HELP! The Miracle Got UnMiracled: HB164, voted down, is up for another vote. #PARENTALRIGHTS   12 comments

I was just going to the Utahns Against Common Core Facebook Page to share my “Thank You” letter with my friends. (I’d written a letter to thank the representatives who had voted no on HB164, the bill that would cause any child to fail a class whose parents opted him/her out of the SAGE/AIR (invalidated, common core, federally aligned tests).

But when I got to that Facebook page, my friend Wendell had posted a link to a new version of HB164.

The monster is back.

I don’t understand how!

I don’t understand how an ugly, evil, unconstitutional bill like HB164, after having attracted a packed room of angry parents last week, and after having been voted down by a vote of the legislative committee, can now be back for another vote.

I pray those nay-voting  legislators will see lines 76-79 and will say, “No. I still do not like Green Eggs And Ham!”

But who knows?

Who’s being manipulated, threatened, or bribed at the legislative level– and by whom?

Who knows?  There’s no investigative reporting being done in Utah by any newspaper on the subject of education industry corruption, or the education industry’s machinations at the Utah State Office of Education.

There should be. The education sales industry is one of the biggest, most money-making industries in the world.  And Utahns are probably the most trusting, gullible, and least fact-checking groups of people on earth.

The facts are stacked against the trusting little guy.

The governor of Utah is the president of the National Governors’ Association, the group that co-created and copyrighted the Common Core and co-promoted the Common Educational Data Standards  movement.  To deliver that product, Utah’s Governor Herbert himself created Prosperity 2020, a movement that aligned Utah businesses and chambers of commerce with the common core and common data mining projects now in pre-K-12 and higher ed.

From Governor Herbert’s point of view– and especially in an election year, when his opponent, Jonathan Johnson of Overstock, is openly fighting Common Core and common data mining projects– while Gov. Herbert’s supporters, the Chambers of Commerce, etc., are making so much money on this monstrosity (at the expense of real, good education and student privacy, of course)– from that point of view, HB164 HAS TO PASS.

It has to pass, for the monster to live.

If it doesn’t pass, then that lynchpin of power and control doesn’t get settled in to take over; if people can opt out of the data collection tests, then the data isn’t usable, and the whole monster feeds on data, data, and more data.  Nonconsensually gathered, private, individually-custom built, student longitudinal data.  The State Longitudinal Database System is the mechanism.  Schools feed it every day.

If the testing opt-out movement seriously catches on fire here in our state, then SO MANY ENTITIES LOSE MONEY AND POWER.  Governor Herbert is one.  The Chambers of Commerce are another.  School Improvement Network is another.

Even the federal government will be hit hard, if enough parents and students opt out, since federal ESSA, passed last December, calls for 95% of all students taking the same federally aligned tests and giving up that student data for “user profiling” of all citizens.

The same God who put children first in His heart and in his kingdom said that you cannot serve God and mammon. In this state, a supposedly religious state, it is sad to say that there is a tremendous amount of top-level USOE and Chamber of Commerce hypocrisy going on.

Children are being put last. Money is being put first.

Ironically, and evilly, the money is being made under the banner of making children’s lives better.  That’s all Prosperity 2020 ever talks about– the future of the economy, for the children.

But tell me this: how does any of this bless a child, when a child is, under HB164, forced to take a test and is forced to expose his or her private data in a user profile that in no way blesses him or her, but benefits the central planners?

Is it right?  Children, forced to take a test, despite parental reservations.  Forced to take a test, despite the fact that the test has never been validated.  Forced to take a test, despite the fact that the standards upon which the test rests, are experimental and are far from the time-tested, classic standards for real education that their parents knew.

Forced.  Forced.  Forced.

Think about this.

If HB164 passes,  when that now-much-smaller group of non-test takers actually fails classes, when the first group of normally A+ children fail full grades in school –because their parents stood up, using their consciences and Constitutional freedoms, against this monstrosity, because that will happen—how will Governor Herbert look into our eyes and shake our hands at the local Rodeo?


12 responses to “HELP! The Miracle Got UnMiracled: HB164, voted down, is up for another vote. #PARENTALRIGHTS

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  1. What day is it scheduled to be heard?

  2. Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  3. Because of the federal dollars following common core. It is really hard for the States to turn it down. The question is how much resolve to the parents have? Are they willing to say, I will take my kid out of public school if this happens? Are they willing to start their own school? Common core needs to go! And parents, people without children are dismissed regardless of our credentials and education. So this battle is up to the parents. Try using some of Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s works, or references to support your case.

  4. Rep. Brad Last
    Rep. Lowry Snow 435-703-3688
    Rep. LaVar Christensen 801-808-5105
    Rep. Kim Coleman 801-865-8970
    Rep. Bruce Cutler 801-556-4600
    Rep. Steve Eliason 801-673-4748
    Rep. Justin Fawson 801-781-0016
    Rep. Francis Gibson
    Rep. Eric Hutchings
    Rep. David Lifferth 801-358-9124
    Rep. Daniel McCay 801-810-4110
    Rep. Carol Moss – D 801-647-8764
    Rep. Michael Noel 435-616-5603
    Rep. Marie Poulson – D

  5. I am currently getting clarification from Dave Lifferth on HB 164. When I gave him the link to the “new bill” that you listed, he says that it is an old bill. I am still checking to see if HB 164 is coming back up or if that was a misunderstanding.

  6. As I look at the date on the bill you linked to, it is yesterday’s date. So it does seem to be a new bill. I will keep posting as I hear back info from Dave Lifferth.

  7. You have experienced the same underhanded tactic to which we in California have become subjected. Those authors whose bills failed requested another hearing in the beginning of the new term simply because they could and there was no one to stop them. You might look up Congressional bill HR 3033, Tjhe READ act which has re-surfaced with generous amounts of money attached. Your bill may have now received the federal money it needed to be activated.

  8. Dave Lifferth responded that HB 164 is not on the agenda for tomorrow (Monday) for the education committee. Here is the link to check their upcoming agendas.
    Dave L suggested that I keep an eye on that site.

  9. Dave,
    It looks like it is on the agenda today at 4:10. It appears that the opt out option is still there. Help me understand this;teachers can now reward students for taking the test, but not penalize a student for not taking the test. If a teacher rewards a student for taking the test and not another for not taking the test, isn’t that a penalty?

  10. Tobyn, Dave Lifferth will not see your worthwhile comment — I was cutting and pasting from comments he was making with me. Please email or call him at
    Rep. David Lifferth 801-358-9124


    For those wanting to see our state get off federal dollars, please read this resolution, which PASSED and needs publicity among legislators.

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