Governors of Louisiana and Mississippi Reject Common Core   6 comments

The Domino effect is happening.  States are getting free of Common Core.

First was Indiana.  South Carolina and Oklahoma officially dropped out next.  Now, here are two more immediately dropping dominoes,  Louisiana and Mississippi:


Domino one:  Mercedes Schneider provided details on Louisiana Governor Jindal’s Common Core and PARCC exit here.  Fascinating conflict of powers in Louisiana.  (Thank you, Mercedes Schneider!)


Domino two:  The Clarion-Ledger reports that Governor Bryant of Mississipi wants to be free of Common Core.

“I think Common Core is a failed program, and the United States is beginning to realize that,” Bryant said. “Governors all across America are realizing states can do it better.”


Hope that Utah’s Governor Herbert is next.

6 responses to “Governors of Louisiana and Mississippi Reject Common Core

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  1. You ladies are a gift from above……God bless you for what you are doing for America and the future of our precious children.

  2. They do look a lot like angels… don’t they?

  3. Living in WA State, I feel so stiffled here – we’ll never be free of Common Core, unless the entire country rejects it. Not only do we have Bill Gates to contend with, but Obama’s special friend in Christine Gregoire. Like the witch in the wizard of Oz, “We’re doomed,…doomed,…no hope for us here…

  4. Robin in Washington State — it feels the same in New York, but we’re not giving up. Andrew Cuomo clearly has one thing on his mind at all times, running for president. He only does what potential big backers in the corporate reform crowd want him to — and there’s no way parents and educators can gain his ear when Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg are saying “testing, Common Core, Pearson” in his ear all day long. That’s why I’m so encouraged by this fantastic news — and as a transplanted Hoosier living in New York, I’m very happy to see the heartland and the south leading the way. New York will get there, if we have to vote out Cuomo first. Jindal’s actions and statements show that the voices of educators and parents are finally being heard by leading politicians, despite the endless drone of Gates-Koch-Broad-Bloomberg-Murdoch-funded propaganda.

  5. Those aren’t executive orders, they are a criminal indictment. Jindal clearly states how the LA dept. of education broke multiple laws with their no-bid PARCC agreement (as most all the states did). Where is their Attorney General? Like most states, they function as a defense lawyer for the accused government employees rather than representing the interest of the people.

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