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I’m with Ted.

To see the real contest between Ted and Trump, compare something other than what the news outlets permit you to see.  Start with the Cruz and Trump official websites.  Note the way that they speak about (or if they even mention at all) education, family, the Constitution, and religious liberty.  Compare the clarity and substance of their points.  Compare their histories of real action versus talk.

To me, there is no real contest after you do this.

The only thing I sincerely like about Trump is his slogan:  “Make America Great Again”.

I wonder: how, precisely, would Trump do that –without having outlined steps to actively uphold religious freedom, educational freedom, the First Amendment, religious liberty, and the family as the central unit of society, traditionally defined?  On these issues –my issues– Trump seems stumped.

Cruz has real, defined solutions based on foundational principles, but Trump has not.  What Trump has is hot air, angry bravado, a memorable slogan, and a nifty hat.

In researching which candidate upholds my priorities, I first took a look at Cruz’s and Trump’s official websites:

On Trump’s site, you see a lot of stuff for sale and you see narcissistic campaign articles about the Trump movement itself.  You don’t learn anything substantive.  There’s no mention of my priorities on his site.  That scares me.  Trump’s “issues” page only lists:



On Cruz’ site, however, the “issues” page mentions all three of my top issues.  His list is:

The Cruz website focuses on principles and gives information about how Cruz has taken action on those principles, such as the vital detail of why religious freedom is so important.  The site says:

  • “America was founded on a revolutionary idea. Our rights do not come from government. They come from God. 
  • Ted has spent his career defending religious liberty. He has fought to protect our First Amendment rights in a number of Supreme Court cases, and as U.S. Senator, he has been a tireless fighter for the right to freely live according to our faith.
  • As a presidential candidate, Ted Cruz has hosted two national religious liberties rallies and has brought together Christians who have been persecuted for their beliefs so that people across the country can listen to their stories and stand united for our first freedom.
  • On day one, a President Cruz will instruct the Department of Justice, the IRS, and every other federal agency that the persecution of religious liberty ends today.”

Aside from the websites, think about their histories.  I especially like the story of Cruz, as Texas Solicitor General in 2005, who stood up to and beat the combined forces of murderer-rapist Jose Medellin plus the U.S. federal government plus the U.N. “International Court”. The U.S. and U.N. courts attempted to side with Medellin, who had raped and killed two Texas teenagers as part of a gang initiation.  The U.S./U.N. courts argued that although Medellin was guilty, Medellin should not be tried by Texas, but by Mexico.  Cruz won the case for Texas.  The murderer-rapist, Medellin, was executed.

Trump has what history?  He has made money, despite a lot of bankruptcies, and he had a reality show that a lot of people watched.  And?

This is not a high school popularity contest.  Choosing the wrong candidate can have devastating, even deadly, consequences.

As Mitt Romney pointed out this week,  “Trump’s bombast is already alarming our allies and fueling the enmity of our enemies… What he said on “60 Minutes,” about Syria and ISIS, has to go down as the most ridiculous and dangerous idea of the campaign season… This is recklessness in the extreme. Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be president. …[He] mocked a disabled reporter… attributed a reporter’s questions to her menstrual cycle… mocked a brilliant rival who happened to be a woman, due to her appearance… bragged about his marital affairs, and who laces his public speeches with vulgarity…. Mr. Trump is directing our anger for less than noble purposes… He calls for the use of torture and for killing the innocent children and family members of terrorists. He cheers assaults on protesters. He applauds the prospect of twisting the Constitution to limit first amendment freedom of the press. This is the very brand of anger that has led other nations into the abyss.”

trump mad

The anger that Trump displays, which so many Americans feel, does not suddenly translate into a reversal of those things that make us mad.  Anger is not enough.  We need a president with substantive, defined plans; with honest, noble character; with a proven track record of dedication to honorable and Constitutional principles.  That is not Donald Trump, nor Hillary Clinton, nor Bernie Sanders.  The best available embodiment of noble aims and history is Ted Cruz.

