Faltering Coleman and Turnabout Huckabee: Is the Stop Common Core Movement Succeeding?   11 comments

The Stop Common Core movement is gaining tremendous momentum and the proponents of Common Core seem to be slowing down. Some of the leading characters have been so slowed that they have been stopped in their tracks.

A recent broadcast by proponent Mike Huckabee said he’s suddenly turned around and is now NOT not a proponent of Common Core.

A recent public letter from David Coleman said he’s decided he must delay the Common Core version of the SAT until 2016.

—David Coleman! The noneducator-businessman-leading architect of the Common Core, the one who dismissed the value of narrative writing and espoused letting informational text edge out classic literature in English classrooms— THIS David Coleman who is now president of the College Board, who is aligning college entrance exams to his Common Core– this is the man who is admitting he cannot push his Common Core agenda up the hill fast anymore, because of so much pushback.

But that’s not all. Look at what is happening all over the nation!

We’ve seen handfuls of states drop out of the SBAC and PARCC Common Core testing consortia.

We’ve seen the Manchester, NH school district outright reject Common Core.

We’ve seen New York superintendent Joseph Rella hold a district-wide rally in a football stadium to create awareness about the damages of Common Core

We’ve read the testimonies of the official members of the Common Core validation committee who refused to sign off on the standards.

We’ve read parents’ own executive order against Common Core.

We’ve seen lawsuits and demonstrations.

We’ve even seen teenagers speaking out to legislatures in Arkansas and Tennessee, pleading with them to stop Common Core.

Top leaders in both the Democratic and the Republican parties are standing up and speaking out against Common Core.

There are countless grassroots groups in almost every state that are fighting Common Core, each going strong with thousands of Facebook and Twitter shares.

Every day we see more and more major news articles and radio programs and even debates and op-eds about the Stop Common Core movement.

There’s now a much-shared movie trailer for a Common Core documentary that comes out in February 2014. (It was posted on YouTube four days ago.)

We’ve seen anti-Common Core statements by many outstanding university professors; also, a letter from 132 Catholic scholars to Catholic Bishops, opposing Common Core.

There have been Stop Common Core resolutions passed in Bergen County, NJ; at Tammany Parish, Louisiana; at the Utah GOP convention, at the Alabama Republican Women’s Convention, and the national GOP convention, and elsewhere.

Many governors and other legislators are writing anti-Common Core documents and executive orders.

These happenings are simply amazing.

But listening to David Coleman and Mike Huckabee it becomes clear that the proponents have no intention of veering from their end goal: to hold complete local control in D.C. using the partnershipping of corporations and federal entities (neither of which have any authority over constitutionally state-held educational decisions).

Huckabee said, “Common Core is dead, but common sense shouldn’t be.”

Say what?

What part of stealing local control away from those who have a constitutional right to it, makes sense to Huckabee? What part of constitutionally, locally-set education standards aligns with the top-down “let’s raise standards nationwide” movement that pretends to serve while it robs? Huckabee even said that it was once a state-led movement that was hijacked by others. Really? Show me the convention at which my state representative helped write Common Core. I’ve talked to Sen. Lee and Sen. Chaffetz and they were not invited. Neither did anyone from my state school board come to such an event. There was none. It was businessmen and elite D.C. clubs that pushed this thing from day one, with the full support of the Obama Administration.

Sadly, it is clear that Huckabee in no way has abandoned the Common Core philosophy; he just wants to rebrand it.

Isn’t it AMAZING though, that Common Core has become an offensive word to many –even to Huckabee?

Isn’t it amazing that Huckabee wants to get away from the word, and that the U.S. Secretary of Education never uses it (instead using the term “college and career ready standards”. This could be seen as evidence that honest people with persistent voices can succeed against the mainstream, evidence that heaven has helped us.

But Common Core, by any other name, is still the unconstitutional partnershipping of corporations and federal entities to steal power from us.

Don’t be fooled. Obama’s Blueprint for Education is still with us although it never uses the term “Common Core,” either. But it’s all there: the federally-pushed standards, the standardization of student data, the teacher controls, etc. etc. etc. A rose by any other name…

11 responses to “Faltering Coleman and Turnabout Huckabee: Is the Stop Common Core Movement Succeeding?

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  1. Please add NJ to your list of states fighting the good fight to defeat CCSS. Concerned Citizens of Southern New Jersey have five county resolutions and a Bill S2973 in the NJ Legislature. We lobbying for co-sponsors for this bill. We are now being strong-armed, for a lack of a better term, by school superintendents and DOE that want us to go away. We don’t DO that!!!!

  2. It’s in the play book. You no longer hear politicians referring to ObamaCare….. it’s the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is bad, affordable care act is good. NOT! Stay vigilant people! They will stop at nothing to get their agenda passed, even if it means a few proponents have to take the hit and “change their minds” in order to get us to let our guard down!

  3. This is a good-news piece for today! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sacrifice and efforts in this noble cause. You make it plain enough for a non-educator like me, but with grandchildren in Utah schools, I’m very concerned about Common Core. Thank you ladies!

  4. I’ve heard our district is going to hire teachers to push the common core to parents. Palm beach county, fl. I’ll check on this.

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  5. After reading this, I don’t see the problem that you all seem to be so concerned about. Is everything a big conspiracy? Experience should have taught us, that most likely it is not.

  6. We have got to stay proactive and attend school board meetings. We need to make our voices heard all over the nation. Even if we are homeschool families. We are all threatened by CommonCore and we MUST stop it

  7. … This is good news… It is as if the giant wreaking ball slammed into the castle wall, and the wreaking ball cracked; not the castle wall……

  8. Rebranding is not disbanding. Stay vigilent! Attempts at govt. control of education are ongoing.

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  10. Christel, I think it’s more likely that the reason Coleman is delaying the revamping of the SAT’s is the same reason the states have rushed to adopt new testing systems so fast: in elementary and secondary ed, if they kept the old tests (i.e. CRT’s in Utah) after implementing Common Core, the inferiority of Common Core would be evident. With the SAT’s, if they were to test students right now with CC-aligned tests – students with less than four years of CC education – the inferiority of CC would be apparent when the fully CC-educated kids start taking them.

  11. The New link for the “Building the Machine” documentary trailer can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u168bk2lntI

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