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math ny 5

New York parents  are launching their children’s Common Core math homework  — AT Governor Cuomo.

Mark Ferreris, a leader in Stop Common Core in New York State, came up with the idea of sending the children’s homework to the Governor. Tired of seeing their children “suffer each night with abusive, age-inappropriate homework that destroys both their self-esteem and their freedom to truly learn,” Ferreris and other organizers planned the campaign and created a public Facebook event page at Stop Common in New York State, set for February 28, 2014:

New York parents will simply send their child’s homework via email or regular mail to Governor Cuomo. They plan to title each email or tweet: “CAN YOU DO THIS? –Because Our Children Can’t.”

“Let him get a taste of the suffocating, mind-numbing curriculum that he’s helped shove down our children’s throats which will enslave their impressionable minds….. It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s for YOUR CHILDREN…. Flood him with emails daily or send weekly updates to him,” said organizers.

If you are in New York, here is the contact information for your governor:



Governor Andrew M. Cuomo – Office of the Governor – NYS State Capital Building – Albany, NY 12224

Tweet: @NYGovCuomo


Wondering what the homework actually looks like? Here are a few samples.

EngageNY/Common Core Math Homework

This one is from a first grade class:

Math HW EngageNY CC Grade 1 for Inclusion Class

Governor Cuomo, can you do it?

The next one is from a kindergarten class.  (Where are the plus, minus, or equals signs? What is a “number bond”?)

math NY 2

This next one is for second graders.  It could as well be for college students; it makes no sense.

math ny 4

Here’s one for third graders that avoids simplicity and clarity, deliberately:

math ny 3

Here’s a video created by Stop Common Core in New York State: “Governor Cuomo, Can You Hear Us: 20,000?”

19 responses to “New York: Parents Launch Common Core Math Homework At Governor – @NYGovCuomo

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  1. The 20 x 4 question is a legit; it sponsors critical thinking!

    • Folks like PhDave are the problem. Screw critical thinking for eight year olds, how about memorization? Critical thinking requires an additional step in the process taking twice the time to accomplish the mission. This may sponsor critical thinking for a Phd, but an eight year old would be better off memorizing with flash cards. Then they will produce an answer faster than a hand held calculator, and probably PHd’s.

      • There is no value to anyone, let alone a third grader, in a quick answer being produced by a human brain. We live in a world of computers – it’s much more important to understand how the computers work than to be able to reproduce their work.

  2. Critical thinking involves the frontal cortex which isn’t present in a 8 year old’s mind.

  3. Seems to me we should focus on language. “is a legit”!? And then, “8 year olds don’t have a frontal cortex”!? LOL

  4. gov cuomo’s email address is not functional

  5. Thank you NY state. Everything happens for a reason. This is a great idea and I plan to put it to the test right away. My grandchildren are suffering already and I’ve heard horror stories that children are being given medication if they can’t comply. Hey, NJ, please contact your State Senators and urge them to co-sponsor S253; Assemblymen (identical bill – A990).
    We need to push this quickly. God is our strength!
  6. Two things:

    1) The email address of Governor Cuomo has been fixed.

    2) The question of whether the 20 x 4 problem is legitimate, is so interesting to me. While common sense (and child psychologists) say that “critical thinking” should be reserved for older children, here’s the crux of our problem: whether it’s a legitimate academic method or not, we are not free under Common Core to debate it, and alter it if need be. We’re stuck with it. The Common Core is under copyright held by two private D.C. clubs, the National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. They don’t represent the people; they were not voted in, and they aren’t a constitutional branch of authority over education. And to make matters worse, their work has been promoted financially (via grants) by the federal government, which has no legal standing to do this under GEPA law nor under the U.S. Constitution. So the question becomes, how do we regain our freedom to change a single standard that we do not like? Or to even keep one that we do? Because the Common Core promises it will change; it’s a “living work” that will change “as new and better evidence emerges,” according to its official website.

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  8. and this is why we now homeschool our 1st grader and UPK’er! best decision we have EVER made our life! The homework shown for first grade was one of the worst. i remember that one distinctly. i had her answer the equations and thats it. i wrote on the paper that i refused to let her ‘do’ the rest, whether she understood it or not!

    Rebecca Platt-Harendza
  9. I’m pretty confused at what is wrong with these problems. They teach children to think about numbers in different ways. And I for one was able to figure out all of them in about 5 minutes. Each of these exercises teaches number sense, how to manipulate numbers into different forms that are easier to work with. Although the instructions for the exercises could definitely be better, I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with them.

    • DITO – my first reaction was similar… even questioning this “fight”. I think what is happening here is tragic and typical for how Conservatives show up to a gun fight with a knife.

      The issue here isn’t the test(s), the issue is government and this post is a prime example of getting caught up in the weeds. I understand there is a need for details but this was a poorly demonstrated example.

      Here is the root issue to common core – its another government sponsored and driven program. That is the sin and that should remain the focus. This example is like focusing in on a small rock containing a killer disease which is ridding on an asteroid the size of Texas heading for earth!

      These women I think are tired, worn out a bit and wearing out. I would be glad to help. I belong to a local Tea Party group whom you can verify my creds off-line and possibly off-load a lot of your technical work – free of charge of course and within reason. If you ladies need help you can email me at – I would be more than happy to help with your technical stuff. Maybe I can free up some of your time and help you focus on the root of the issue.

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