Breaking News Stories: Rejection of Common Core and Its Tests: Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Congressional Leadership and More   15 comments

With all the pushback across our country against Common Core standards and testing it’s almost impossible to keep up!

Here is an incomplete list with links to some important, recent news stories you may have missed.

SOUTH CAROLINA:     Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is taking on the Common Core standards in a draft resolution that he says is “an incentive-based mandate from the federal government.”

It states: “national standards lead to national assessments and national assessments lead to national curriculum.”

KENTUCKY:  Kentucky drops membership in one of the federally funded Common Core testing groups as many states (including Utah) have done:

KANSAS:    U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts introduced a bill Thursday targeting the U.S. Department of Education over the Common Core mathematics and English standards.  The bill would stop the federal government “from coercing states to adopt education standards like Common Core” and would “strictly forbid the federal government from intervening in a state’s education standards, curricula, and assessments through the use of incentives, mandates, grants, waivers or any other form of manipulation.”

Sen. Roberts said Kansas should pick standards “without bribes or mandates from Washington.”

ARKANSAS:   Arkansas Teachers Against Common Core join Arkansas parents to rally against Common Core at state capitol.

TENNESSEE:  Tennessee hitting the brakes on Common Core after realizing what Common Core and its testing will cost.     and:      Test-Fixated Schools Hurt Tennessee
and:  Tennessee Republican Legislators Prepare Resolution Seeking Delay  of Common Core Tests and Standards

NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Nashua, New Hampshire principal writes a letter to the superitendent, saying his school staff “believe that the Smarter Balance [Common Core] Test is inappropriate for our students… this test will not measure the academic achievement of our students; but will be a test of computer skills and students’ abilities to endure through a cumbersome task.”

CONNECTICUT:     Connecticut Common Core Costs Up, Teaching Time Down, Opt-Out      Movement Takes Hold  and    Opting Out: Connecticut Parents Answer to a Higher Authority

IDAHO:  Testing Crisis in Idaho Public Schools

NEW YORK:       Defiant Parents: Testing’s Discontents
Resources for Refusing the Test: Samples From New York
Schools with High-Stakes Testing Exemption    NY Governor Cuomo under attack by Stop Common Core in New York State:        NY Republican Legislators Push Bill to Cut Back Common Core  Testing

MICHIGAN:  Michigan Schools Not Ready for Shift to Online Common Core Testing

CALIFORNIA:  Los Angeles Classrooms Lack Technology Capacity for New Exams,0,5974079.story#axzz2rhHCjRGK

INDIANA:  Indiana Testing Not Designed to Improve Learning

RHODE ISLAND:   Rhode Island Grad Test is Not a Good Measure of Student  Achievement        Providence City Council Unanimously Endorses Testing “Pause”

MASSACHUSETTS:  Mass. Teacher Licensing Tests Block Minority Access

MINNESOTA:  Task Force Wants to Scrap Minnesota Teachers Tests

OHIO:  Ohio House Passes Bill to Let Schools Delay New Test Requirements

D.C.     DC Scales Back Test-Based Evaluations of Principals
D.C. Schools Forms Parent Task Force to Examine Testing


The Coming Common Core Meltdown:
Bipartisan Opposition to Common Core Tests-and-Standards Grows
States Examine Cost, Quality of Common Core Assessments
Why a Common Core Testing Moratorium is Necessary

Resist Federal Pressure to Use Test Scores in Teacher Evaluation

Time to Hold Arne Duncan Accountable to a Higher Standard

Education historian Diane Ravitch speaks at MLA Conference about Common Core:

Mike Huckabee speaks to CCSSO officers (Common Core creators) telling them to just “rebrand” rather than to drop Common Core because the term has become “toxic”.

15 responses to “Breaking News Stories: Rejection of Common Core and Its Tests: Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Congressional Leadership and More

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  1. Colorado has legislation to delay implementation of Common Core and PARCC. The Colorado Mom’s Bill, SB136, asks to Delay the implementation of Common Core and PARCC, for one year, allowing our state to do an independent cost benefit analysis and review the PARCC test and standards. Coloradoans can sign a petition in support of this legislation:

    • That is awesome to hear. My 3 little Grandchildren go to school there. 2 to a Charter school which is really against CC and the other is in a public school that touts it is following everything CC requires in it’s description of the school. I’m just sick that he goes there. But maybe there is hope. But….how does a school that’s already embedded in CC reverse course?

      • It takes courage to stand up and speak when you know something is wrong. Just because we “have Common Core now” doesn’t mean we are stuck with it. The old adage, “Don’t throw good money after bad” seems appropriate.

        Just like any decision we make in life, sometimes we need to stop and review and adjust. This is no different. Colorado is asking for a review; the community needs to be brave and support that legislation.

        “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”
        ― Maya Angelou

  2. It is sad that Utah is not on the list at all. Our legislators need to wake up and pay attention.

  3. Our local Catholic School System in Sioux Falls, SD withdrew from Smarter Balanced Testing for this spring. Hoping this is the first step in complete withdrawal.

  4. Thanks for including Alaska’s departure from the SBAC consortium.

  5. Yay! These news items are like a breath of fresh air! When will AZ start to see the light?

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  7. Great update Christel!! We will post on the FB group page. Thank you once again for highlighting our campaign against Governor Cuomo.. Keep up the good fight!! We’re right there with you.. Best, Yvonne & Glen

  8. Why is Utah so blind?

  9. Thank you for all your great coverage on these recent changes! Hoping to see more changes in Florida soon!

  10. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog.

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  12. For Graham its political purely to save his career. Yes, we’ll take it but tread lightly, the establishment Republicans are doing whatever they can to stay in power!

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