Finally, what about Common Core?

Ted Cruz has a simple, excellent plan that moves us in the right direction, called Five for Freedom.  It calls for elimination of unconstitutional agencies, including eliminating the federal Department of Education.  Trump, on the other hand, makes no mention of education on his website.

It was a year ago that Ted Cruz tweeted:  “Federal government has no business sticking its nose in education. We need to repeal every word of Common Core.

ted 2

Nowadays, all the Republican candidates are suddently posturing as if they are opposed to Common Core.  How convenient for them, now that Common Core has become a byword.

About five minutes ago, when Trump seemed to realize that millions of grassroots Americans won’t vote for anyone who admits they’re working with, or cashing in on, the common core/common data alignment monopoly, he started making statements like “We’re cutting Common Core!” That statement elicits cheers.  But Trump does not demonstrate understanding of how deep and  penetrating the unwanted, common alignment of all things educational has grown, nor how sobering and difficult a task it will be to untangle it and retrieve freedom.

Know, too, that paid  Common Core endorsers are top Trump endorsers.)

See through this.   Trump got on the anti-Common Core, #StopFedEd bandwagon recently (in his speeches, but still not on his website).  John Kasich started pretending to have fought against Common Core.  (Look at Kasich’s track record.) And Marco Rubio?  He’s unfortunately been confused or lukewarm on freedom in education, for years.  Cruz has been with us all along.

When Senator Mike Lee endorsed Ted Cruz, he explained in a New York Times interview why Trump was not his pick: “Mr. Lee… said he worried about [Trump’s] policy positions and views on presidential power. ‘I’m still waiting to hear more detail from Donald Trump on where he stands on a whole host of issues,’ Mr. Lee said.”

We are all waiting for that.  Where does Trump stand on common, aligned education standards when they alter their names?  What about the common, aligned data standards?  Where does Trump stand on privacy rights?  Where does he stand on family rights?  The right to life?  Marriage or adoption of children by homosexuals?  The restoration of the Constitution?  Where does he stand on the Federal Reserve?  Where does he stand on religious freedom?  His silence is deafening on vital issues, yet he rants like a drunken sailor about making America great again.  That is not meaningful to me.

Cruz is not perfect.  He has said things that I don’t competely agree with.  But I don’t completely agree with my own dear husband, all of the time.  And that is okay.  Cruz is not a danger to our nation; Trump is.  So are (of course) Hillary and Bernie.

Trump seems almost a typecast for a dictatorship, a drunken one.  I can’t resist sharing a video that uses Trump audio clips with a lip-synching actor; you’ll either laugh or want to cry.   I know it’s immature, but it’s so darn poignant.


Please recall that last summer, a report card posted by Pulse 2016 and American Principles Project graded presidential candidates on their actions in getting rid of Common Core.

The only person who had an “A” then, who is still in the campaign, is Ted Cruz.  Take a look at the grades and the criteria.  It’s very telling.

Although I have a Cruz bumper sticker on my minivan and although I cheerlead for Ted Cruz on Facebook, I hadn’t, until recently, felt that making a specific Ted Cruz blog endorsement would be valuable.  It felt like it would be preaching to the choir. I guess I’m naiive enough to have believed that people would see what I have seen, in comparing Trump and Cruz. I thought that the “pro-freedom-in-education” gang all agreed that it’s only been Ted Cruz who has consistently, and with more than a five-minute history, been outspoken against Common Core and the top-down suffocation of local control in every aspect of education.

It seemed like the most obvious thing in the world, to me, that Cruz was the best choice.  But I was wrong about the obvious part.  Some of my friends and family members are “yuge” Trump fans.  They say that he’s strong.  They say that he’s refreshingly blunt and politically incorrect.  They say that he’s so rich that he doesn’t have to be beholden to lobbyists, the way all the other candidates on both left and right supposedly must.  They say that he’ll intimidate our enemies.  Tempting thoughts, all.

