Groundbreaking Independence in NH: Manchester District’s Academic Standards Freed From Common Core   16 comments

Independent thought is alive and well in Manchester, New Hampshire. Wednesday, Manchester School District’s board voted to split from Common Core, which spells the end of the Common Core groupthink for this groundbreaking school district.

According to the Manchester Union Leader, the board voted to have the district develop its own “Manchester Academic Standards,” following months of debate over the adoption of the Common Core standards. The 13-1 vote came after nearly two hours of public comments.

The independent, city-based standards were proposed by Superintendent Debra Livingston. God bless her and the people of Manchester.

Dr_-Debra-Livingston NH Manchester


New Hampshire parent activist Ann Marie Banfield, shared the following:

AnnMarie Banfield NH  _PR-240x300


1) A few moms have been involved in fighting common core in NH

2) We’ve been going around talking to different groups to educate the grassroots on the CCSS

3) We have a radio show host in Manchester who made this issue a priority

4) We had a “common core forum” in September and hosted national experts explaining the problems w/Common Core. We advertised it for months and packed the room. We taped it and sent it out for others to watch.

5) We continue to speak to different groups in NH and are hosting another Common Core forum next week.

6) Before the vote last night, 3 moms took 400 fliers and dropped them in mailboxes in 4 school member’s districts. The fliers asked the residents to call the school board member and tell them to vote NO on Common Core

7) We are taking this victory and will build momentum to see if we can get other districts to reject Common Core.

The BIG turning point was the Common Core Forum in September. This energized a lot of people to help us.

Having a radio talk show host supportive of our cause was another huge benefit.

The Lit. drop is inexpensive, and very effective.

Ann Marie

Thank you, Ann Marie Banfield and Dr. Debra Livingston, for your inspiring examples of independent thought in the pursuit of liberty and legitimate education.

16 responses to “Groundbreaking Independence in NH: Manchester District’s Academic Standards Freed From Common Core

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  1. The question becomes “are any standards better than the Common Core Standards?” Be careful what you ask for …

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  2. An LEA can only break away from the state standards if they have “local control” And they must also make sure they will not lose state and/or federal funds. If you have local control and no loss of funding then this is a great alternative but if you don’t have “local control” there is nothing you can do. I checked this out in TN because we were going to attack Common Core at the local level (most of our state legislators are bought and paid for) but I was informed by the state attorney that Tennessee does not have local control. Sounds like we need a new law to bring local control back to Tennessee.

  3. Same situation in Utah, Karen.

  4. The next step is to remove the NH Department of Education hired Regional liaisons from “participating” in monthly meetings in Manchester and Alton with district superintendents, principals and C&I specialists. After all, the entire purpose of these Regional liaisons, which have introduced Common CORE into every school district in NH by stealth, is to promote Common CORE. Once a district says “No, we want to adopt or create our own standards,” then the Regional liaisons need to leave….. or these meetings must be open to the public. Either way, but no more undermining the democratic process behind the scenes and derailing our districts …. especially when our school boards have already said “NO”!

  5. What will it take for Utah to take back local control?

  6. Can anyone tell me which states have rejected common core? Also which states never accepted it from the beginning? Thank you….

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  7. Our school board president affirmed, yes, our district here in Washington can write its own standards, but we’ll still be required to give the state test which is the Smarter Balanced Assessment, based on the CCS. It’s true that any standards we have will be based on the test as long as the stakes are high. We need to focus on high stakes testing as well.

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  9. How is ‘Local Control’ defined?

    • “Local control” is the school district within a county, from what I understand… Remember the US Constitution’s 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It is important to KNOW that YOU are “the people” of NH (or, name your state), and that IF your State government took powers from local areas WITHOUT your approval, they too are “prohibited” to exercise those powers. Hence, referenda and initiatives.

      • Bear in mind, of course, that many states have re-written their constitutions, taking powers that the people SHOULD own, and giving them to the state government, without a REAL vote on EACH item of power. That is called usurpation in my book, since MOST states have a “one bill, one item, one title” LAW, which means they cannot “cobble together” a mish-mash of ideas without letting the PEOPLE choose among them. But, unfortunately, when constitutional conventions occur, all bets are off for RESERVING “secured rights” – such as “local control” of school curricula.

  10. Greetings,
    I am hosting a new talk show online and dedicating much of the time to Stopping Common Core. I would like to interview some of the people mentioned in this article if possible. I think it might encourage many of the other states that are working to SCC.

    Here is a link to my recent show with Joy Pullmann on data mining.

    Please help us spread the word and get the information in front of people. Also, please let me know of stories or articles that need air time.

    Thank you and blessings,
    Tamara Scott
    Host – Tamara Scott Live

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