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Your Children: Free Thinkers or Socialist-Owned Cogs?   2 comments

An opinion editorial by Glenn Jacobs in today’s Daily Caller says that the Common Core should be renamed the “Lowest Common Denominator.” He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus “ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their stations in life.” What do you think of that? Considering […]

You Are Invited: Common Core Cottage Meeting in Syracuse, Utah- Tomorrow   1 comment

Tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. there will be a Common Core informational meeting at a home in Syracuse, Utah. If you live nearby, please feel free to stop by and bring a friend. Dalane England and I will be speaking about the Common Core. Address: 2532 South 1300 West, Syracuse, Utah, 84075. We plan to […]

Alyson Williams at Utah State Capitol: “The Fistful of Flowers They’ve Shoved in My Face”   5 comments

Utah parent Alyson Williams gave permission to share the following speech which she gave at last week’s Common Core informational meeting at the Utah State Capitol. Dozens of legislators as well as parents, teachers, students and school board members heard this speech. ————————————————————— I was reading recently about George Washington as a child. I’d heard […]

Former Teacher Speaks Out: The Red Flags of Common Core   5 comments

Utahn Laureen Simper, a former school teacher, gave the following speech at the State Capitol last week to an audience of 500-600 people, including dozens of legislators as well as teachers, parents, students, and other citizens concerned about Common Core. She has given permission to publish it here. I am a former school teacher, I […]

Common Core Watch   1 comment

In Utah, lawmakers and the Utah State School Board are hotly debating solutions to the problems created by the adoption of Common Core. I wanted to share this one, to the Utah School Board from Pleasant Grove’s Representative Brian Greene. ————————————————————————————————– On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 5:30 PM, Brian Greene wrote: The 15% rule […]

Oklahoma Mom Against Common Core Defines the Word Conservative for Mike Huckabee   3 comments

An Oklahoma mom’s response to Mike Huckabee’s letter to Oklahoma legislators from last month: Is Common Core Conservative? An answer to Mike Huckabee’s letter to legislators, June 3, 2013. by Jenni White, President, Restore Oklahoma Public Education July 24, 2013 First, let us define: What is a “Conservative”? Readers may feel this to be […]

Dr. Gary Thompson: This is Cognitive Child Abuse   9 comments

Guest Post by Dr. Gary Thompson Our staff has been working on the best way to teach Common Core math to our kids with “learning differences”. Referencing the attachment below, in the high school section, PARCC tells teachers regarding the example listed that heavy “symbolic processing skills” will be needed to find the deeper, varied […]

Response to UT School Board Member Dave Thomas on Common Core   1 comment When I saw that a Utah State School Board member had taken the time to (sort of) answer my questions about Common Core, I was grateful. When I realized that he had not read previous rebuttals on these same topics, I was discouraged. I don’t think they are studying what we have been asking […]


You are invited to a public and legislators’ meeting to express concerns about Common Core. The meeting will be held Wednesday, July 17, at 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., in the Hall of Governors, on the first floor of the Utah State Capitol. Each person attending will be given 3 minutes (max) to testify before […]

Minersville Parent: Utah Must Withdraw From Common Core   2 comments

Here is a letter written to the Editor of a Southern Utah newspaper. I received permission to repost it here. Dear Editor, I am a concerned parent who strongly opposes Utah’s Core Standards (Common Core). Understand, I’m not opposed to having State-Controlled Educational Standards. My biggest concerns with the Common Core Standards are that they […]

Renee Braddy: Dear Alpine School District   5 comments

Renee Braddy is a former teacher and concerned parent who gave permission to publish her this letter to her local school board that asks them to exert due diligence in studying all the implications of Common Core and its tests. ——————————— Dear Alpine School District Board Members, I want to thank you for being willing […]

You’re Invited: Saratoga Springs Tomorrow: Informational Meeting about Common Core   Leave a comment

You are invited to an informational meeting about Common Core. When and Where: June 20th from 7-9 pm at Talon’s Cove Golf Course: 2220 S. Talons Cove Drive, Saratoga Springs, Utah Who: Speakers include: Dr. Gary Thompson (Child psychologist), mothers/teachers who have thoroughly researched Common Core, and local school board members. State school board members […]

Teachers’ Letters to Gates   Leave a comment

Teachers are writing letters on a blog dedicated to letting Bill Gates know what they think of his education reforms. Must share.

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Op Ed: Professor Colorio of Massachusetts on Common Core   Leave a comment

Shine light on Common Core By Donna Colorio Massachusetts Educator As I see it, our country is going through a major educational transformation and I ask myself, “Where are the parents?” In 2010, a D.C.-based nonprofit called Achieve, under the guidance of the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, created […]

MSNBC Video: Emmett McGroarty on Common Core and Local Control   1 comment Emmett McGroarty: “This is a mom-led movement, really… If you dig down deep enough, there’s a bedrock principle that almost all Americans can agree upon… that includes the idea that parents should have a say in what children learn.” MSNBC: “Should the federal government have zero role?” “Here’s the problem… They never answer the […]

USA Today Op-Ed : Don’t Underestimate the Mama and Papa Bears   Leave a comment

USA Today has published an op-ed by Emmett McGroarty. The author quotes Alisa Ellis of Utah and Anne Gassel of Missouri, parents who typify the Mama and Papa bears in opposing Common Core. From Alisa Ellis: “Administrators want parents like me to step back and be quiet, but we will not. These are my children, […]

Alaska Succumbs   5 comments

I used to think of Alaska as one of the hero holdouts, because that state, along with Texas, Virginia, others, once flatly rejected Common Core. I remember reading with a mixture of awe and envy, how Alaska had opted out of the standards project in June 2009. An Alaska Dept. of Ed spokesman, Eric Fry […]

Dr. Gary Thompson on Common Core A.I.R. Testing   5 comments

Dr. Gary Thompson is an African American Doctor of Clinical Psychology from Utah. He doesn’t mess around. He recently posted the following letter, which he wrote in response to the Common Core testing company, American Institutes for Research (AIR).  The letter has to be shared. If you don’t have time to read it all, here’s […]