But I agree with what Gina Dalfonzo wrote, in an article for First Things entitled “Nikabrik’s Candidate” –that there’s a desperation, similar to the oppressed people in C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian– in the desperation of Trump supporters.  Dalfonzo wrote:

“How could… the good guys in this story become corrupt enough to seek help from someone whose greed, brutality, and lust for power were legendary?

“…Nikabrik’s fears are legitimate. His enemies are real and powerful… He is right to recognize the need for help. He is wrong to decide that help must come from a force equally merciless—wrong when he tells Caspian, ‘I’ll believe in anyone or anything . . . that’ll batter these cursed Telmarine barbarians to pieces or drive them out of Narnia. Anyone or anything, Aslan or the White Witch, do you understand?’

“This is how good people with strong, ingrained values—people who have invested time and money in the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and similarly noble causes— …end up flocking to a reality-show star who spends his days on Twitter calling people ‘dumb’ and ‘loser.’ This is how some who have professed faith in Jesus Christ are lured by a man who openly puts all his faith in power and money, the very things Christ warned us against prizing too highly. As one wag on Twitter pointed out, “If elected, Donald Trump will be the first US president to own a strip club,” and yet he has the support of Christians who fervently believe that this country needs to clean up its morals.

“…Tired of waiting for Aslan—who may be nearer than we think—we turn elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if our candidate hates, bullies, and exploits other people, the reasoning goes… Hatred is a perfectly acceptable weapon, as long as it’s ‘on our side.’”

Are Trump supporters like Nikabrik in Prince Caspian, desperate for anything and anyone to defend them, even if that defender is evil?  Have Americans forsaken the principles that really did make America great?  Do Americans want Trump– regardless of his character, and regardless of the intended or unintended results that will come from unfettered rage and mannerlessness?  Is something as transitory as anger the prerequisite to good leadership?  Does blunt anger “trump” all other qualities?  What lasting good can come from following such a man?

My church teaches that “honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold” because “when the wicked rule the people mourn”; also, that we must “befriend” the “constitutional law of the land”(Doctrine and Covenants 98: 6-10).  It doesn’t say to seek or uphold perfect candidates; there aren’t any.  It says to find the most honest, the most good, the one most seeming to befriend the Constitution.

By that, I choose Cruz.


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  1. Thanks Christel! I’ve thought about asking you to do this.

  2. March 11, 2016

    Hi Christel,

    I am amazed that you of all people would support Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has written a Bill calling for “Common Core” to be permanently implemented into home schools, private schools, and religious schools. The Ted Cruz Bill states that any student eligible for student aid will open the door to “Common Core” and remove all objections of removal of Common Core and other state programs into mandated compliance. Parents will have no say in what their child or children are mandated in this gross representation of education. It is obvious that you have not done your homework on the dangerous policies of “Ted” a.k.a. Rafael Edward Cruz, who is the Father of the “North American Union” Merger Agreement with Mexico, United States, and Canada, which he wrote for George W. Bush, which eviscerates our U.S. Sovereignty. Candidate “Ted” Rafael Edward Cruz is in the back pocket of the NWO Globalist Elite Tyrannical Governance.

    Donald Trump has stated that he will remove and end “Common Core” and improve the education system by allowing the states to improve the quality of education and standards.

    “Common Core” is nothing more than the government making everything “common” demanding that students be conformed to their ideologies, propaganda, and indoctrination. The “core” as it progresses “FORWARD” is simply the base of students in a future society following perfectly the dictates of a NWO governance, not unlike the Nazi demands in former Hitler schools.



