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Currently in the Utah legislature, poised to become law, is HB 0246.

I read, in the Tribune, that Representative Brian King felt that the bill was important because, “Knowledge is power,” and “I don’t believe in keeping our kids ignorant.”

They certainly won’t be ignorant– nor innocent; not a chance.

With this bill, we meet its parent:  the Common Sexuality Education Standards movement.  Slightly more twisted than the other sets of common standards, it has hit Utah through HB 0246, Rep. Brian King’s bill– oddly titled “Reproductive Health Amendments”.

Now, along with CCSS (Common Core for English/Math) and along with NGSS (common science standards) and along with AP US History (common un-history standards) –here are common, national, sexuality education standards.  Like the “common standards” predecessors, this set is twisted ethically, is “progressive” politically, and is anti-local-control.

Be clear, because I wasn’t until today:  “Sexuality Education,” which this bill offers us, is not the same thing as “Sex Education”.  At all.  Old fashioned sex ed can be compared to a civics class that teaches kids that there is such a thing as voting, while “Sexuality Ed” is like a civics class that teaches kids which political party to join.  National Sexuality Standards are here to change beliefs and values about sex, not to teach the biology or the consequences of sex.

The Sexuality Information and Education Council (SIECUS, co-promoter of common sexuality standards –as well as a top promoter of abortion) defines it thus:

Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values.”

Sex ed was about the science of reproduction; legitimate, academically.  Sexuality education is actually a new religion– it forms beliefs and values.

sad child i


This bill gives Utah “comprehensive sexuality education” starting with children about nine years old.

Before we read what’s in the bill– first, let’s look at what was taken out of Utah’s previous sex education law.

You see a lot of crossed out words.   These used to be in the law and won’t be, if HB0246 passes.  Read them.

Why were these struck out?

  [(A) the importance of abstinence from all sexual activity before marriage, and fidelity
106     after marriage, as methods for preventing certain communicable diseases; and]
107          [(B) personal skills that encourage individual choice of abstinence and fidelity.]
108          [(ii) (A) At no time may instruction be provided, including responses to spontaneous
109     questions raised by students, regarding any means or methods that facilitate or encourage the
110     violation of any state or federal criminal law by a minor or an adult.]

Am I reading this correctly?  Will Utah teachers be forbidden  from teaching fidelity and abstinence as viable methods for preventing communicable diseases?  And, are Utah teachers no longer forbidden from providing instruction that might encourage violation of laws?

What illegal acts will we be teaching, then?  Are these words referring to abortion-related laws, or pedophilia, or what?  There was some reason why were these lines were removed, and the law altered.  I want to know what that was.

Here’s more that got removed from Utah’s previous standard:

156     abstinence before marriage and fidelity after marriage, and prohibiting instruction in:];
157          [(I) the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior;]
158          [(II) the advocacy of homosexuality;]
159          [(III) the advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices;
160     or]
161          [(IV) the advocacy of sexual activity outside of marriage;]

It appears that Utah teachers are no longer prohibited from teaching students the “intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior; the advocacy of homosexuality; the advocacy or encouragement of the use of contraceptive methods or devices; or the advocacy of sexual activity outside of marriage“.  They can “teach” all of it, if the bill passes; nothing says they can’t.

sex standards

I have to say, with a grain of gratitude, that this bill does look slightly less horrific than the National Sexuality Standards in full, in one way:  the Utah bill delays comprehensive sexuality classes until after third grade.  The National Sex Standards begin several years earlier, in kindergarten.

Otherwise, they are in synch.  The language and intent matches, and the Utah bill is patterned after the national sex standards, as part of the Future of Sex Education Initiative (FoSE).   –For example, if you click on the FoSE link, as with the SIECUS link, it uses and defines “comprehensive sexuality education,” the term that the Utah bill also uses 12 times.

3rd-5th graders

The Utah bill plans to start sex ed after grade three, so know this:  the National Sexuality Education Standards for grades 3-5 include: being able to describe male and female reproductive anatomy and functions; being able to describe the changes of puberty; and being able to “define sexual orientation as the romantic attraction of an individual to someone of the same gender or a different gender.”

