The Most Courageous Superintendent in America   10 comments

At this link, Joseph Rella, superintendent of Comsewogue School District in New York, takes a courageous stand, one of many he’s taken this year.

This is a link to his robocall that went out to parents. It’s a must hear!

Rella also wrote a letter to his representatives and called on the Governor, Regents and Commissioner to help him help the kids.

He asked his leaders to remove him from his job if they won’t remove Common Core.

Highlights of the robocall:

The Superintendent invited parents to attend a stop common core rally this Saturday at noon at Comsewogue High School, 545 Bicycle Path in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

The Superintendent told parents that Common Core hurts students. The catalyst for the planned rally was the fact that in his district, as was echoed all over New York State, 70% of students failed the Common Core tests. Rella says that sends a message that “70% of you aren’t college material. That message hurts kids. That message is wrong.”

In a letter to his political representatives, Rella wrote:

“Please help us… If not, then I request on behalf of our residents – your constituents – you initiate proceedings to have me removed as superintendent. IF this system is truly valid, then during my tenure as superintendent, our students went from about 90 percent proficient to about 30 percent proficient.”

Two additional articles on the superintendent’s rally:

If more superintendents, commissioners, principals, teachers, parents and school board members displayed this courage and integrity, Americans would still have local control of education.

There is a growing list of not just teachers, but now also administrators and board members who are doing just that.

Thank you, thank you, to these courageous, job-risking pioneers who stand up for liberty in education administration!

Joseph Rella (New York local superintendent)
Cindy Hill (Wyoming state superintendent)
Betty Peters (Alabama state school board member)
Heidi Sampson (Maine state school board member)
Wendy Hart (Utah local school board member)
Angela Weinzinger (Calif. local school board member)
Brian Halladay (Utah local school board member)
Robert Scott (Texas former state commissioner of education)

Stand up!

10 responses to “The Most Courageous Superintendent in America

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  1. Yay yay for that superintendent. We in pa should do the same!! Jam on our school board and they would gladly remove me! They don’t want to hear anything about common core!

  2. Building education on a foundation of deception lying and bribery makes education a death trap for our nation like a rollarcoaster on rusty trusses and broken scaffolding with no seatbelts.
    The next time a politician teacher or administrator or especially an unappointed unelected organization representative at a meeting lies to your face you will know.
    Why not be a hero for our kids and speak out NOW!! Thanks to all those eho are doing so. Thanks Crystal joseph and all those on the list and the unrelenting bloggers speaking the truth.

  3. It was a crafty political play by Rella. You see, the legislators he said could remove him, lawfully can’t. Only his board can do that. So lets stop with the BS

  4. Oklahoma City Public Schools needs a Superintendent!

  5. Actually Fred the Commissioner of Ed just promoted a bill before the legislature that would allow the state to take over school boards and schools that do not comply with state ed demands – so no, its not BS.

  6. Dear Commissioner John B. King, Jr.:

    Today I read your August 7th letter to parents regarding the expected lower scores on New York State standardized tests for 2013. How on earth do you expect people to understand the gobbledygook of your letter together with the numbers that clearly say that their children are less successful?

    There seems to be an “Emperor” walking down the streets of public education in a nearly naked state and The Commissioner is asking parents to think that “all is well”!

    Your focus on common core subjects is doing a great job of making the writers and publishers of tests successful while totally neglecting the nurture and true education of the children of our great state.

    With your new program there is less time for drawing, painting, singing, making music, playing games, learning to be tolerant, imagining other solutions, creating stories, teamwork and wonder. Obviously, you are not understanding children or their development.

    Please return to the days when you were able to hire teachers, principals and administrators of noble character with brilliantly creative minds. Then trust them to cultivate a learning environment in which children can bloom and prosper. Teaching only to pass tests yields an inferior education, and those who are able should take their children to other places for education (home, private, parochial, do I see a new business model here?). Indeed, if everyone did just that, we would not even need a public education system or a commissioner of that system either!

    Who wants to be an educator under the current climate? And, indeed, why should an intelligent person want to be part of a team whose leader says that a score lower than last year does not mean less learning has happened! You’ve got to be kidding!

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