What’s Wrong With Social Justice? Rabbi Lapin Explains   13 comments

I’ve never seen a better episode on the Blaze than that April 2013 episode with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. They spoke about collectivism. Some call it Socialism. Others, Consensus or Social Justice. It’s all the same: it’s top-down redistribution, by force. The collectivism movement has its heartbeat inside education reform. It aims to lure us away […]

Michigan, Florida to Stop Common Core   1 comment

By defunding or in other ways pausing/stopping Common Core, legislators in a growing number of states aim to take back local control of education, redirecting the state’s educational focus and funds toward more legitimate educational endeavors that do not include the full Common Core agenda. A guest post at The Washington Post, on Valerie Strauss’ […]

Video: Citizens of New Hampshire Speak Out Against Common Core   3 comments

I really enjoyed watching this  New Hampshire video, which was filmed at a curriculum and instruction meeting of the Manchester school board. Citizens were allowed to speak for three minutes apiece. Testifiers included several high school students, as well as parents and other citizens before the local school board. At 22:35 a graduating high school senior speaks […]

Open Letter: Democrats Uniting Against Common Core and Race to the Top   9 comments

This open letter is published with permission from the author, liberal high school history teacher and former professor Paul Horton of Chicago.   The Honorable Tom Harkin Chairman, Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Senate Appropriations Committee June 3, 2013 Dear Chairman Harkin, I was very saddened to hear that you have decided not to […]

National Pushback on Common Core in the News   1 comment

  National News Roundup for Common Core Pushback:   LA Times: Schools’ effort to shift to Common Core faces a difficult test,0,5572931.story Washington Post/Strauss blog: Common Core — Assessing the real level of support Fox News/Megyn Kelly: Concern over new ‘common core’ standards in education Fox News: Conservatives crying foul over new […]

Dr. Peg Luksik: The Unasked Question   4 comments

The Unasked Question by Dr. Peg Luksik Reposted from The public debate over the Common Core Standards is intensifying as parents and teachers learn more about the changes to our educational system. When the proponents of the standards mention them, they always begin with the word “rigorous”.  The word is always used, and there […]

Professor Nicholas Tampio: On Gates’ Micromanagement of Education   4 comments

Reposted from a School Book op-ed with permission from Professor Nicholas Tampio May 17, 2013 Bill Gates Should Not Micro-Manage Our Schools By Prof. Nicholas Tampio The multinational software giant, Microsoft, once bundled its Explorer search engine with Windows, and refused, for a time, to have Windows run WordPerfect, a competitor to Microsoft Word. As head […]


Nice to see our neighbors to the North are talking about Common Core.  Here are two recent radio programs about Common Core from the Idaho Reporter. Additional news –nationwide– all about the Common Core controversy: Ed Week: New Attack on Common Core From Pennsylvania Democrats Ed Week (Pioneer cited): Common-Core Pushback to the […]

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Ask Utah Businesses to Stop Pushing Common Core and Prosperity 2020   6 comments

On August 9, 2012, two groups sent a mass mailer to all legislators in Utah. The two groups are  Prosperity 2020,   a business group led by our Governor, and a politcal action group Education First, who say they are a business-led movement concered with accountability.   They do explain that their vision is to “champion educational investment,” but they […]

News Roundup on Common Core   2 comments

Michelle Rhee: Reframe Common Core As a Global-Competitiveness Issue WaPo: Eighth grader: What bothered me most about new Common Core test UT: Federal interference in education FL: Collier parents raise concerns over Common Core Standards FL: Hillsborough School Board frets about new Common Core standards GA state senator: Common Core […]

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Michelle Rhee v. Constitutional Rights   1 comment

John Merrow’s Investigation of Michelle Rhee. I’m posting this link to Diane Ravitch’s blog. Why? Yesterday, a Utah State School Board Member told me that Michelle Rhee is telling legislators to “reframe the debate” about Common Core– so that instead of it being about local control and the VOICE of the GOVERNED, it’s about being […]

How Long Until Utah “Complies” With Federal Requests for Hundreds of Data Points on Individuals?   16 comments

Today I called Jerry Winkler, Utah Information Technology Director to ask questions about the federally paid-for  State Longitudinal Database System.  He was very gracious and I appreciated his willingness to answer questions. I asked him if he could verify the information I’d received from the state school board, that the reason that a Utah student […]

Dr. Stotsky Sets the Record Straight on English Language Arts 70/30% @ USOE   9 comments

Is it logical to say that writing and literature will be effectively taught by all subject teachers?  All teachers do not have adequate training in grammatical, literary and editing background teach writing and literature.  But our Utah State Office is claiming that this will be the case.  A letter, seen below, from Tiffany Hall of the Utah State Office of Education, will serve […]

Common Core News Roundup: Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times, Fox News, Manchester Union Leader, Washington Examiner, Indiana Star, Arizona Journal, Mississippi Clarion Ledger, Cincinnati News and more   13 comments

Thanks to Jamie Gass for this compilation of news outlets that are covering the national Common Core controversy. “The Common Core is in trouble,” said Randi Weingarten, the AFT union president,  “There is a serious backlash in lots of different ways, on the right and on the left.” The Wall Street Journal: New School Standards Spur a […]

National Twitter Rally TODAY: 9pm EST 7pm MST to #StopCommonCore   2 comments

Another  #Stopcommoncore  Twitter Rally Just a week ago Parent Led Reform rallied 2,493,308 Twitter users to #Stopcommoncore.  A second Twitter Rally is planned for today, Thursday,  May 2, at 9pm EST- 7pm MST to include participation of working parents, educators and citizens. Parent Led Reform will host the rally as a collaborative project with Truth In […]

Utah State Office of Education at Uintah School District: On Common Core Testing   4 comments

Guest post by a parent who requested that his/her report would be anonymously published I attended the meeting held by Uintah School District last week. The meeting appeared to be a training on the new assessments for Common Core that will cost $30 million. The guy turned his back on the room and spoke quietly […]

Professor Tienken, Ze’ev Wurman, Barry Garelick Take on Utah State Office of Education: On Common Core Math   3 comments