Do you feel fine about forcing –on children as young as nine years old– “lessons” on genital anatomy, reproduction, puberty and both hetero- and homosexuality?  At what point is this not science, not biology, not decent?  At what young age do sexual education lessons cross the line, becoming something other than teaching truth?

At what point would any statement about sex be declared by decent people to be improper, perverted, deviant, and emotionally abusive?  For me, that time is right now.

A term I see getting flashed around a lot in FoSE and HB0246 is “age-appropriate”.  Age-appropriate– by whose definition?  By whose values? ( Before you answer, before you research the people behind the national initiative, let me stop you:  Laughably, the Utah bill prohibits political doctrine –as well as religious or other) from being taught.  See lines 67, 205.  So none of these lessons or standards are, in any way, political, we are to convince ourselves.)

Reading the bill and reading the national sex standards initiative’s documents, I think:  never have I understood more clearly the idea that there are no such thing as age appropriate standards. Every child is different.  Every developmental stage is different. What one child asks about, and is ready to learn at an early age, another child is horrified to speak of until a decade later.  Being insensitive to that fact, by promoting one-sized set of national standards, top-down, on a topic as sensitive and potentially damaging to a child as personal morality and sexuality, is child abuse.


6th-8th graders

By 6th-8th grade, the national sex standards have children defining sexual intercourse; differentiating between gender identity, sexual expression, and gender expression; explaining “the range of gender roles”; and defining sexual abstinence only as it relates to pregnancy prevention.

In the Utah bill, “abstinence” is explained using words that I find to be pornographic, especially in the context of having a sixth grader (eleven year old) read it. See line 95-96.

95          (f) “Sexual abstinence” means not engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse or
96     genital skin-to-skin contact.


There should be a whole bill written prohibiting the exposure of an innocent mind to that sentence.  That’s not the curriculum or the test; that’s just the legislation about it.  And it seems at cross-purposes to define the term that is no longer to be part of the message.  (Abstinence is out, they said.)

9th-12th graders

The National Sex Standards have high school students analyzing the influences that impact when and whether they engage in sexual behaviors; differentiating between biological sex and sexual orientation; demonstrating ways to communicate about when and whether to engage in sexual behaviors; oddly, at this point there is little to no scientific or reproductive aspect of sex education– it’s about activity and engagement.

Notice, in HB 0246, that students will be:

129   reducing the number of sexual partners

The bill also pushes “day-after” contraception/abortion:

138          (ix) provide instruction about the health benefits and potential side effects of using
139     contraceptives and barrier methods to prevent pregnancy, including instruction regarding
140     emergency contraception and the availability of contraceptive methods.

That’s all I’m going to say about the bill itself.  Read it, and tell your legislators what you think about it.

Some people are afraid of being labeled as conservatives, as believers in God, or as morally strict.  Please don’t let the promoters of this bill intimidate you by calling you a backwoodsy, out of touch, prudish, fearful, religious, whatever.  This bill, and these standards, are way beyond anything academically or ethically reasonable.

This fight in front of us, Utahns, is about protecting our children, unmuddied by SIECUS’s extreme political agenda.

It is an agenda of zero morality.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Pretending that sexuality education can be taught without reference to conscience, modesty, or morality, is a lie.  There is such a thing as human conscience, and right and wrong, especially where sexuality is concerned.

(I keep thinking about the lesson from last Sunday, in church:  “The Body is a Temple“.  The body  is so much more than an object for pleasure.  Every body is holy, housing a spirit child of God.  Procreation is how God’s millions of beautiful children form physical families.  That matters– how it happens, when and with whom it happens, all matters– almost more than anything else that the body can do.  Yes, human sexuality is good and right, but steering it is not a free-for-all.  It is not without a governing morality.)

That’s where the national sex standards, and HB 0246, are wrong.  They pretend that human beings are without morality, without a sense of right and wrong, and that there is no unhappy consequence beyond disease or unplanned pregnancy that could result from acting out sexually, in any way, and at any age.  Those are lies.

