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Truly horrible math book: Common Core math text for Jordan and Granite school districts   3 comments

    If you click on the link, prepare to be shocked.

It is a common core math book.

It models an absurd way to teach math.  And it pushes a terrible, negative agenda.

You can find questions relating to serial killers, food shortages, population control, drug lords, infectious diseases, oil spills, and loneliness.  You can also find dozens of questions that do not even remotely relate to mathematics at all but instead pushes collectivism, communal thinking and consensus.


  • A serial killer is stalking the residents of Gloomy Falls, Mass., population 937. Every year the population

diminishes by 4.5%. How many residents are left after the killer’s three-year rampage? HOW WILL YOU


  • Strapped for cash, you decide to borrow money from a local crime lord. This turns out to be yet another

instance of poor judgment on your part. At 22% interest per year, how much will you owe on a loan of

%5,000 after one year? What about after three years?

  • The population of a country is initially 2 million people and is increasing at 4% per year. The country’s annual

food supply is adequate for 4 million people (now) and is increasing at a constant rate adequate for an additional

0.5 million people per year.  Based on these assumptions, in approximately what year will this country first experience shortages of food?

15. A student comes to school with the flu and infects three other students within an hour before going home. Each newly infected student passes the virus to three new students in the next hour. This pattern continues until all students in the school are infected with the virus…

  • Think of a time when you or someone in your group was left out of the discussion. Describe the situation.

Did anyone try to include that person? If not, why not? If yes, then how?  What might you have done to help with the situation?

  •  What has been your experience when someone in your group has made a mistake?
     How do you think a group should handle mistakes by other group members?
  •  Think of a time when you wanted to say something, or you did not understand something, but were too

afraid to say something. Describe the situation and why you did not say what you wanted to.  How do you wish you would have had handled the situation?

  •  Do you participate more or less than other group members? Why do you think you do so?
  •  Discuss how the amount of homework preparation you do for class affects your participation in group

discussions and how your preparation affects the grade your group receives?

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