Tweet Today to Trump and DeVos: #KeepYourPromise #StopCommonCore #StopDataMining #NonConsensualDataMiningIsTheft   2 comments


Several freedom-loving groups, including Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards, Georgia Against Common Core, United States Parents Involved in Education, and the Patriot Journalism Network #PJNET have joined forces for a Twitter rally today, directed primarily at new Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and President Donald Trump, to #KeepYourPromise to #StopCommonCore.

Please participate.  Go here or here to join the fun.   Go here to sign up for a free Twitter account.




2 responses to “Tweet Today to Trump and DeVos: #KeepYourPromise #StopCommonCore #StopDataMining #NonConsensualDataMiningIsTheft

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  1. stop common core! Don’t steal from our youth the truth.

  2. One of the major reasons many Christians voted for you was because of your stand on Common Core. We DO NOT WANT IT!!! I am one of the Grandma Grizzlies who are located in Minnesota; we have organized to stop Common Core. We have done many presentations over the last two years on the dangers of data mining and Common Cores beginnings. Hundreds of hours have gone into this presentation, beginning at it’s inception. The presentation is an hour long and when you have seen it, you know where it started and where we are now and where it is going if not stopped. Our children deserve better; please take them back to the textbooks that were written with the truth about America and take away this ridiculous testing that does noting for education and does EVERYTHING for snooping into personal lives of our children and their families. We don’t want clones, we want children who are taught to use their minds and be productive in society. There is so much to say but it all comes down to….GET RID OF COMMON CORE! You promised you would and you say you will keep your promises to the American people. We trust you will!!!! That means getting DeVos on board.

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