One of the main tests of life is “Will my body rule over my spirit, or will my spirit rule over my body? Will I yield to the natural or to the eternal?” We get to choose.  These standards say that, in essence, there is only a body, no spirit; and there is no reason to restrain whims.

I’m not suggesting that Utah–or any state– should teach denominational religious doctrine in public schools.  Of course not.

I am saying that it is wrong to promote and teach a prescribed, “new” morality (in my mind, the same, old fashioned, immorality).  It is  so wrong to teach little ones, nine years old, heterosexuality and homosexuality, in a school setting.  It is wrong to teach that there is no such thing as perversion, nor anything wrong with sex obsession, or gender reversals.  It is wrong to include so many  teachings about deviant and degrading sexual behaviors as if they were normal and good, while excluding fidelity and chastity from the conversation.




(For future reference, some organizations,  listed as promoting the  National Sexuality Education Standards, are: the National Education Association, the American School Health Association,  the American Association of Health Education, the Society of State Leaders of Health and Physical Education, the Future of Sex Education Initiative, The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) and Advocates for Youth.  Consultants listed include: Planned Parenthood; the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Netword (GLSEN) and many more.  Utah’s standardized test provider, American Institutes for Research, (AIR) is openly on board with the National Sexuality Education Standards and its values, too.)

33 responses to “It’s Not Just Sex Ed. #StopHB0246 – Common Core of Sex Values.

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  1. All of this is horrifying. I do not live in Utah but follow you all closely. Our state, Tennessee, tends to adopt many of the tests and things that Utah does. This plan is abominable. I hope you can get it defeated. Talk about taking parents out of the loop as being primary educators of their children in the area of sexual education. There is no regard for the maturity of the student at all in this plan. They all mature at different times and levels and are ready for this information at differing ages. To use a broad brush to present such graphic, I can not even say all you mentioned above, data is tantamount to child abuse in my book. It could truly psychologically damage a child not ready for the information. Not to mention confuse the living daylights out of them! I have several children and different genders and children were “ready” at different times. So much depends upon them. Again, the “establishment” lumping all our children into one big pot by age and treating them as one flavor.

    We are all individuals and need to be treated as thus. These representatives forget that the phrase, “knowledge is power” only applies when you receive the knowledge at a time you are ready to swallow it. Knowledge that you can’t comprehend is just more to stress today’s youth out. This generation is drowning in knowledge that the elected officials think they remember they should have known sooner. Too bad they have clearly forgotten their youth. It was much simpler.

    – A student hearing medically accurate terms from a teacher in a classroom, OR hearing slang and vulgar terms from their peers in the hallway?

    – A student understanding how pregnancy occurs and taking steps to avoid it until they’re ready, OR a student not understanding how pregnancy occurs and becoming pregnant?

    – A trained health teacher answering questions that maturing teenagers have about sex and contraception, OR a health teacher who is forced by law to avoid answering questions about sex and contraception, causing the students to trust what their friends tell them?

    – A parent who is encouraged to have discussions about sex with their children earlier than planned in advance of public school lessons, OR a parent who never really talks to their children about sex, allowing the Internet to show their children what sex is all about?

    – A heterosexual student being presented with the idea that not everybody is heterosexual, which may reduce fear, bullying, and discrimination of homosexuals OR a homosexual student being presented with the idea that everybody should be heterosexual, which may increase self-doubt, ostracization, and self-harm?

    • Which is better, a caring, loving understanding parent or a double talking, agenda welding, all powerful entity. This is not the government’s job!

    • I absolutely agree with you Robin. kmb if you honestly believe that all, or even most kids get appropriate sex education from their ‘caring loving understanding’ parents you are fooling yourself!
    • These are all false dichotomies or logical fallacies. Existing sex ed teaches the mechanics of pregnancy, contraception, uses medically accurate terminology. Teaching respect for others should be universal, not just related to sexuality. What you imply here is that because some families may not address everything to the satisfaction of others, that justifies imposing additional curriculum that includes not just physiology but a relative morality on ALL families. Social engineering doesn’t belong in law which is supposed to protect individual rights of conscience and allow those of widely diverse beliefs to coexist in a pluralistic society.

