Louisiana Senator’s Bill to Free States From Common Core   8 comments



The Daily Signal reported yesterday that Louisiana Senator David Vitter has filed a bill that would help ease the way for any state to opt out of Common Core.

Breitbart News reported that Vitters used to be a Common Core supporter, but is now opposed.

Vitter’s new bill intends to enable states to more easily exit the national Common Core standards, which so many parents and educators now oppose, by voiding requirements attached to issued waivers from federal law. The Daily Signal reports: “States likely could retain their waivers from the law, called No Child Left Behind, even if they chose to pull out of Common Core.”

Breitbart News reported that Vitters explained why he changed his stance on Common Core:  “After listening to literally thousands of parents, teachers, and others…I don’t believe that we can achieve that Louisiana control, buy-in, and success I’m committed to if we stay in Common Core…

“First, Common Core is controlled by national groups and interests outside Louisiana… many Louisianans legitimately fear that it will become a federal government takeover of education under President Obama and his far-left allies.

“Second, Common Core is causing deep frustration and worse in many classrooms and homes, and not because of greater rigor… “It’s preventing lots of involved parents and teachers — our most important education leaders — from being effective and helping kids learn.”

Vitter added that a third reason for his change of heart is his view that “an entrenched few in public education are trying very hard to manipulate the Common Core controversy to greatly weaken or reverse accountability measures.”

Senator Vitters proposed that his home state:

  • Exit the Common Core PARRC testing consortium immediately and adopt a rigorous interim test that is not aligned with Common Core.

  • Have the Governor, Legislature, and BESE convene a blue-ribbon panel of Louisiana parents, teachers, experts from higher education, and business leaders to develop an updated system of rigorous Louisiana standards and testing outside of Common Core/PARCC.

  • Require that this new system be developed, debated, and adopted in a fully inclusive, transparent, and democratic way.

  • Implement it in a careful, methodical manner, unlike the roll-out of Common Core.

Thank you, Senator Vitter.

8 responses to “Louisiana Senator’s Bill to Free States From Common Core

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  2. Some great “Common Core” sense at a national level. I pray this view point catches on among our leaders.

  3. I haven’t heard a word from our Governor in Idaho … He doesn’t reply to emails or anything as well as anybody from the State board of education.
    I hope this will change and States can gain real control of its education system and perfect it according to its reality but until then…. we’ll keep standing up for our children!

  4. Does anyone know if this year is different from the past couple in terms of data collection)? I read a response about the data collecting starting this year (didn’t know if this was factual) –I had thought it was happening from before then– and another post said ‘Common Core, Coming to you in 2014’ with a picture of kids with eyes glassed over. Anyone know? I’m wondering if being a part of Harmony funding and reporting isn’t a good idea this year.

  5. Please help us in Colorado! We have had too many legislators plus the Dept of Education and governor in favor of Common Core. We are drowning in our state!

  6. The battle continues. Look to NY to see how far they have come. They are ahead of most of the country on this. Many great ideas. It is long tiresome work but it must be done.

  7. very nice

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