    • Sharon, I am glad to see another who sees the true Cruz. His actions are noteworthy, since his rhetoric deceives. As AG in Texas, Cruz was instrumental in bringing a case all the way to the SCOTUS, which was easily resolved at the State level in Texas. Justice Anthony Kennedy scolded Cruz for not correcting the mistake which kept the defendant in prison 6 years; that was four years beyond the maximum sentence usual for the crime. See: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/12/opinion/the-brutalism-of-ted-cruz.html?_r=0 This case, “reveals something interesting about Cruz’s character. Ted Cruz is now running strongly among evangelical voters, especially in Iowa. But in his career and public presentation Cruz is a stranger to most of what would generally be considered the Christian virtues: humility, mercy, compassion and grace. Cruz’s behavior in the Haley case is almost the dictionary definition of pharisaism: an overzealous application of the letter of the law in a way that violates the spirit of the law, as well as fairness and mercy.”
      I believe many Christians are being ‘fooled’ by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, regarding Cruz. The rhetoric for Cruz does NOT match the behavior.

    • Exactly

    • Please, could you give me some links and sources for what you’ve said about Ted Cruz? I’d be interested in learning more.

  3. I guess you have no problem supporting a candidate that is not eligible to run let alone be elected. If we neglect to face up to this fact we will be setting the table for our enemies to one day fly their flag over our White House. Cruz is not only eligible I believe it will be proven that both his parents became Canadian citizens in 1968 and Ted was born a Canadian citizen and remained a Canadian citizen until May 2014 but the powers to be will protect him like they protected Obama and for the same reason. Cruz is not what you think he is. Just like Obama was not what he tried to make people believe he is. There are only 2 candidates currently running that are natural born and therefore eligible…..Kasich and Trump. My vote will go to either one of them before I would ever vote for the two frauds running (Cruz and Rubio) who both know they are not natural born citizens.

    • I would never vote for “Ted” a.k.a. Rafael Edward Cruz, for president. He is not eligible for office of president. I have already voted for Donald J. Trump, the “Best Choice” for president in 2016. I guess brackenkaren you did not read my email that states that Donald J. Trump will remove and end “Common Core”.

  4. You also need to face the fact that his wife is an open borders globalist. Goldman Sachs is also the #1 advertiser with Pearson. Cruz is also part of the Bush cabal. If you think Cruz will get rid of the US Dept of Ed or stop what we have been fighting I believe you are going to be very disappointed. And after he is elected there won’t be much you can do except apologize for voting again for the wrong person. S306 is unconstitutional and it is still very much a live bill. I have spoken with Sen. Lee’s office about this bill. He never showed for the final vote of ESSA (no excuses for him please) But I can see you like many others are emotionally invested in him which means you cannot be objective so all the proof and facts that illustrate he is not what you think he is won’t make much difference to you. His wife was also a member of the CFR.

  5. Thank you Christel. There is so much hate and deception out there that I am sure it took a lot of effort to muster the courage to speak up for what you knew was right. Those who cannot be pleased with the potential Ted Cruz brings to stopping common core cannot be pleased. It is like they look for a reason to fail so they will have something to complain about. I cannot fathom why good men like Ted Cruz would even be willing to endure the slander and hatefulness displayed by the previous posts to run for president. Thank you!

  6. It’s apparent that there are conspiring men out there that will try and paste an untrue sketch of Ted Cruz. While he is no means perfect, as Christel clearly states in her post, he is the best choice we have and has a proven track record while fighting as solicitor general and a senator in Texas. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthecommontruth.net%2F2%2Fpost%2F2016%2F03%2F-the-facts-on-ted-and-heidi-cruz-clearing-the-myths.html&h=-AQHU0jFx

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  8. Dear Political Right-

    Are you intentionally trying to cut your own throats? With each verbal attack made on Trump supporters (or on anyone who doesn’t fanatically worship Ted Cruz OR blindly worship the Republican political establishment in general), you needlessly & stupidly alienate the very people you are trying so desperately to sway to your opinion. Calling someone uneducated, uninformed, or anything else meant to marginalize or discredit their intelligence is not going to score Mr. Cruz any points, much less draw in supporters to his campaign and it certainly is NOT going to strengthen the Republican voter base. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Right now Cruz’s campaign, his advocates, and the republican political party reek of that unmistakeable vinegar stench. You attack the very Americans you claim to support and want to unite. The irony is not lost. It rather transparent actually.

