting for a reply. My principal knows what I am doing and I promised not to use the system webpage or place info in teacher boxes. In turn , she said she would give me a heads up if there were rumblings from the top. She’s not taking sides, but she’s not telling me I can’t do some talking, of course quietly. Maybe me being a pastor helps. AEA is powerful here, extremely liberal,munipulative of its teachers, gives misinformation and they lost a battle with the State House in Montgomery they’re still hurting over, somost of them I’ve heard no reponse. I belong to CEAI, so AEA’s agenda and concerns aren’t mine. I am working the angle of crossing all political and special interest group lines. I am approaching it from a historical,constitutional, moral and ethical argument because that is what I understand best. I do speak towards no empirical evidence to back adopting NCCS, the back door agreements with test groups, privacy issues and textbook publishers and of course Bill Gates. Its about the kids and their future being free to fulfill “pursuit of happiness” all the while being protected by law not dictated to.
          So yes, I tread lightly and carefully speak to only those I know or think that are trustworthy. Our State Supt. I believe has been purposely misleading about CCS because he wants them passed. So that is where the battle could be won with truth that cannot be questioned exposing his agenda and working in concert with Alabama laws about education. I spoke with the CHEF officer last night and she is way ahead in the game and all homeschool groups and parents are being put on reality alert. Contacted 2 local Christian school administrators today and I am waiting to hear what theirassociations are doing or if they even know what is going on. Called 1 state senator I know at the capital and left a couple of messages for others. Are you coming to Alabama any time soon to link up with some of our leaders. I will be in Montgomery next Thursday for the State School Board meeting.You can call me if you like 205-799-7189. Great to hear from you and thanks for your encouragement. Please be in prayer for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

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