      • Cougar: the pool IS THERE. (pool being a metaphor for human sexuality)
        you can build a 10 foot fence around it
        you can explain to the kids that it’s actually filled with hot lava that simply looks like chlorinated water
        you can assure them that the pool isn’t actually there but scheduled to be built (after the wedding)
        or you can teach them how to swim.
        I have a full knowledge of CPR mechanics. I’ve never used it, but it’s there if the situation arises.

        I had my sex ed classes while the AIDS epidemic was still rampant. I was also educated in a liberal school. Although my classes didn’t include gay porn presentations, it was factual (nothing I was told could/has been dis-proven- even until today) it was presented in a clinical fashion. It impressed upon me to be selective with my partners-even until today. HIV, Herpes, HPV, and several other viruses are permanent. I’m not willing to go home with the guy three bar stools over tonight.

        Fidelity only works if BOTH people practice it. (remember Josh Dugger- what COULD he have exposed Anna to?)

        The state with the HIGHEST (not even per capita) number of Ashley Madison subscribers is UTAH. Are you willing to trust your daughter’s health and future fertility (some STIs don’t show symptoms for YEARS after infection) to a gentleman who you personally didn’t raise, might be an Eddy Haskle (telling you great things to your face and totally underhanded behind your back)

        Are you so insecure about your parental effectiveness that if your child is presented with what amounts to Stereo instructions regarding a built-in feature that your child DOES possess, that they will abandon all of the values and start working in the porn industry?
        I have a more than average knowledge of physiology and all I could really tell my daughter about menstruation was that it was a “Pain in the A**” and tips and tricks to work with and around it until it worked its course. if I were dependent on the “rhythm method” for birth control… I would have about 80 more children than I could handle.

    • Shut the hell up and kiss my Arss!!!

    • Which is worse?
      A parent that doesn’t know their child enough to know when they are ready to hear various information, so let’s strangers decide what and when to teach their kid,regardless of the kids mental ability to process it.
      A good, loving parent that gets to keep their right to be the one to teach their child how and when they feel it is best for their child?

      That bill takes so many rights away from parents. Regardless of our individual beliefs about religion, morality, privacy or sexuality, every parent should be appalled at the numerous rights this takes away from them to rear their child as they wish.

      • What about the 4 year olds who “play doctor”
        the 6 year olds offering the “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” deal
        the 11 year olds who suddenly start locking the the bathroom.
        the pregnant 13 year old— complete with the chastity ring. — I’ve been 13, had my parents “asked” me to sign the chastity pledge and receive the ring… what was I going to say? “No, Mom. I plan to hop around through any and all men who are willing to devote a minimum of 45 minutes in pursuit of my sacred gift”? I’m 13 years old… and although I am not yet aware of the enormity of sex… I know for a fact that if I am “asked” (but really told) to go through that parade so my parents can brag to whoever… I had better say “yes”. because I know for a fact that if I say “no” — I personally cannot imagine the ERUPTION that would ensue.
        So chastity ring on hand….. will one or will one won’t proceed to do what one will do with the same amount of concern of parental/ Exalted concern prior to the chastity ring. In fact will the chastity ring become the mark for a CHALLENGE?

      • You can always opt out due to religious beliefs, etc. They aren’t forcing anything onto your children. They offer opt out forms before even starting comprehensive sex ed. It’s absolutely within your control to keep your children completely in the dark, though I don’t recommend it.

    • you are smart …and smart is very terrifying to many utahns that have very little experience out of the utah norm

  3. This is absolutely the most asinine thing I’ve ever read. The bill is intended to give our kids as much information about what will eventually become an important part of their lives as we can. Trying to keep them from anything to do with sex in our schools is not only NOT helpful, but I think is actually potentially damaging in the long run.

    To say ‘In the Utah bill, “abstinence” is explained using words that I find to be pornographic’ Is almost laughable! How do you expect our kids to learn about sex if we don’t use medically accurate terms?