    The infamous divide and conquer through blame and guilt strategy the democrats have historically used is now the same overt tactic used by republicans. The only difference is democrats attack their enemies. Republicans attack foe and friend alike. Emulating democrats and falling even lower on the scale of decency. Pathetic to say the least.

    The hard-working, financially-contributing, legal, American people in the United States (those who aren’t entirely dumbed down by the Marxist progressive public education system and those who aren’t from the exploited, govt. dependant lemmings class who voluntarily sacrifice their rights, liberties, and lives for the promise of more free stuff bestowed via government theft of the taxpaying middle class and those who don’t reside in big cities and blue states across the nation where corruption, socialism, and mass materialism are the norm) are furious and ready to fight back precisely because they are sick and tired of being told (and forced) how to think, what to believe, what’s worthy, and who is worthy.

    They are equally angry at being ridiculed and demonized for having different opinions. SO, what does Ted Cruz, his supporters, and the GOP establishment do???? Preach values, attitudes, & beliefs (the very socio-emotional, non-cognitive BS many anti-Common Core & anti-globalist groupthink folks are fighting). Then they criticize, ostracize, and attempt to discredit anyone and everyone who doesn’t tow the party line.

    For Cruz in particular, his use of the religious angle mantra to exploit and manipulate those who do have strong faith in God is quite appalling and almost comical. (Identity politics, inclusion and/or exclusion by religious association, superior/inferior humans because I, Ted Cruz, am the absolute divine politician of Christ.) With complete disgust, I witnessed a female Cruz supporter from Oklahoma accuse others of being atheists merely because they did not rally behind Ted Cruz. Really? How sick, twisted, and religiously RADICAL (think potential extremist nutjob) is that? Question someone’s faith in God because they don’t worship a false idol, a paid liar & actor for the U.S. government- A POLITICIAN?

    I personally don’t believe there will be a political savior in the U.S. or anywhere else. Not a Cruz or a Trump (or any other political body put before us) government messiah to save the day or the country.

    The Marxist progressives (both puppets & elite power players) who have rose to power through corruption, collusion, extortion, persecution, oppression, deception, coercion, exploitation, THEFT, MURDER – every criminal and evil tactic they could use and impose on the gullible, too ready to trust and believe masses) will remain in power while employing all forms of force to control everyone else and gain a system of complete compliance. If you don’t comply, you will be targeted for ridicule, financial ruin, a visit from CPS, a mental health stay in a psychiatric ward, a prison sentence, or an assisted premature death. Those are your guaranteed outcomes if you don’t fall inline. Obey or else. THAT is how Marxism works. THAT is how Marxism destroys all in it’s path.

    THAT is also how communism takes control of a country and the people. THAT is ALWAYS the endgame of socialism. The government is the proverbial middle-man, always taking it’s cut of the funds that were pilfered from the working class meant to assist the never-ending, always growing class of needy or “AT RISK” people. More needy folks, more people labeled as “AT RISK”, more money for the establishment & elites to plunder and pocket. All of those alleged well-meaning, progressive agenda non-profits, foundations, and organizations that are protected and promoted by big govt., are nothing more than vehicles to launder money and redistribute wealth into the already exuberantly wealthy pockets that make the needy in need in the first place. Those who promote and support Marxism figured it out long ago and have slowly, but steadily plotted and enacted the coup of the U.S. for decades. The community organizers and agitators have mastered the game. Give ’em an “A” for helping to destroy civilized society and essentially bringing down the most prosperous, fair and just place on the planet. The United States of America. They fell for the Communist, anti-American lies because of their own shallowness, ignorance, greed, and envy of anyone they perceived to be better off than they were. We were given ample and clear warning of the intent to destroy the United States of America along with the shredding of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights, but the naysayers and the establishment talking heads said it would never happen. It was just a conspiracy theory. They were wrong. They lied. They were intentionally wrong. They intentionally lied. Imagine if we could prosecute the deniers of the plot to intentionally bring down the U.S. just as the Marxists today hope to prosecute deniers of climate change.