First, I received yet another “makes-no-sense” common core math explanation from the Utah State Office of Education, via Ms. Diana Suddreth. Next, I asked nationally recognized experts to help me digest Suddreth’s words.  This included curricular expert Dr. Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University, New Jersey, former Dept of Ed advisor and Hoover Institute (Stanford University visiting scholar) Ze’ev Wurman […]

U.S.O.E. Informational Meetings on Common Core Tests: Clueless on the Big Issues   5 comments

Did you watch the Deseret News live feed of the Davis District meeting tonight? I had an “A-ha!” moment, as I again watched Judy Park of the Utah State Office of Education present information about the Common Core tests. I realized that Judy Park just does not know the answers to the big, big questions that are […]

USOE/Davis School District Meeting Today on Common Core – Please Come if You Can   1 comment

Today from 4 to 6 PM District Office / Kendell Bldg (2nd Floor) 70 East 100 North in Farmington, Utah USOE to present Common Core Testing System to Public Please attend the Davis School District meeting today at  4:00 p.m.   The press is reportedly going to be there, too. If you are in the vicinity, please attend the meeting […]

Utahns Discuss Common Core Math   10 comments

I’m going to share some email strings from Utah school board members who are pro-common core, and me, and two mathematicians who are opposed to common core on academic grounds. Ze’ev Wurman: 2010 California Common Core math validation committee member and former Dept. of Education advisor; opposes Common Core. James Milgram: Stanford and NASA mathematician; […]

Report on Nebo District’s Public Meeting on Common Core Testing   Leave a comment

The Greatest Assessments in the U.S.A. (and other such nonsense) guest post by Alyson Williams During the first public meeting on anything Common Core related in Nebo School District it probably should not have come as a surprise to the USOE that there might be a number of intensely inquisitive or disenfranchised parents in attendance… […]

Dear Utah State School Board   4 comments

Feel free to use this letter if it helps.  I sent it today.  If others wish to add their voices to mine, the board’s email is : The Governor needs to hear from us, too. ——— Dear USOE and State School Board, Parents and teachers like me are so very tired of reading lies […]

Utah Asst. Superintendent Dodges the Billion Dollar Question –Again   3 comments

After a whole year of never receiving an email response from Asst. Superintendent Judy Park, today she wrote back!  Wow. But.  The billion dollar question was dodged again.  It’s been dodged in emails for over a year.  It was dodged twice more at last night’s Common Core (S.A.G.E./A.I.R.) presentation, both during and after the event.   […]

Dear Judy Park   5 comments

Last night at your presentation on Common Core tests, you promised to direct me to references documenting the truth of your statement: that the new common core AIR/SAGE tests are written by Utahns, for Utahs, in Utah. I am writing to request a direct link to that documentation.  I appreciate your response. You also promised […]

Judy Park Introduces Common Core SAGE Tests to Wasatch School District   18 comments

Here’s an update for everyone here in the Heber Valley who didn’t attend tonight’s Wasatch School District presentation.  It was given by State Assistant Superintendent Judy Park  on the new Common Core SAGE (American Institues for Research) tests. If you live in Utah, please check the schedule and make sure you and everyone on your block attends when […]

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Teachers Speak Out, Some Resign Over Common Core   7 comments

Jeremiah Chaffee.  Gerald Conti.  Kris Nielsen.  Stephen Round.  Paul Horton. Susan Wilcox.  Anonymous Utah Teachers.  Anonymous California Teacher. Paul Bogush.  David Cox.  Chasidy White.  Pat Austin. Stephanie Sawyer. Renee Braddy. Warriors. Heroes. Freedom Fighters. Teachers. Common Core is a tragedy.  Wake up, America.  Listen to these teachers. Some teach now; some have retired over Common Core.  […]

Hogwash Alert: “National Review” on Common Core   54 comments

I’m calling for a hogwash alert on today’s National Review article about Common Core. The ironically titled  The Truth About Common Core article cannot be taken seriously.  It’s written without any links or references for its Common Core-promoting claims, and it’s written by two authors whose employers are largely funded by the main funder of all things Common Core. Can anyone take seriously those who […]

So Who Has Authority? Who’s on First?   3 comments

The question of who’s controlling education today could be fodder for a hilarious classic comedy skit, like “Who’s On First?” –Except that messing with our children and wasting tens of millions of hard-earned tax dollars ain’t  funny. Does anyone really know the answer to the question of who has the authority to change Utah’s education standards today?  […]

Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 5 – Bill Gates   55 comments

Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform Bill Gates: Scary Philanthropy Countdown # 5  This is the fifth in a countdown series of introductions, a list of the top ten scariest people leading education in America.  For numbers 6, 7, 8,  9 and 10,  click here. The biggest philanthropist on earth comes across as the epitome of sincere, […]

Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform   98 comments

Michelle Rhee: Putting Students Last Countdown # 10: Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform This is the first in a countdown series of introductions,  a list of the  Top Ten Scariest People Leading American Education.    It’s so troubling to see local and state leaders put their trust –and our childrens’ minds– in the hands of people who […]

Common Core Science Standards Launch   2 comments

Hot off the press– a NASBE press release that lets us know Common Core science standards are on their way to local schools –unless parents, teachers and legislators rise up and say no. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Steve Berlin March 7, 2013 703-684-4000 , ext. 1118 NASBE Launches Next Generation Science Standards Policy Initiative Arlington, […]

Because Stalking is Creepy –Especially When the Government Does It   Leave a comment

Michelle Malkin’s true to her word. She said her New Year’s Resolution would be to expose the truth about Common Core, and she’s well on her way. Her fourth installment in the series “Rotten to the Core” is out. In “The Feds’ Invasive Student Tracking Data Base” Malkin brings up the fact that while millions of […]

Children need more parental warmth and less institutionalization   1 comment

A friend forwarded the article below to me.  I have to repost the whole thing– there’s not a sentence I can leave out.  The authors, Raymond and Dorothy Moore, point out that parental time and warmth –and less child-institutionalization– benefits children in significant ways.  This method creates the success that eludes the institutions who attempt to force ever more government […]

