Yet Another Utah Parent Speaks Out: Why No Open Debate on Common Core?   1 comment

This parent’s letter has to be shared.


To the members of the Utah State School Board:

I am writing to voice my displeasure at the path you are taking to silence legitimate opposition to your new Utah Core Standards, otherwise known as the Common Core. Rather than spending your time and our tax dollars on propaganda and talking points, why not spend them on a series of public meetings and serious open debate and discussion of the pros and cons of this new way of doing things in Utah public education.

Debra Roberts, at the meeting of the Interim Education Committee of the Utah State Legislature, said that “in four years, we have made major, major changes” in Utah public education. My question to you is why are these “major, major changes” being made behind closed doors?

If your decisions are sound and your defense of them valid, why not air them in the open and let others see the wisdom of your ways? I propose that instead of 30 minutes of restricted public comment, we engage in at least 30 days of widely publicized public meetings and open debate and discussion prior to the upcoming school year and the next regular session of the Legislature. Instead of paid advertisments, let’s have a townhall-style public debate between your representatives and the opposition’s. Truth and sound judgment need not fear scrutiny. What are you trying to hide?


A Northern Utah
Concerned parent and citizen

One response to “Yet Another Utah Parent Speaks Out: Why No Open Debate on Common Core?

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  1. Hi, Christel, Thanks for posting my letter.  You have a much broader audience than I do.  The board did respond to the letter.  They said — surprise — that all their decisions are made openly and which standards do I not like anyway. Sarah


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