    Psychiatry, a devoutly Marxist and unscientific government promoted field of subversion has used psychological, social, and emotional means to herd society in any direction the elite choose. If you don’t fit in the socially accepted box, the psychiatrist can legally label you as mentally defective by any number of ways and restrain, retrain, medicate, and incarcerate you until you change your way of thinking. The real kicker… you don’t even have to be guilty of any crime, except maybe thought crime. With the increase in focus of and reliance on mental health “professionals” (psychiatrists and the like) to save humanity, quite predictably, mental health in the United States has drastically declined.

    A similar trend has been seen in the medical profession. Preventative medicine has led to a medically sicker, more lethargic, more drug dependent and more government dependent population in the United States.

    But, but, but the “experts” say …
    When the so called “experts” are being funded by the people trying to control or destroy you, an extreme conflict of interest arises. Our country is overflowing with all kinds of experts who main expertise is to mold society into a Marxist progressive utopia, a two class system of the controller haves and the controlled have-nots.

    “Pay your taxes, relinquish all means of physical protection, get your vaccination, vote, and give more.”

    Donate, give, sacrifice. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The authentically needy are still in need. The giver has less. Those telling you to donate, give, and sacrifice have more. Little changes except the financial power of those using every avenue available to exploit you, manipulate you, guilt you, and make you financial modern day slaves.

    Every war, real or hypothetical, the U.S. federal government sponsors ends up doing exactly the opposite of their much lauded and egotistically self-satisfied goals. To name a few:

    •The war on poverty has produced and solidified a permanently poor & govt. dependent class.
    •The war on drugs has produced a significant increase in use and abuse of both legal (prescription) and illegal drugs, drug cartels (including the pharmaceutical companies) are given reckless abandon to create more drug dependent victims and are practically immune from any accountability thanks to widespread government corruption. “You rub my back, I’ll rub yours”. U.S. troops are protecting heroin producing poppy fields in Afghanistan and still the American public believes in the fallacy of the war on drugs. SMH
    •The war to save the environment and the planet. Novels could be written on the hypocrisy of this government backed war against society. I’ll simply say – Monsanto, GMO’s, pesticides, man-made genetically engineered diseases, other govt. protected mega-corporations like Monsanto flooding our air, land, water (and bodies) with pollutants and toxins. Hint: “They always blame you, the common people, before you wise up enough to realize they ARE the ones to blame.”
    •The war on extremism has done nothing but create extremists. If the type of extremism is govt. accepted, then such extremism is even promoted and protected by said government. The same can be said about the war on racism or discrimination. But if your extremism, racism, or discrimination isn’t advancing some Marxist agenda that profits the establishment, your extremism (U.S. patriotism, a love of God, traditional family values, an authentic academic education, all lives matter, unbiased media, government accountability, upholding the U.S. Constitution, truth, honesty, and transparency) will be stomped out with the full force of the law. Maybe even the military.

    Our public schools and places of higher education, our societal institutions, our GOVERNMENT all preach tolerance, yet today certain people are more hatefully (dangerously) intolerable than ever before. Of course it’s those who are heavily indoctrinated by Marxist progressive views of what equates justice and fairness who are the most intolerant, hateful, and dangerous. And of course, it’s the Marxist progressives who are protected by our Marxist government and allowed to riot, vandalize, loot, threaten, physically assault, hurl false accusations and insults all based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference, and/or financial situation with no repercussions at all. The laws, the rules, basic decency and respect for others don’t apply to the Marxist progressives and their agendas, just like they don’t apply to government officials, and society’s elites.

