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Cost of Common Core to Wasatch School District   Leave a comment

Dear Mr. Johansen,


I very much appreciated the answer given to my question last night, that there are no plans to increase funding of Common Core implementation beyond what was already being spent on teacher professional development in Utah’s Core Academies.


This is important to me because I, like you, hope our hard-earned tax money will be spent on our children’s legitimate educational needs, such as much-needed math books and other supplies. 


I was concerned when I read the cost analysis of Common Core put out by the Pioneer Institute.  I don’t know if you’ve read it.   I am concerned that in 2014, when the Common Core assessments are implemented and mandated, locals may face astronomical costs that will take away from primary needs and legitimate expenses of educating our kids.


Pioneer’s cost analysis says:  “[A]s of this writing, none of the states that have adopted Common Core have released a cost or feasibility analysis of the technology infrastructure and support necessary to administer either of the testing consortia’s online assessments.”


This is why I asked you to contact our state USOE budget people, to find out what cost analysis they have produced.


Pioneer also writes, “Technology infrastructure and support is increasingly recognized by both supporters and critics of Common Core as an area that will require significant new investments given the exclusively online nature of planned Common Core assessments. Even though the development costs are covered by federal grants, some states will find—as California has—that annual operating costs may increase significantly.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, an English professor who served on the Common Core Validation committee, said that there will be significant additional teacher development courses required.  She wrote:

“Common Core’s ELA standards will require drastic changes in academic, preparation, and professional development programs for prospective or current English teachers. English teachers will need to take a significant amount of professional development in history and political science…and undergo professional training in reading scientific and other discipline-based texts.”

I realize that asking you to help a handful of concerned parents annul the adoption of Common Core is asking the near-impossible.

But if you could help us shed some light simply on this one thing, the costs that will accrue because of a different standardized testing system that begins in 2014 for Common Core, that would be so helpful.

Thank you.

Christel Swasey

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