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Bill Gates: Common Core Must Align Standards to Curriculum and Tests – VIDEO   3 comments

Many people are still under the impression that “Common Core only sets a minimum standard.”

They believe localities are free to improve meaningfully upon the standards.  I wish I could believe them.  Why don’t I?

Bill Gates speaks about Common Core’s need to align all curriculum and tests together.  After watching this, you cannot say that Common Core only consists of minimum standards.  It’s a complete control package.

So what, you say.

So, one man says we’re aligning the standards to our monopoly-held textbook curriculum and the common core tests.

What can one man do?

Realize that Gates, the world’s 2nd richest man, has paid $5 BILLION to reform OUR education system– without going through the channels of state legislatures.

Gates paid unelected trade groups (NGA and CCSSO) who wrote and copyrighted  the standards, as well as paying countless institutions to advocate for Common Core –before assessing the legitimacy of the standards– these include the national  PTA, Harvard University, Education Week Magazine, etc., –they obeyed Gates’ directive to advocate for Common Core, or forfeit the grant money.  Gates’ company, Microsoft, and Gates’ partners, notably Pearson, gain immeasurable financial benefits from this lockstep system which circumvents the American process of voters and legislatures who used to be in charge of major transformations of the American governance system.

Ask yourself this:  how will any school or teacher give students much beyond the Common Core when merit pay and school closures depend upon getting high student scores on the Common Core tests, which are under mandate to be federally reviewed?  Federal tax money being withheld is an additional carrot in front of our noses.

The tests will drive the curriculum.  They are both to be based on Common Core, the unamendable and copyrighted standards we “voluntarily” adopted.

While top lawyers are advising our state legislatures not to worry– that we can “get out” any time we like, realize that David Coleman– lead architect of the ELA portion of Common Core (despite the fact that he’s not an educator and is openly hostile toward narrative writing and calls for the diminishing of classic literature in English classrooms)– this same David Coleman is now College Board President.  He’s aligning the SAT and ACT to Common Core.

How effective will it be to drop out of common core later?  The time is now.  The time is before every textbook in the nation has been rewritten to align.  The time is before all teachers are forced to teach to the test because of the narrowing of the curriculum to the standards and tests.

The time to say no to Common Core should have been before we adopted Common Core– but as you know, legislatures were bypassed.

We were never given the chance to say no.

So, the Common Core is a monster larger and more powerful than most people realize.  But it can still be stopped and it must be stopped.  WE are THE PEOPLE.

We know our rights.

We know Common Core is illegal.

It’s educationally illegitimate.

It’s costing us our birthright and not giving us even the mess of pottage in return.

Millions of parents and teachers are fighting to get rid of it.

If  you haven’t already, please join us.








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