    Take off the blinders and look around. People rioting in the streets of Chicago threatening harm and destruction, because one man they don’t agree with runs for a political office? Imagine if those who opposed Hussein 0bama had pulled this crap. The threats turn to physical violence when the demands aren’t met and the constant whiners don’t get their way. This is now an accepted way to conduct ourselves, our lives, and how to deal with disagreements. Use force. Allowed for some, but not for all. Can you feel the equality and justice?

    This is what your country has evolved into thanks to Marxist progressives. Do as we say or we will destroy you. Forced compliance. Forced agreement. Groupthink violence and ignorance.

    The current United State’s Commander-in-Chief’s only real accomplishment was and is being a successful community organizer. A former Nobel Peace Prize winner is a mass murderer and destroyer of communities here and abroad and given immunity and an exemption from personal responsibility, accountability, and morality because he holds the title of president. A position of government that uses physical force to make others do as the elites who own him want. The irony. He CLAIMS to fight for your freedom, work for your benefit, and provide a better life for all as he enables the more powerful (who he really has allegiance to) to take it ALL away. THAT’S how government works. It will be the same with Trump, Cruz, anchor-baby globalist Rubio, or any other Tom, Dick, or Harry who is put in place to represent the government and work the people. Not work for the people.

    Both parties have worked together to bring about the downfall of the United States while the majority of the people fell for the biggest con-game outside of income tax ever invented-
    faux opposition of political parties.

    Both political parties profit in all ways by working together behind the scenes to cement their status and power. Everyone else is nothing more than a country of useful idiots the politicians and government officials can parade as needed to promote an agenda. Ex. The Black Lives Matter agitators, nothing more than the govt. pet group of the day to use & exploit. Once the agenda is accomplished, black lives won’t matter to the government or elite anymore than any other person’s life (black, white, or green with purple polka dots). We, the people, are simply useful idiots to manipulate, abuse, and profit off of. We are nothing but HUMAN CAPITOL to them (they proudly admit this) to use & discard as needed. As long as we are useful and make the elites more wealthy and powerful we are given a place in society and allowed to live under the imaginary reality of freedom for all. WE ARE NOT FREE. The criminals top to bottom (from the self-given immunity of unaccountable, federal lawless thugs to the local thug selling dope to neighborhood kids) are given more liberties and compassion than the countless victims here and around the world.

    If your candidate of choice or the people you surround yourself with are employing verbal attacks meant to manipulate the social-emotional capabilities of others, then you are following in Marxist footsteps (and basically agreeing with the tactics of Hussein 0bama, his administration, and his multitudes of pretend victims of oppression, discrimination, and so-called evil, racist America. People are tired of the hate intentionally directed at each other, when the true HATE, disgust, persecution, and prosecution MUST be directed at the Marxist government and the Marxist power players who control the government. These are the people who are making you sad, sick, poor, hungry, angry, in need, stupid, selfish, etc. etc. etc. The real war is a psychological and financial war and the war is endlessly used by the federal government against the people. It’s been an ongoing process and it’s time it ends.

    As long as you, or anyone else, seeks to control the actions of others by telling them what to think or believe or by using force to try to make others think and believe what you do and act how you want them to act, the hate and the intolerance will NOT end. You don’t like other people telling you what to think and believe, so why would you think that imposing your feelings and beliefs on others would welcomed or tolerated? A little common sense goes a long way.

    For all his faults, at least Trump has blatantly exposed the system and corruption for what it is. He’s given a voice and a platform for the rightfully angry and fed-up legal, U.S. population.
    Cruz, with all his political and religious rhetoric & the additional (intentional?) division among conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Christians has caused additional damage to the efforts of uniting this country. Cruz has run his campaign on identity politics. Marxism to the core.
    The only identity Trump has zeroed in on is the identity of what it means to be an American and promote ALL U.S. American interests ABOVE all others. You want to fault him for that, so be it.

