Panel to Reveal Anti-American High School History Framework – APUSH   5 comments



An unrecognizable version of U.S. history, called APUSH, created by Common Core guru David Coleman and the College Board, is coming.

You can learn about its blatant anti-American bias at The National Review, Heartland Institute, Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and Wyoming Against Common Core.  You can read the APUSH framework itself here.

During an upcoming open conference call, three expert panelists will reveal and discuss what David Coleman’s new APUSH history curriculum framework contains, and why concerned educators and parents must speak out to stop this deformation of U.S. history in our teenagers’ minds, by informing our local and state school boards that this is unacceptable to us as parents and voters.

You’re invited to a telephone conference on this subject.  There’s no charge.  We’ll learn what the College Board has in store for America’s brightest students.

Call Monday, August 4, 2014 at 8 p.m. EST. The number to call is 530-881-1000, with access code 632867#.

A conference press release explains that APUSH pushes “a relentlessly negative view of American history” which minimizes or excludes American achievements while emphasizing every failing of our history.  The new AP history  does not even mention –at all– Jefferson, Franklin, Madison or Adams. It misrepresents motivations of settlers, misrepresents American involvement in World War II, and skews the American victory in the Cold War, for starters.

We cannot legitimize this negative, biased view of our founding by allowing it to enter our schools.  From the AP classes, its version of history may trickle down into non-AP classes and homes where it can damage influence and alter America.

History matters.



5 responses to “Panel to Reveal Anti-American High School History Framework – APUSH

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  1. Now that the candidates for The State Board of Education are known, how about some insight into what is known about each?

  2. Your article above is dishonest. The re-designed AP American History framework was validated in 2010. David Coleman became president of College Board in 2012. David Coleman had nothing to do with the re-designed AP American History. Your posts will become more accurate when you stop relying on highly partisan sources of information, though I fear you prefer the more dramatic (but dishonest) partisan ones. You continue to model dishonest discourse. The articles you cite are equally dishonest. It’s a shame, because there should have been an honest debate about Common Core. This won’t happen as long as you inflame your followers with falsehoods.

  3. David Coleman created the Common Core for English Standards years ago, Stefano. Then he moved over to preside over the College Board where he now aligns “his” creation with college entrance exams and AP courses. It seems to make no difference which year he became president of the College Board or which year they redesigned the standards; the fact remains that they are dramatically different. And he’s not a teacher, but a businessman, as you know. The fact is, Coleman and his group push Common Core and the alteration of traditional learning and classic truths wherever they go. You are free to claim that I am modeling dishonest discourse, yet that does not make it true. Notice how I never delete your comments?

  4. It does not really matter WHO wrote/published the current APUSH curriculum framework. The fact remains that this approach to teaching history drives a wedge between people in regard to race, political affiliation, income, and religion. There are few facts mentioned about the great things our country has accomplished. You can see for yourself at Click on AP, then history.

  5. Nonsense. You wrote “created by Common Core guru David Coleman.” AP American History was created by the College Board before 2010, at least two years before David Coleman took over. David Coleman had nothing to do with its writing. I don’t expect you to acknowledge your own dishonesty, but any disinterested person who stumbles onto your website, or any person more interested in honest discourse than in partisan arguments, will recognize it for what it is. That’s all I care about. It is of course that folks with such a reputation for wholesomeness would sully their reputation in such a way. Done here.

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