You Are Invited: Common Core Cottage Meeting in Syracuse, Utah- Tomorrow   1 comment

Tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. there will be a Common Core informational meeting at a home in Syracuse, Utah. If you live nearby, please feel free to stop by and bring a friend. Dalane England and I will be speaking about the Common Core. Address: 2532 South 1300 West, Syracuse, Utah, 84075.

We plan to answer the following questions:

What is Common Core, and why are so many people fighting day and night to repeal it?
Does it harm my child?
Did all citizens and legislators get a chance to vet Common Core prior to its adoption by the state school board?
How does it kill local control of education, of privacy and of local values?
Why is it constitutionally threatening? / How are voters shut out of the decision making processes of Common Core?
Why don’t teachers or principals dare speak out against it?
Why must Utah’s state school board ask permission from unelected D.C. groups to modify ed standards in Utah, under Common Core?
How does unwanted student (and teacher) data mining and tracking rely on Common Core tests and standards?
Why has the Department of Education been sued for its Common-Core-test related changes to the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act?
What are intended and unintended consequences of having students take the Common Core tests?
How does Common Core affect homeschoolers and charter schoolers?
How is parental consent of student information sidestepped by the Common Core agenda?
Who paid for Common Core’s development, tests, and trainings and who will pay for Utah’s future Common Core costs?
Who gets wildly rich when Common Core aligned curriculum are virtually the only salable education products in America?
Why are both the Utah Chamber of Commerce and Utah’s Governor involved in promoting Common Core as part of Prosperity 2020?
What does the anti-common core legislation look like in those states that are withdrawing from Common Core –and can we do this in Utah?
Is there any evidence that Common Core can raise academic success or economic success in Utah? / Was there ever a pilot study or a field test of the standards? / Which lead creator of Common Core admitted that these standards only prepare students for a nonselective 2-year college?
Why did the main creator of Common Core get promoted to be president of the College Board and how will it dumb down college standards?
Which source documents from the Department of Education mandate teacher redistribution, sharing of student level data, not adding more than 15% to the standards in any state, and asking permission of D.C. groups to make amendments to these common standards?
How do we reclaim our now-lost educational power?

One response to “You Are Invited: Common Core Cottage Meeting in Syracuse, Utah- Tomorrow

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  1. Hi, Ms. Swasey, it’s very clear how much effort you (and your colleagues) have invested in your on-going and persistent Campaign against Common Core. I’m certain many States can and, hopefully, benefit from your example, resources, and experience in this heart-felt battle to reclaim our Children’s Education! Obama Ed is as bad, ultra leftist, and pure propaganda as anything else associated with President Barack Hussein Obama! God Help You All in your continued efforts to save Our Republic and Our Children from this UnAmerican ‘experiment’, and we all know it’s no experiment; in the leftists agenda it’s a done deal, permanently embedded in the future of Our Great Nation; well, once again, they are wrong. Underestimating the American People is always foolish! I’m sorry ‘The National Government’ has also invaded and disturbed such a large area of Utah with it’s ‘spy-hub’; the ginormous NSA never-ending ‘data collection’! This may seem out of place, but FYI, I had occasion to do business with, HQered in Utah, over the phone. Over time, about 3 weeks, I spoke with about 11 different employees. After my business was done, I asked each one of them if they knew where the government’s big data collection facility was in the Country. Each one lives in Utah, and out of 11, only one person knew; he was the only man with whom I spoke, but I doubt that’s significant. Pretty scary. I thought, for some dumb reason, that Utah State’s Government would have seen to it that the Citizens of Utah were well informed (as this facility must be very heavily guarded for a variety of reasons), I thought Utah would have a preparedness plan in the event that some ‘disaster’ type event might occur, impacting all people in Utah. But apparently, according to l0 female residents, they never heard or saw a newspaper headline. Just thought I’d mention it! It seems important to me! Good Luck. Keep up the fight and God Bless you All. God Bless America!!!

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