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Teaching Kids to Value Liberty   1 comment

A friend of mine says that her husband gets angry on the Fourth because of hypocrisy– the people waving the flags and celebrating as if unaware that our nation is losing all its liberties, one by one.

My husband’s co-worker, who is from another country, says that America is less free than his home country. It’s so regulated, and there are so many licenses and rules; the government puts its nose into every aspect of life, he says.

These people may be right.

But I still believe in people. I believe that they believe in liberty. As they wake up to the fact that it’s quickly going away, they will stand up.

They will see through the socialist lies. They will preserve this beautiful country and the freedom that made it so great.

I plan to celebrate this year’s American Independence Day as never before. So much is still right and many U.S. liberties are still reclaimable– including educational liberty.

I thought about this last night, at our boy scout camp, after a day of BB-gun shooting, archery, geology, flag history, boondoggle, and picnics, at a closing campfire.

Three Native Americans did a “retiring” for a huge, old American flag as we all sat in a wide circle their huge teepee. They reverently unfolded the flag, held it high, and lowered it over the fire. A woman sang a native warrrior song and beat her drum. I felt tears filling my eyes as we remembered the warriors who fought to earn and keep the liberty that the flag stands for.

Experiences like this are rare.

Patriotism is being marginalized by the current administration, and global citizenship is promoted in schoolbooks as the thing to seek, over local citizenship, so it’s never been more important to teach our own kids to love our country, and to be loyal to the principles of individual liberty, local sovereignty, and the U.S. constitution. How can you do it?

This year, we’re attending kids’ patriot camp.—16-2013.Info

We’re going to do as many of the amazing activities as possible at this year’s Provo Freedom Festival.

At home, we’re reading the stories of American history together from the book “The Making of America.”

And we memorized the 50 States song this year in home school and practiced making the U.S. map puzzle to learn where the states are located. We really had fun with it.

There is so much we can do. And we really have to do it.

Governor Herbert in Heber City’s Fair Days Parade   Leave a comment

It was good to see Governor Herbert at the parade today, wearing his cowboy hat.

I believe he had something to do with the state school board’s┬ádecision to withdraw from the SBAC Common Core testing consortium just yesterday.

Thank you, Governor Herbert!

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