    Regarding Ted Cruz, as one author puts it, “There’s nothing like following up one longwinded lecturing self-righteous foreign-born know it all who won’t show us his papers with another one.” (Hussein 0bama/Cruz for the slower readers)

    “Not only is there a never-ending stream of email solicitations, but Reverend Ted is preaching his message that if you’re a good Christian you’ll vote for him. His messaging is deliberately evangelical in nature, for those who don’t have a problem with electing a minister-in-chief to represent them.”
    Give me your efforts, give me your prayers, give me your money. But most important: Give me your money! I’m a secured (financially & otherwise) member of the political-big govt. class (as is NAU, CFR connected wife Heidi), but I need more money and more power! They both worked under the equally corrupt and criminal George Bush administration for heaven’s sake. Hello?! Democrat/Republican, Bush/Clinton/0bama – 2 sides of the same dirty coin.

    It really doesn’t matter anymore whether anyone believes all this to be true or not (it is TRUE) because it’s too far advanced now to stop and reverse.

    Anyone still voting party lines & having faith in the political/government system, instead of each other & God, is almost as responsible as the corrupt criminals controlling our fates.

    “Wake Up America” was more than just a saying or meme. It was a call to all Americans to get their heads out of their rear ends and stop the country’s collapse before it was too late.

    ALL politicians are paid actors that work in and for the U.S. government to advance the agenda of the elite U.S. establishment class and the global elite class. You don’t have to be smart, honest, ethical, or even like the United States to be a politician in this country, but you do have to be able to act, repeat scripted messages, and have a streak of corruption & entitlement coursing through your veins (think of that idiot lady Senator in Florida, Sheila Jackson Lee or -is it Lee Jackson?). Anyway…
    Whoever becomes the next president is nothing more than a puppet. If he or she truly posed a threat to the establishment elite, he or she would never have been given the opportunity to run for president of the U.S. in the first place. Our government has killed-murdered many people for a lot less. If you think they’d let a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz stop the corruption and money/power system they control, you’re dreaming. Bread & circuses. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    There will not be a political savior for the people or for the country we once knew and loved. The system is now too big & too powerful for that to happen. The selected body put in the White House every 4-8 years is little more than a front, a puppet who keeps the con game going.

    Marxists use financial, social/emotional, and physical force to promote & enforce their agenda(s). With a Marxist progressive (an authentic DOMESTIC TERRORIST) in the White House with control over the country’s various govt. agencies, the Marxist progressives can now also use legal force (see AG Loretta Lynch & the use of the DOJ against climate change deniers, literally against against any opposition to big-govt. Marxist progressive GLOBAL communism.)

    Welcome to a country under quasi-Communist rule advanced by Marxist progressives & run by an elite oligarchy. With each advance in socialism, the U.S. is one step closer to full-fledged Communism. It will only get worse. MUCH WORSE.

    Stand with your fellow man and woman under God. Stop the hate and division. Stop being a willing sheep being conned and eaten by politician puppets who advance the agendas of big-government, global elite, communist wolves.

    Your presidential candidates are there to keep you distracted from focusing on the intentional collapse and destruction being perpetrated ALL around you.

    Last point, if you value your country, value life & liberty, value truth, justice, and authentic, common-sense fairness of the legal U.S. American citizen (the priority in the United States of America), you will see the truth in the words written above.

    If you value a tyrannical system overwhelmed by corruption and deception and if you prefer the lies of false hope, the exploitation of your fellow countrymen & women, and the false, harmful reality fed to you by the government controlled media then you spew immature, illogical comments and refer to ignorant memes that cry, “Oh, it’s another butt-hurt Trump supporter!”, instead of trying to understand the losing game you insist on continuing to play.

    The false idol politician is put before us to divide us and conquer us. ALL of them. ALL of us. As usual, it’s working.

    Aren’t you tired of losing yet? I am.

    Sincerely, another fed-up United States taxpayer.

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  10. Although I am a member of the Constitution Party, I agree that Ted Cruz is the only option. I also think it is ludicrous how many people side with any of the other candidates!

  11. I don’t like Family Guy https://prettypnuts.wordpress.com/…/ted-cruz-family-guy/


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