What One Person Can Do To Stop Common Core   28 comments

Across the nation, many people are beginning to raise concerns about implementing Common Core in our schools. Wondering what you can do?  Here are some suggestions that add to what you’ll find in Truth in American Education’s action center tool kit. 1) Check this map of the U.S. to see if legislative educational liberty movements are happening in your state. […]

The Common Core Price Tag   1 comment

To Heck With Diamonds: Common Core is Forever By Jenni White Reposted with permission from: Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) has been closely following the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) cost issue, since NO ONE in charge of public education in Oklahoma – including the purse string holders at the state legislature – have […]

Public-Private-Partnerships: What Osmond’s Preschool Bill and Herbert’s Prosperity 2020 have in common   4 comments

My brother called the other day to ask me what I thought of the radio ads for “Prosperity 2020.” In my gut I knew there was something bad about it, but I couldn’t put my finger on what.  But thanks to Professor Steven Yates’ white paper on the subject of public-private partnerships, now I get it. It […]

Replacing Common Core With Something Great: An English Language Arts Curriculum Framework – by Sandra Stotsky   Leave a comment

Before Common Core began its disfiguration of the best in American education, Massachusetts had the highest standards in the nation.  Massachusetts’ students scored best in 2005, in 2007, in 2009 and in 2011 –in all four major NAEP categories.  Massachusetts senselessly dropped its high standards in order to apply for the Race to the Top. Professor Sandra Stotsky  was the […]

Professor William Mathis and NEPC: Common Core Unlikely to Improve Learning or Close Achievement Gap   Leave a comment

In case you don’t read the whole thing, I’m starting off with a bullet point list from a recent academic article from the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) by Dr. William Mathis, entitled “Research-based Options for Education Policymaking,” available here, which among other things, gives advice for educators and policymakers, including these facts: • The nation’s “international […]

Declaration of Independence from Common Core   2 comments

Declaration of Independence from Common Core –inspired by the 1776 Declaration of Independence February 5, 2013. When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary…[for parents and teachers] to dissolve the [educational policy] bands which have connected them with [Common Core Governance] and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which […]

Truth in American Education vs. “A Complete Resource Guide for Utah’s Core Standards”   1 comment Of all the things that the Truth in American Education site has posted, my favorite thing is that title. Truth in American Education.  The title itself teaches a fact most Americans still don’t realize: that there are loads of lies parading as education reform improvements that need exposure via verifiable, well researched facts.  It does not matter if good people with […]

Dare to Home School   7 comments

 Dare to Home School Education is the continuation of God’s creation of a human life. This idea comes from author and scholar Dr. Neil Flinders. Think about it: the instant the baby leaves the womb  –and even before leaving the womb–  he/she is beginning to learn. He gains knowledge from us as parents, from the beginning– language […]

Wasatch County Republican Party Essay Contest   Leave a comment

The Wasatch County Republican Party has invited citizens to write essays answering the question: “How do conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?” The winning essay will be presented at next week’s Lincoln Day breakfast, where Utah’s Governor Herbert, Senator Van Tassel, Senator Chaffetz, Representative Powell and many others will be in […]

Teacher Professional Development for Common Core   3 comments

The following is published anonymously to protect the educator(s) who are sharing this information. “Recently certain teachers were selected to attend Common Core training sessions. We were divided according to subject. We were subjected to “groupthink.” We were given an article called “Making the Common Core Come Alive!” It is published by an organization called […]

Rigor –or Rigor Mortis?   Leave a comment

At a blog called Books Are Enough, another teacher-blogger makes a request, which I second: “Can we stop saying “rigor” please?”  Here’s the teacher’s reasoning– and here’s the link to that blog.   He/she writes: “Can we stop saying “rigor” please?  The term “rigor” is a word some folks are using (again) to imply there is some […]

Read “Betrayed” -Laurie Rogers on Common Core Math   Leave a comment

Here are highlights from a great article written to anyone who doesn’t understand what the problems are with common core math:  Full text: In the article, Laurie Rogers, Washington educator, explains the term “student-centered” and shows why Common Core’s “student-centered” math is failing us.  She writes that: “Many of America’s public schools have incorporated “student-centered learning” models […]

Yin Zhen Zhi Ke: Drinking Poison to Quench Thirst   1 comment

  Earlier this year, in an interview with World Observer, Yong Zhao likened the current educational mania sweeping America (Common Core and its national testing program) to the Chinese proverb: Yin Zhen Zhi Ke. It means “Drinking poison to quench thirst.” The Chinese saying warns not to take measures that may appear to solve an urgent problem […]

So If You Live in Texas   1 comment

Months ago, I said that I was wishing we could move to Texas or Virginia because they were the only two states that had wisely, and  100%, rejected the Common Core. But I would not move to Texas now. While Texas escaped the Common Core, it got something equally bad in its place: CSCOPE. One Texas science teacher who blogs […]

Yong Zhao: On Educational Freedom   3 comments

Yong Zhao It’s always fun to watch smart people debate an important topic, but it’s especially satisfying when the person whose side you are on wins the day.  That is Yong Zhao, who seems to me not only smart but also wise. Many are following the Marc Tucker/ Yong Zhao interchange about Common Core with great interest. Marc Tucker […]

A Mother Speaks Out: Children For Sale – Guest Post by Alyson Williams   135 comments

Children for Sale By Alyson Williams No more decisions behind closed doors!  Let’s get everyone talking about Common Core.   In the spring of 2011 I received a receipt for the sale of my children.  It came in the form of a flyer that simply notified me that my state and thereby my children’s school […]

Weber County Republican Women’s Meeting Speech on Common Core   4 comments

Stop Common Core Talk given by Christel Swasey at the Weber County Republican Women’s Meeting Jan.7, 2013 A few months ago, a University of Utah exhibit displayed original documents, newspapers, books and letters written by Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and many others. The exhibit did not only show the freedom fighters’ side of the argument, […]

Schools Are Sharing Private Information Via SLDS and P-20 State/Federal Systems   8 comments