    And to pretend like this is ‘Big Government’ taking over is to completely ignore the parts of the bill that very clearly state:
    ‘Subsection (2)(e) shall:
    115 (i) encourage parental or guardian involvement and family communication;’

    [(3) (a)] (5) The board shall adopt rules that:
    179 [(i)] (a) provide that the parental consent requirements of [Sections 76-7-322 and…

    (b) require a student’s parent or legal guardian to be notified in advance and have
    182 an opportunity to review the information for which parental consent is required under [Sections…’

    Several places in the bill either encourage, or require parents to be involved!

    If you’d like to make sure that your kids are taught sex the way you want them to understand it, then by all means be sure to get out your sock puppets and have whatever conversations that you feel are appropriate with them. But don’t try to stop the rest of us that aren’t afraid of sex from helping our kids to have accurate, responsible and realistic understandings of what sex is, and how they might responsibly approach it in their lives.
    • If they want to encourage parental involvement and communication, then THAT should be their focus, not introducing kids to things that they are too young to wrap their brain around and maturely digest. This is sexual desensitization. This idea of convincing kids that sex is “no big deal” can lead kids to thinking they should be able to have it from anyone at anytime and thus leads to rape when they are turned down
      No, the topic of sex shouldn’t be hush, hush but there is scientific backing to the emmotional damage caused to those exposed to the matter at a early age. Regardless of how parents go about discussing it with their kids, the bottom line is the schools/Gov’t has no right to take those rights from parents to decide.

    • I notice your Gmail is “cougar”…. Looks like you are used to preying on people younger than yourself.

  4. Government beyond its boundaries is a BEAST that is always hungry for more. Children are commodity to which they believe they should have unequaled access! After all, they are their future constituents and slaves. Everything done for and about our children from government leaders on both sides of the aisle is abhorrent and unwieldy.
    Each child’s personality development is different and as so should be respected as such. Why is it that grown men and women seem hell bent on removing innocence as soon as possible?
    I think the appropriate solution is teaching parents how to communicate openly and in a timely manner with respect to development and not a disinterested third party seeking to fulfill an agenda of social engineering and intrusion. . I’m more and more convinced that Democratic Socialists are posing as Republicans around the country, but not near as many as here in Utah.

  5. (olw) “These are all false dichotomies or logical fallacies. Existing sex ed teaches the mechanics of pregnancy, contraception, uses medically accurate terminology. Teaching respect for others should be universal, not just related to sexuality. What you imply here is that because some families may not address everything to the satisfaction of others, that justifies imposing additional curriculum that includes not just physiology but a relative morality on ALL families. Social engineering doesn’t belong in law which is supposed to protect individual rights of conscience and allow those of widely diverse beliefs to coexist in a pluralistic society.” Hear, hear! The logical fallacy lies on the arguments that propose two suggestions, as if those are the only two options available to our society. There are rather more options in-between that don’t promote either of your proposed ideologies. There are some appropriate things in this bill but there are MORE inappropriate ones to counterbalance it. And after looking at the fiscal note and finding Rep. King expects almost $10 million of federal funds, I think I understand why. We need to bow down to societal pressure to be able to accept their funding. I believe that’s called prostitution.

  6. I do think sex education in Utah needs to change, parents are NOT doing their job. Maybe redefine some of the wording in the bill, but teaching nothing has gone on too long in Utah and many children grow up knowing nothing, they don’t even know how pregnancy actually occurs! Let’s be smart about this, don’t leave sex Ed completely up to parents, that’s not working!

  7. Very disturbing!

  8. Not sure why some commenters suggest delegating sex education to teachers, governments employees etc. I understand that some parents do not do an adequate job in raising their children when it comes to sex education, however, that should not mean to put this responsibility upon others. Raising children is a parent’s job. If parents are unable to do so, maybe we need to introduce parenting classes instead of forcing new and reformed sex education upon our children. Children have an inherent right to be raised by their parents. Some adults would like to forget this and legislate their responsibilities away.

