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The Vehicle of Our Educational Future   2 comments

Common Core:  The Vehicle of our Educational Future

–Driving Away Freedom

The chart below is adapted from J.R. Wilson’s article at Education News, Common Core and the Vehicle of our Future.  Thanks to J.R. Wilson for sharing this insightful metaphor.

 Read the whole article here:


For a Car For Common Core
Shopping You decide what car best fits your needs. You shop around   and find the best car for your money. You had no say in these standards. They are not the best. You   didn’t get to test the standards – or see any testing of these standards –   before they were bought for you with your tax money.
Decision to Buy You make the decision to buy, or – just as important – to   not buy. You bought these standards though you may not know it, and   even if you protested their purchase. The decision to buy, or to not buy, was   never up to you.
Purchase You get to select the make, model, package, and options   you want. You don’t know what you’re buying. The Common Core began   with math and language arts standards. Then it included tests; then social   studies, science, and civics; then curricular materials; a data system; and   an early learning program. Then it included public colleges.
Selling Points Most car salesmen are knowledgeable about the features of   the car. Buyers still need to be responsible and do their own fact checking. Many of the selling points used to sell these standards   sound wonderful, but in truth are deceptive.  The deeper you dig, the more dismayed you become.
Costs You know exactly how much the car will cost you once you   have settled on a price. Once the car is paid for it is yours. There was no state cost analysis. Costs will be ongoing.   The public does not own Common Core and has no ability to change it although   they must pay.
Safety & Quality Control The car has to meet required safety standards. The   automaker has put the car and many components through a lot of testing and   checks to make sure the components work well together. There are no required safeguards to protect our children’s   academic success, their future, and our liberty. It is unknown how anyone   will be held accountable for outcomes.
Insurance You can get insurance for your car when you buy it. No insurance is available although you still have to pay   premiums. There is no protection for children’s academic success or   liberties.
Maintenance You can take the car to the dealer or any other auto   mechanic. If you don’t like the car, you can get rid of it and buy a   different car. There is no dealer for repair. Modifications can only be   made by the owners (two non-government entities). Parents or teachers cannot   change the standards.
Warranty Most cars come with a warranty. No warranty is available.
Lemon Laws There are some protections provided by state and federal   lemon laws. There are no lemon law protections.
CarFax Records of maintenance and repairs are kept in a database   with information available to others. The data is compiled in a state longitudinal data system   with intergovernmental access to data, without parental knowledge or   permission and with no opt-out alternative.
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