Who’s Trump Pick for Education?   5 comments


I agree with Joy Pullman: “I shouldn’t have to give a flying fig about whom Donald Trump picks for this position.”

But we care, and the figs are flying, because there’s so much power unconstitutionally wielded by the executive branch over local education.

Although Trump did say in a campaign interview that he wanted to eliminate the Department of Education,  it does not look as though that’s going to happen, sadly.  The next best thing is to name a local-control oriented, constitution-loving Education Secretary.

Will Trump do that?

Trump’s choice of ed guru Bill Evers to his transition team spoke hope to those opposed to Common Core.   Evers, a scholar at Hoover Institute (Stanford University) had been speaking out and writing bookswhite papersthink tank documents, and columns against Common Core; he served on panels and published opinion editorials  against the nationalization of our formerly autonomous educational system.  He’d been featured widely for his scholarship and activism; see for example, Breitbart, CSPAN, Stanford UniversityUtahns Against Common Core, Education Reporter.

Evers proclaimed that Common Core “violated the traditions of open debate and citizen control that are supposed to undergird public schooling” and said that “Common Core’s national uniformity runs counter to competitive federalism”.

Surely Evers would turn the Common Core machine around, thought parents and freedom loving teachers across this nation, and they took action.

A public letter from United States Parents Involved in Education last week pleaded with Trump to choose Dr. Bill Evers for Education Secretary.  (See who signed that letter here.)


A similar public  letter from Parents Against Common Core asked Trump to consider, along with Dr. Bill Evers, Dr. Larry Arnn, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Dr. Peg Luksik, or Dr. William Jeynes.

You can still sign that letter here.

Frighteningly though, this week Trump interviewed Michelle Rhee, one of the top ten scariest education reformers in the nation, for the job; the scandal-pocked former Commissioner of Education in D.C. and author of a creepy ed reform book, “Radical” is no friend to children, to opt-out liberty, or to the free market.  Of “letting them choose wherever they want to go,” she said, “I don’t believe in that model at all.”  So, Goodbye freedom, under Rhee.

There should be no chance that she’s chosen.  (Even though she’s suddenly, cutely, dressing in red, white and blue to meet the president elect, do not be fooled!)

I hope Trump’s receiving a storm of anti-Rhee letters this week from parents and educators at his public input website.  He’s probably going to make his announcement this week.  Please, please speak up.



#BillEvers for Secretary!  #NeverRhee!


5 responses to “Who’s Trump Pick for Education?

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  1. I received a survey from Trump, yesterday I believe, and he was asking for opinions about what he should do in the first 100 days when he is in office. Dumping Common Core was one of them, to which I answered “high prior
    ity”. Trump has said several times he wants to eliminate Common Core, so even if he doesn’t eliminate the Department of Ed, I do believe he will do everything in his power to eliminate Common Core. He has children and grandchildren and I believe he will want to do the right thing for them.

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  3. That he even interviewed Rhee shows we are in deep a serious trouble. We must do something NOW to educate and inform Trump that he must not go back on his word. Our children and our future will rest on his choice. What about a meeting/demonstration or some public way to get our message to him? Evers is jointly on this committee already. How did Rhee get by him? I believe it is Pence driving in the wrong direction. He is the first “rebrander” and I spoke with him for about it for 45 minutes a few years ago. He was polite, but made no promises. I believe he drank the koolaid of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. The Bush crowd has a lot at stake here. They have all the connections.

    • Yes, I would agree with your analysis. Very dangerous situation for our kids, despite campaign promises. I can’t seem to access the Trump input site. Apparently my security rating is not strong enough. Hope I can get some help with that today.

  4. You can also tweet to @transition2017.

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