  9. Why should it be so hard for parents to teach an appropriate amount of anatomy and reproduction at home? I have easily found age appropriate materials at the local nationwide book store and have used them to teach my children about their own bodies and about reproduction. It doesn’t need to be so complicated and it doesn’t need to be dictated by governments. I don’t believe ANYONE should be teaching children or teens about oral sex or any other perverted behaviors in which humans choose to engage. The trouble we have in society as a whole is the lack of appropriate parenting in homes.

  10. The silent epidemic that no one seems to talk about is the same sex assaults and molestation between children. They have information but no context. I’m starting to hear more and more parents whose pre-pubescent girls, especially, are living in fear and afraid to make friends because at school they are told these actions are normal and healthy but when they are molested by a friend they have to deal with the same crisis as if it was a boy. Talk about a war on girls and women. These poor kids have no safe place but at home….and if they don’t have safety at home, then where do they turn if their teachers are saying it’s ok? They can only think someting is wrong with themselves. Tragic!!!

    • Pre-pubescent children who molest other children need to be taught not to do it.
      I think you are making up stories and spreading anti-homosexual propaganda that has no basis in truth. No one, except an emotionally and sexually abusive adult, would tell children that touching each other sexually was “normal and healthy”. A healthy adult would teaches children that no one is supposed to touch their genitalia or touch the child’s body in a bad way. Any school district would be terrified of being sued, if their employees knowingly allowed molesting behavior between children.
      First look to the adults involved when children exhibit abnormal behavior: Most of the time abuse happens at the hands of adults and sometimes children will act it out on each other. It would be more productive to scrutinize the parents, older children, and adult friends of these children who you claim are molesting and sexually assaulting other children, than to claim there is a “silent epidemic” due to children somehow magically knowing information with no context: Are you implying that these children are watching porn?
      They certainly aren’t teaching “pre-pubescent” children what sex acts are in school. Are there misguided teachers out there who allow bullying that consists of unwanted pinching, kissing – things that could be construed as either intentionally sexual or unintentionally sexual? What exactly do you mean when you say “molested”?

  11. Romans 1:22 — Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

  12. God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools . . . and He has not been disappointed. . . .If I have brought any message today it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world. — Antonin Scalia

  13. I’m sorry, but you couldn’t be more out of line.
    I started my period in fourth grade, a year before they did the maturation program in school. I was convinced I was dying and way to scared to talk to anyone about it-especially my mother. Luckily she found it anyway and had a talk with me, but had I been taught about this is third or fourth grade, I’d have known what was coming. Regardless of whether or not you think it’s appropriate, abstinence-only sex education doesn’t work.

    When I became sexually active, I had NO CLUE about anything that could keep me safe. I had to spend hours online searching out all of that information myself.

    Additionally, abstinence-only teaches children to label those who don’t. You see a pregnant teenager and think, “You slut.” That’s not okay…and I’d be willing to bet that same girl didn’t have enough information to not get herself into that situation.

    Rather than attacking the curriculum, why don’t you, as a parent, take it upon yourself to follow up everything your kid is taught with a conversation about what is and what isn’t appropriate? A simple, “hey, I know what you learned in school. Please ask me any questions you have. Now let’s talk about what is and what isn’t appropriate. Here’s how what you learned in school matches and doesn’t match what we believe.”

    As a Mormon who came by that title the hard way, I want my kid to learn about these things so she’s never caught off guard because she doesn’t know, and so she can choose for herself what she believes and how she acts. Obviously I have desires for her, but I’m smart enough to know that children don’t always make great choices and if she is at least knows what her options are, she can make smarter choices.

  14. This is just more of the UN ‘s plan to take our children. The mind control is absolutely unbelieveable.They are doing this worldwide.Africa, Central and South America , and even smaller countries like Jamaica.They said the Cameron crom Britain and even Obama tried to strongarm them into going along with this garbage.They are trying to eliminate ,our, sovereignty, and religious
    affiliation,our children are being taught that thejr parents don’t know anything, and are just old fuddy-duddies, that don’t get this sex thing.They are maming the the secular humanist move to take our children.Cradle to grave. Anyone who can afford to needs to take their children out of public school.