Our schools (teachers, adminstrators, and even State Office of Education workers) are being used. –Used to collect private data, both academic and nonacademic, about our children and their families.  I choose the word “used” because I do not believe they are maliciously going behind parents’ backs.  They are simply expected to comply with whatever the U.S. Dept. of Education […]

Utah Teacher David Cox on Common Core   11 comments

On Common Core: Education Without Representation As it is going, teachers will be little more than robots, constricted in everything they do. Guest Post by Utah Teacher David Cox When I was first hired, what one taught was decided by the texts that teachers and the principal decided upon. So I had a great deal […]

NC Teacher Kris Nielsen Quits –and Explains Why   2 comments Academic analyst Diane Ravitch posted a letter from North Carolina teacher Kris Nielsen two months ago. In the letter, teacher Kris Nielsen wrote about his reasons for quitting, as he did again in another article I saw today.  I’m posting both.  First, excerpts from his letter: I QUIT Kris L. Nielsen Union County Public Schools Human […]

A Homeschool Update   7 comments

We’ve been doing homeschool for my fourth grader since October. It’s so much fun!  Having a two year old next to a fourth grader means that sometimes we’re schooling in the hall, watching the baby take a two hour bath next to the open door.  It means that sometimes, we have to send the fourth […]

Boston Herald Mourns: Common Core’s Dumbing Down Massachusetts Education   Leave a comment

I wish the media and the politicians in my dear state would fully wake up and see Common Core for the education disaster that it is. I thought Utah was a pretty wise, pretty constitutionally-grounded state, as a whole.  And I used to assume Massachusetts –Pappa used to call it “Tax-achussetts” —was practically in Europe as far as socialism and  lousy “progressive” thinking […]

Hilarious Washington Post Article on the Stupidity of Deleting Classic Literature   2 comments

The Washington Post has a hilarious article about the stupidity of deleting so much classic literature in high school English classes while calling Common Core education an increase in rigor.  Love it.  Reposting. ——————————————————————- The Common Core’s 70 percent nonfiction standards and the end of reading? By Alexandra Petri Forget “The Great Gatsby.” New […]

Thank You, Senator Lee   Leave a comment

Utah Senator Mike Lee is a rare patriot. He actually did what all the senators are supposed to be doing:  he defended the U.S. Constitution from the tentacles of the United Nations– again! He defended our freedoms:  national sovereignty and parental rights, when others lightly dismissed the seriousness of the threat to these sacred things. The article below […]

Education Leaders v. Religious Leaders   5 comments

Education Leaders v. Religious Leaders By Susie Schnell and Oak Norton “And also trust no one to be your teacher nor your minister, except he be a man of God, walking in his ways and keeping his commandments.” -Mosiah 23:14 Education Leaders: Goodlad, Dewey, Bloom, etc.                 v.        Religious Leaders:  Benson, Packer, McKay, Lewis, etc. “Public   […]

The Battle Over the American Classroom   3 comments

There is a battle going on for control of American classrooms. It’s a battle about which many students, teachers and State School Board Members are still blissfully unaware. It’s a battle between the rights of each individual and each locality, versus the collective, as defined by the United Nations and, now, even by the U.S. Dept. of Education. It’s a battle for […]

Sec. Duncans Aims at Texas Education (After Texas Rejected the Common Core Initiative)   1 comment

The U.S. Dept. of Education now has “Communications Regions”. ( FYI, regionalism and “Regional Equality” are tenets of the United Nations’ Agenda 21.  –Because people are easier to control en masse than in smaller localities.) So, I asked the Region 9 Education Service Center Public Information Officer, Debbie Cummings, to explain things to me.  (Does her […]

Keeping Up With Global Reform Guru Sir Michael Barber   3 comments

Just pasting some recent tweets from Sir Michael Barber, the Chief Education Advisor for Pearson.  (FYI, Pearson is one of the big corporate groups getting rich from implementing Common Core.) Sir Michael Barber is all about one-world indoctrination. Check him out.  He talks about revolution.  He talks about gun control and U.S. politics.  He quotes someone […]

Mysterious Academic Blog Brings Up Powerful Points   Leave a comment

Who is this mysterious someone who’s spending so much time and energy analyzing Common Core’s math –anonymously?  It’s got to be a professional, an academic.  It must be someone who cannot come out and say “The Emperor is wearing no clothes” without losing his/her career standing.  I am sure it’s an educator. The passion with which he/she […]

Dear Superintendent Menlove   Leave a comment

Dear Superintendent Menlove, Congratulations on your new role as Superintendent of Utah Schools. As a Utah teacher with an up-to-date credential, who has taught high school English, 3rd grade, and Freshmen and Remedial English at Utah Valley University, I’m writing to ask four questions: 1.  Why have Utah education leaders allowed classic literature to be […]

Quotes on Freedom and the Constitution from Ezra Taft Benson   Leave a comment   (full list of quotes here) Thanks to the site for putting together these quotes from Ezra Taft Benson: Ezra Taft Benson Quotes on Freedom, America, Constitution, Liberty, Etc… As a watchman on the tower, I feel to warn you that one of the chief means of misleading our youth and destroying the family unit […]

Look Behind You   4 comments

The federal government uses lots of different agencies– but increasingly, schools– to track us. It’s citizen surveillance.  But they call it research. I wrote to the Utah State Office of Education a few months ago to ask a simple yes or no question:  can my child attend public school without being specifically and individually tracked by name, […]

Sir Michael Barber leads Common Core’s “Deliverology” via EDI and Pearson   2 comments

Question:  What do Sir Michael Barber, President Barack Obama, and your own children –unless you live in “Common Core-less” Texas or Virginia– each share? Answer:  Common Core national standards. –True, you won’t hear President Obama use the term “Common Core,” because he’s still saying Common Core is state-led.  But it’s a thin disguise wearing thinner by the minute: […]

