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Fees for Imaginary Textbooks   1 comment

Dear Principal Kelly and School Board,
I recently received a student fees bill.  I’m not sure why I got it now, since we paid $44 on the first day of school. I have a bill of $200 on top of the $44 we already paid.
I’m writing to ask for an explanation of why we pay huge property taxes which fund our schools, plus schools collect state funds, plus schools collect (just a little, I know) federal monies for our schools, and we supposedly have legislated “free public education” in Utah, yet we have large school fees.
Why do we have to pay to use our tax-funded school?
Students must even pay for the privilege of using a locker?
They must pay for many of the individual classes.
The biggest insult is that we are to pay textbook rental fees of $30 per student when there are no textbooks.  It makes no sense to pay for the use of imaginary textbooks.
My child has not had a single textbook authorized for her.  Most of her classes don’t even have textbooks.  I really wish they did, especially in math.  She can, if she begs, check a history book out and borrow it.  But only for that one class.
We have employment.  I am not asking for a waiver.  I am asking for a fair explanation.
I will make one more suggestion:  make the school board an unpaid position.  If I were a board member, I would consider it an honor to serve.
There are many tens of thousands of dollars going out to pay the board, dollars that could be spent on textbooks and lockers for the kids.
Thank you.
Christel Swasey
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