AP History Changes Lean Toward a Negative American Perspective   4 comments

Just sharing Wyoming teacher Christy Hooley’s article.

Negative changes have been made to AP History, which analysts are calling “a curricular coup that sets a number of dangerous precedents…”

Read it here:

AP History Changes Lean Towards a Negative American Perspective.

4 responses to “AP History Changes Lean Toward a Negative American Perspective

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  2. Some would say teaching history as truth seeking and not pushing American exceptionalism is negative.

  3. I worked on the AP World History proposed Framework when it was first proposed about 4 years ago. It was supposed to roll out first along with the AP Biology IIRC. I passed the framework along to some famous profs and next I heard it had been withdrawn. The truly frightening aspect of these history revisions to either the world or American versions is not just the erroneous facts. Facts and content are only important in the Common Core era if they can be used to change what a student values or believes so that he or she feels compelled to take action to reform society.

    It’s the use of what the Common Core Social Studies C3 Framework calls ‘lenses.’ Before I knew that name I recognized that the World History wanted to make Capitalism and Nationalism the source of all problems and Communism was described as “an international economic system for sharing resources.” Common Core calls these lenses Enduring Understandings and they become the so-called ‘knowledge’ a student picks up. The two I am seeing the most of in history now are pushing students to see reality and everyday events through the ‘prisms’ (yet another of the Generative Metaphors CC so adores) of Revolution and Conflict, usually combined with struggling over resources.

    History is not about the past anymore. Its use in Radical Ed Reform is the ability to create a narrative that changes a student’s perceptions about the world as it currently exists.

  4. Very good

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