The Global Common Core   14 comments

In an ongoing quest to comprehend what (and why) Common Core is what it is, I’ve found Sir Michael Barber, Chief Education Advisor at Pearson PLC. Sir Barber, a passionate Common Core promoter with a nice British accent, is all about top-down, global McEducation –and global McEverything, actually, from transportation to jails. “McEverything” is not Barber’s word.  His word is “Deliverology.” […]

State School Board This Week To Determine Citizen Privacy   3 comments

    Okay, this is a big one.  A dangerous one. This week, the Utah State School Board will meet to discuss whether or not to change state FERPA policy. Once Utah changes this policy, it will be next to impossible to get the privacy laws put back in place.  And it affects every student and […]

Washington Post: Common Core a “mistake” -in Mitt Romney’s words   Leave a comment

The Washington Post reports:  (full text) Excerpt:   “WILLIAMS:     Governor, what do you make of ‘Common Core’? ROMNEY:    You know,  I think it’s fine for people to lay out what they think core subjects might be  and to suggest a pedagogy and being able to provide that learning to our kids. I  don’t subscribe […]

Romney Takes a Stand Against Common Core   Leave a comment

    Romney Takes Stand Against                                          National Curriculum Standards  (Full text of Romney interview mentioning opposition to Common Core) Reposted from American Principles in Action site:  apiasite September 25, 2012 Supports Local Control of Curricula at Education Nation Summit Washington, DC – Today, American Principles in Action (APIA) praised Governor Romney’s stated opposition to a […]

Is Early Preschool Anti-Child and Anti-Family?   3 comments

Jonas Himmelstrand, Swedish education-freedom author, who was a guest on the Morgan Philpot radio show today, has recommended this article, wherein Dr. Gordon Neufelt explains why, rather than following the Swedish socialist model of preschool for the very young, children are better served when they start attending school later. Nurturing children: Why “early learning” doesn’t help Children should […]

The Need for Parental Empowerment in Education: From Renee Braddy   8 comments

The comments and stories below were written by Renee Braddy (dark hair, the mom the middle of the three moms photo above)    “Last year I was at my daughter’s elementary school when I overheard a conversation between a family and the principal.  This family’s kindergarten son had qualified for all-day kindergarten.  And, let me say […]

What’s So Wrong About Socialism?   Leave a comment

What is so wrong about socialism, and why is it so bad that it’s being pushed and prodded into American education and all aspects of America by both sides of the political aisle? The question is so eloquently answered from a man who knows what he is talking about– Ezra Taft Benson: (Excerpt from Benson’s 1977 […]

What Experts Realize About Common Core Standards: 2012   1 comment

  Is it smart to ignore the mathematical advice of a mathematician so highly regarded that he’s on the NASA advisory council?  Dr. James Milgram, Professor of Math at Stanford University, emeritus, had such serious reservations about the fuzzy math of Common Core (Obama’s educational movement) that Milgram refused to sign off on the standards’ adequacy– […]

Legislature Hears Expert Testimony: What Should Utah Do About Common Core?   Leave a comment

Ted Rebarber with James Stergios at Utah’s Capitol James Stergios kindly provided this copy of the testimony he gave last month to education committee legislators in Salt Lake City. Testimony to the Utah 2012 Education Interim Committee by James Stergios Wednesday, August 15, 2012 I thank the co-Chairs of the Committee, Senator Howard Stephenson and […]

Q+A on Common Core: Historic 3-hour Utah Legislative Committee Meeting   3 comments

There is still plenty o’confusion in the state of Utah.  Lawmakers are realizing that due to the Utah Constitution’s giving authority to the Board to determine educational issues, they are almost powerless (except to defund Common Core).  The board seems skittish and  embarrassed now that so many of us know the new standards are inferior and […]

  1 comment Have to repost this one.  From the Washington Post this week: Eight problems with Common Core Standards By Marion Brady E.D. Hirsch, Jr.’s book, “Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know,” was published March 1, 1987. So it was probably in March of that year when, sitting at a dining room table in […]

Teachers Against Common Core: local update   1 comment

  The following essays were written about Common Core by four teachers whose names are being protected.  See   Teacher 1 I just attended the Core Academy for math as an elementary teacher and was told for 4 straight days that the common core does NOT require math facts or the teaching of standard […]

Dr. Sandra Stotsky to Utah: We Can Write Higher, Better Standards — Free   Leave a comment

Dear School Board, Superintendent Shumway and Governor Herbert, I am writing to express my gratitude to those who were instrumental in yesterday’s vote to reverse Utah’s membership in the SBAC testing consortium.  It was a heroic moment and America is watching. Early on, when I read the Cooperative Agreement between the SBAC and the Department of Education, I was […]

Anissa Wardell and Tami Pyfer’s Email Exchange   1 comment

  A Heber citizen, Anissa Wardell, contacted the Utah State School board to ask whether Utah can still get out of Common Core (and write our own standards, using University input, an option also known as ESEA option #2) –after the waiver deadline of September 6, 2012.   Rather than answering the question, state school board […]

The Smokescreen: Common Core State Standards Copyrighted by NGA/CCSSO for Dept. of Education   34 comments

    BYU Professor Ed Carter is an expert on copyright.  I called him to learn more about what it means to have our Utah educational standards under copyright by the NGA (National Governor’s Association) and the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers). So, how bound are we? Professor Carter made it clear that his was not professional […]

Let Freedom Ring In Education!   1 comment

  We have to get rid of the Common Core Initiative  –if we actually care about quality education and freedom over education. Why? I’ll start with a little intro– why I care: I  hold an up-to-date Utah Level II teaching license and I have nine years of experience in classrooms. I’m currently a stay-home-mother.  My most […]

Heartlander: Michigan Article on Utah’s Common Core Controversy   Leave a comment

Utah Parents Object to Common Core  Reposted from: July 26, 2012 Parents and citizens have formed activist groups to oppose Utah’s adoption of Common Core education standards, though state officials including the governor and education department spokesmen say these objections are groundless. Approximately 300 packed a Salt Lake City auditorium for lectures on the […]