  15. My children have been taught way more then they should ever have been taught from age 6 to 11. Gender confusion, cross dressing, homosexuality, bisexual, how same sex couples are intimate. …..really???? Children are innocent until exposed to things that the world within the past 10years has decided is the new normal. I have no problem with people choosing to live outside the way I do. But when my child has thoughts planted into their head that wouldn’t be there it is VERY disturbing. Now my 7yr old sees two girls holding hands asks if they are going to kiss and get married:(

    Concerned for the future
  16. PLEASE read the bill yourselves and don’t rely on this post alone. It is inaccurate.
    The biggest in accuracy is how the authors of the post already know what will be taught in each grade. Each school district will choose their own curriculum (age appropriate!) with input from parents and guardians. We get to help make this choice!

    I have to say I’m grateful for the curriculum and teachers at our school and the material they teach. It opened a dialogue for my kids and I to talk about. Nothing vulgar or against what I have already taught at home.

    If you want to read the actual bill, here is the link to the actual bill:

    • The author of this post already linked to the actual bill. And she also indicated the standards taught in various grades so I don’t understand how that is misleading. If you like what has been taught in your child’s classes then I suggest you tell your rep you want a NO vote because this bill will CHANGE what is currently taught to reflect federal standards (part of receiving federal dollars, I’m sure). The point is that parents should be able to be more involved without interfering federal Guidelines.

      • No where in the bill does it talk about what will be taught in different grades. That is misleading in the post. I added the bill link as a reminder for others to read and educate themselves, not just get info from this post. After reading the bill I didn’t find a lot changed from what my students already are learning. The bill is also worded that the districts choose their own curriculum with input from parents. Parents still have the option of pulling their students out of the lesson.
        The classes in school are meant to teach the science of anatomy and reproduction. That is the teacher’s job. They can not teach morality and never have been able to teach it. That is our job.

  17. Sex education is about promoting public health. Adolescents are better off if they know the factual risks of having sex and how to do it safely, if they choose to do it.
    The fears expressed on this page are pathetic. You have sex and your kids will too someday. They need to be taught right from wrong and how to be safe. You believe traditional marriage will keep them safe, but even people in traditional marriages need to know how to prevent pregnancy and engage in consensual conduct with each other.
    Your page states:
    “In the Utah bill, “abstinence” is explained using words that I find to be pornographic, especially in the context of having a sixth grader (eleven year old) read it.
    95 “Sexual abstinence” means not engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse or
    96 genital skin-to-skin contact.”

    Unfortunately, many adolescents chose to engage in sexual behaviors that they believe are “NOT sex”. Some kids need it spelled out for them, using medical language to make it clear that this type of contact is sex and is in fact one of the ways that diseases are spread. Many people still believe that diseases cannot be spread by these means, and so they choose to engage in behaviors they believe to be “safe”.
    Adolescents also need to know that if an adult forces, coerces, or attempts to get them to engage in these *pornographic activities* – it IS sex and it is wrong. The fear of taking children’s innocence by teaching them what sex is, unfortunately allows some children and teens to loose their innocence, simply because they don’t know to say no to something that they do not know is sex. If they cannot quantify or qualify it, then your kids don’t know how to deal with it and are at the mercy of evil’s hands.

    Teaching the facts, is not the same thing as teaching morality. However, comprehensive sex education is statistically proven to reduce teen pregnancy rates and reduce the percentage of teens who engage in sexual activities. Teens are more likely to think about the consequences of their actions – when they have been taught what the consequences can be.

    • Last time I checked the CDC website, Utah had the 2nd lowest teen pregnancy rates in the entire country. I think people are acting like the sky is falling and we must rush to teach all of these things to adolescents as young as 11 when no one is looking at hard numbers to verify this desperate need. The fact of the matter remains that this issue has moral and religious implications and that a parent’s desires are tantamount in this regard. The fact that the federal government wants to abolish abstinence teaching (pres. Obama is pushing this forward) is equally horrifying. These things may be important to teach but it is up to me, as a parent, when it is done.

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