Rigor or Dumbing Down? Common Core Sets Learning Speed Limit at 15   5 comments

    The fact is, Common Core limits learning. There’s a defined speed limit on learning under Common Core.  Here’s the proof: On the definitions page of the Race to the Top grant application (which hooked us to Common Core, even though we didn’t win the grant) it says this: “Common set of K-12 standards means a set of […]

Partaking of Spoils   Leave a comment

    One summer when I was about nine years old, my friend and I explored the remains of a car that had been totaled in a highway accident. Among other things, there was a shiny blue metallic pinwheel in that car.  I brought it home; my mother was horrified. “That pinwheel,” she explained, “belonged to a little […]

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Who is David Coleman and Why Should You Care?   2 comments

David Coleman has never been a teacher.  And he’s kind of a jerk and a potty mouth.  But this architect of Common Core is now President of the College Board. He is Michelle Rhee’s treasurer at StudentsFirst.  He openly mocks narrative writing and classic literature.  He thinks literature is inferior to nonfiction (info-texts) and […]

Full Text: HARRISON BERGERON by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.   1 comment

Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron” was in the literature text we taught at Colton High School in Colton, California where I taught in 1995-2000.  My students read this  profound story, which has become ironic today, because public education is being transformed, via COMMON CORE, into the very nightmare Vonnegut envisioned.  Our country has agreed  (with the exception of Texas and Virginia) that everyone ‘s educational experience must be the very same. If […]

Alisa Ellis to Utah State Office of Education: Time for Face-to-Face Talk   Leave a comment

Brenda – I know you and others at the State office are frustrated with our continual fight against Common Core. This is why I feel it is time we sit down and talk. As noted after the public forum at Granite district offices by a reporter (loosely quoted) “both sides left further entrenched in their […]

Prayer for Liberty in America: George Albert Smith’s Idaho Falls Temple Prayer   Leave a comment

   In September 1945, George Albert Smith offered the dedicatory prayer for the Idaho Falls, Idaho, LDS temple.  It was a prayer of thankfulness for the end of World War Two, and a prayer for peace to continue and liberty to reign.  I have posted only portions of it here: O Thou great and […]

Why the lawsuit filed against the U.S. Dept. of Education’s invasion of privacy matters   Leave a comment

Privacy Matters.  And it’s being robbed, literally, gradually, concertedly, by the U.S. Dept. of Education, of all crazy things.  How can I say this? Facts: Every state has been paid in the past two years, by the federal government to create an SLDS, a State Longitudinal Data System.  This is a citizen tracking system, calling […]

Wow– State v. Local School Boards’ Perceptions of Common Core   4 comments

Before you read the emails below, here are some questions they have raised: 1. If they are so flexible, then why were the Common Core standards adopted –and why are they under copyright? 2. What is the purpose of the State Board of Education –if the responsibility to educate is each district’s? 3.  Why did Utah bother to […]

Why EPIC is Suing the Department of Education –and Why They Should Win   Leave a comment

The U.S. Department of Education has been sued. EPIC (The Electronic Privacy Information Center) sued the Dept. of Education– for 30+ reasons.  Good reasons.  Read them! EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) The lawsuit is happening under the Administrative Procedure Act and says the Dept. of Education exceeded its statutory authority and acted out of accordance […]

SB10 Utah’s Latest Education Bill   Leave a comment The Utah Educator’s Association has a blog that covers educational issues.  Unfortunately, nobody there is looking out for issues of liberty and freedom, as we are on this blog.  So, for those who haven’t been following SB10, Utah’s soon-to-be-voted upon education bill, here are a few letters between me and a legislator.   Aaron, […]

Yes, your child can opt out of standardized testing   5 comments

Common Core nationalized tests are to be implemented on our kids in 2014-2015 in Utah –unless we can talk our Governor and State School Board into getting us out of Common Core. This will be overtesting in action.  Overtesting does not benefit children. It does, however, benefit test writers, technology-for-test seller, politicians, and textbook writers. Ever thought about […]

Outside the Box – California teacher against Common Core   2 comments

I stumbled upon “Outside the Box,” another blog of another teacher who can’t stand Common Core.  I will have to start keeping a list of blog links to teachers nationally who don’t believe the Common Core propaganda and who don’t want Common Core telling them what to do.  It’s here: This teacher is so mad […]

Common Core Education: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing   Leave a comment

Last night at the Wasatch School Board meeting, they handed out a flier that explained the district’s Secondary Math Sequence. First of all, let me just say that I like and appreciate all the teachers and principals in this little town.  They are caring, hard-working, wonderful people and I can’t thank them enough for all they […]

Anti – Common Core in National News: From Reuters, Washington Times, CNN, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Texas Tribune, Boston Globe, USA Today, Tampa Bay Times, Education Week, Deseret News, New York Post   2 comments

The following links to national news articles and opinion editorials show that Common Core is an increasingly controversial issue– with good reason. The adoption and implementation of Common Core by all but a handful of states has circumvented all voters and legislators, yet it’s a heavy handed program now being imposed on over 90% of […]

Cost of Common Core to Wasatch School District   Leave a comment

Dear Mr. Johansen,   I very much appreciated the answer given to my question last night, that there are no plans to increase funding of Common Core implementation beyond what was already being spent on teacher professional development in Utah’s Core Academies.   This is important to me because I, like you, hope our hard-earned […]

Federal Education Reforms and Why People of Faith Must Get Involved to Stop Them   1 comment

FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGIOUS SPEECH How does freedom of religion apply to new changes in education, such as the COMMON CORE and FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) regulations?  Do these “educational reforms” not take away parental control of children’s data, and does not full implementation of Common Core nationalized education come with a federally perusable individual-child data collection […]

Local desire to protect student privacy conflicts with other agencies’ goals to examine private student data   Leave a comment

Dear School Board,  Thank you for allowing public comment.  I wrote before but I do have more to say. You might feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, stuck in the middle of negotiations, regulations, laws, local and state politics, and angry parents.  I imagine it feels like because you don’t have all […]

Wasatch County School Board on KTMP Radio speaking about FERPA revisions   Leave a comment  You can listen to archives from the Impact Show with Bob Wren and Paul Royall on KTMP 1340 AM by clicking and making an account (free) and downloading (free). I’ve been listening to Thursday’s show, where half of the Wasatch School Board made a guest appearance with Bob and Paul.  I’ve also been listening to Monday and […]

Maurice Strong of the U.N. explains sustainable development and environmental reeducation   1 comment

There is nothing wrong with caring for our earth; it is a duty we all have.  The problem with environmental education arises when earth-care becomes too obsessive, and begins to intrude on other vital principles, including national sovereignty, human liberty, the right to own property, the right to have as many children as we like, […]

In Heber Today: Chaffetz, Love, Ivory, Reyes, Swallow, Osmond and more   Leave a comment

Highlights   of the political education event  hosted by Rocky Mt. Conservatives at Wasatch High School in Heber City today  (only 2 hours of the all-day event) The first speaker: Senator Jason Chaffetz on the state of Washington, D.C: “It’s a mess; it’s an absolute disaster,” Chaffetz said about D.C., explaining that no mess is of more importance to […]

How Does Common Core Dumb Down Math?   16 comments

When my 9th grader told me she wasn’t learning anything in math this year, I didn’t understand why.  I didn’t have enough information to even begin asking administrators or teachers why.  But when the school year was almost over, because of a friend, I  found out what “Common Core” education was and I started to research  […]

Does Freedom Even Matter to the Utah State School Board? The Board versus a teacher –me.   Leave a comment

A voting member of the Utah State School Board wrote in an email to me this week that freedom was not as important as equality.  Stop.  Did you read that?  This is America. A top Utah educator, with power over education that not even our legislators hold, said this. Please read it again. Here, read the entire […]

Freedom versus Equality: what I think versus what the State School Board thinks   2 comments

I would never have imagined, a month ago, before I started to study Common Core, that there were members of the Utah State School Board and a top lawyer of the Utah State Office of Education who believed that genuinely high educational standards and actual freedom were unimportant in comparison to guaranteed equality of education. The USOE lawyer, (responding to my question […]

If the Founding Fathers Came to Heber City   Leave a comment

There is wisdom in acknowledging the inspiration of our Founding Fathers and in supporting political candidates who are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers. Likewise, we should support school boards who show by their actions that they are truly dedicated to the Constitution in the tradition of our Founding Fathers. I do […]

Disagree, With Dignity   Leave a comment

Give me liberty or give me death! I’ve noticed that some people allow themselves to become paralyzed into not speaking or acting, out of fears like: 1.  They might not know it all. 2.  They might be seen by others as too outspoken. I’m here to encourage you to speak anyway.  Believe it or not, I […]

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Cutting Ties With Common Core is a Win-Win for Utah   Leave a comment

I am still learning about Common Core and its financial, political and educational complications. But I won’t let what I don’t know stop me from asking questions about what I do know. The burden of proof is on the Utah State Office of Education, which has not proved its claims (creating college readiness, allowing local control, ensuring […]

Letter to USOE / Sydnee Dickson about Deseret News article   Leave a comment

Dear U.S.O.E. / Sydnee Dickson, I read Ben Woods’ well researched article in the Deseret News yesterday. You were quoted: “I have yet to hear any of the political comments [against Common Core] that are valid,” Dickson said. “It’s all steeped in fear and not fact.” There is a teacher (me) who is not only […]

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John Valentine’s 3 Question Litmus Test for Educators   Leave a comment

From John Valentine: “Like most legislation, [CORE curriculum] stared out with the best of intentions to give teachers and students across the state the best teaching tools available. However… In weighing any education reform legislation, I use three key questions to serve as a litmus test in determining if it would help or harm our […]

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Letter to Church Leaders   Leave a comment

April 14, 2012   Dear Church Leaders,   President Benson said:  “As a watchman on the tower, I feel to warn you that one of the chief means of misleading our youth and destroying the family unit is our educational institutions.” Usually, the church stays neutral on political and educational issues. But the Common Core […]

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Plea to Utah Attorney General – April 2012   4 comments

  Dear Utah Attorney General,   I am not a lawyer.  I am a teacher of high school English, third grade, and college English at UVU.  I’ve written education grants for schools in Utah County.  I’ve written for newspapers.  I translate documents from English to Swedish as I am currently staying at home with a […]

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Expert Testimony About Common Core   1 comment

  Expert Testimonies Concerning Common Core State Standards I.    Testimony of CCSS Validation Committee Member Dr. Sandra Stotsky:  Common Core Holds Minimalist Conception of College Readiness, Weakens Literary Base Dr. Sandra Stotsky served on the National Validation Committee for the Common Core State Systemic Initiative and on the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, co-authoring its final […]

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How Common Core’s Lack of Transparency Affects Utah Teachers and Kids   Leave a comment

How Common Core’s Lack of Transparency Affects Utah Teachers and Kids Utah educators have been given half truths and catch-phrases instead of documented realities about the impacts and repercussions of the Common Core Initiative.  Here are a few of my favorites: CC Proponents say that states should belong to the Common Core Initiative because it ensures […]

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Evidence that Common Core is federally operated   Leave a comment

1.  No cost analysis of Common Core has been done in Utah nor been provided by the U.S. Department of Education.  Usually, the Congressional Budget Office cost analyzes things like this.  But in fully claiming the partial truth that Common Core is a “state-led” initiative, the federal forces cleverly circumvented the law that prevents federal direction of […]

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What’s so bad about Common Core?   Leave a comment

How the Common Core Educational Initiative hurts kids, teachers, parent rights and Utah’s budget Why are many Utah teachers and parents questioning Utah’s adoption of Common Core Education and the SBAC tests?   No cost analysis was done before Utah adopted Common Core. No legislative input has been used to consider Common Core and the public doesn’t […]

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Opinion Editorial #1: What is Common Core?   Leave a comment

I wrote this article which was published in Heber Valley’s Wasatch Wave in March 2012. What Is Common Core? by Christel Swasey One week ago, all I knew about Common Core was that the high school had adopted new teaching methods for math, because my high school daughter and her guidance counselor had mentioned not liking […]

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