Tucker, a Top Ten Scariest Ed Reformer, to Lecture at Legislator-USOE Conference   11 comments


I’m surely sprouting new gray hairs at 80 miles per hour.

If there was doubt about whether something was truly rotten in the state of education governance here in sweet, naiive Utah, this news should end that doubt: of all the possible gurus, this is who our legislators, USOE and state school board have invited as the out-of-town centerpiece for a joint education conference taking place this Wednesday and Thursday.



Marc Tucker.

You may recall that he’s on the Top Ten List of Scariest People in Education Reform.

He’s the espouser of no more Algebra II in our high schools, the dismisser of classic literature as not so relevant, a disciple of federal power, a conspirator with Hillary Clinton for cradle-to-grave student-citizen micromanagement, and the top crusader against what he calls “the beloved American emblem: local control” –he’s the one.

The  conference is for Utah’s State Board of Education, State Office of Education, and legislators, but it’s open to the public and will be streamed.

If you can attend, it’s  on September 2 and 3, at Gilbert Great Hall, R. Haze Hunter Conference Center, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah.




If you don’t know who Marc Tucker is, learn a little bit more.

Marc Tucker is– unbelievable as it may seem– an open advocate for the complete deletion of local control.   You read it right. This is a direct quote  from Tucker:

 The United States will have to largely  abandon the beloved emblem of American education: local control. If the goal is  to greatly increase the capacity and authority of the state education agencies,  much of the new authority will have to come at the expense of local  control.

Marc Tucker also despises what is –or was– real education, in favor of the robotic efficiency  of cradle-to-grave federal micromanagement of systems.  He wrote the unbelievable NCEE report that advocates for the removal of Algebra II –and any math beyond it from high schools, that also labeled classic literature and student personal writing “less relevant” and dismissable.  If this sounds like impossible, deliberate dumbing down, you have not read Tucker’s reasoning, which envisions a socialist’s factory view of school: a place to create economy-centered worker bees, to generate a collective; not a place to “waste” resources for soaring and free thinkers.  He’s all about efficiency at the expense of individual freedom.

Marc Tucker’s BFF relationship with the creepiest lady in D.C., Hillary Clinton,  is notable.  It is a decades-long collaboration that, back in the 90s, envisioned US education with all federal control rather than any local control. That collaboration was recorded in the Congressional public record.  Tucker and Clinton outlined the entire Common Core/Common Data movement, but used different terminology.  Read that in full sometime.

Marc Tucker’s shameful, anti-freedom philosophies have been repeatedly, successfully put to pasture by great thinkers and scholars– for example, very clearly, by Dr. Yong Zhao.  Dr. Zhao should have been invited to advise Utah this week, not Tucker!

If you want to know more, I’ve written many articles about Marc Tucker.  He’s bad news.  Read my archive on Tucker at this link.

I really can’t believe he’s coming.

What are your thoughts?  Is this okay?


–If he were invited to the university for a two-sided debate, fine!

–If his visit was a University lecture, some attempt by the dean to expose students to radical ideas from extreme ends of a spectrum, fine!

But this is not a university lecture.

It’s a joint legislative – school board – USOE meeting, which just happens to be taking place at SUU.  It could have been at any venue.

No one is slated to debate him.

Marc “end-local-control” Tucker is the only out of town speaker coming to this conference to address the Utah legislature and the Utah State Office and School Board.  He was hand selected for the at-taxpayer-expense conference –as someone to look to for advice.

That decision says more about the state of education politics in Utah than anything more I could write tonight.





11 responses to “Tucker, a Top Ten Scariest Ed Reformer, to Lecture at Legislator-USOE Conference

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  1. Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:

  2. Do not forget that Tucker = hillary = Lamar Alexander and his bill S1177 = Kline HR5 which both need protesting ! Tucker was invited as a Victory lap for ” the community”. But you should express outrage with actor riots and planned astroturfing like his crowd does. See if msm will give you a glance.

  3. He came to TN during our 2015 legislative session to share his progressive rhetoric. BUT our legislators were ready for him and prepared with facts about his real agenda. He definitely did not win hearts and minds in TN. Be sure to prep the USOE with the facts about this man. He was visibly shaken when our legislators started grilling him about his Dear Hillary letter.

  4. This could be an opportunity for those against Common Core, etc., to make a showing at the affair. If not allowed to have signs, perhaps wearing tee shirts would be appropriate. That should be a free speech statement, even if not vocally. Surely a group of your supporters could be organized to demonstrate outside the building in a peaceful manner. This could be a good opportunity for publicity that shows the public your position on local control.

  5. Aha. The person who sent me this link must have gotten this initially from you. As I explained here I am more worried about Tom VanderArk’s presence here speaking multiple times. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/neurological-social-engineering-designed-for-collectivist-political-purposes-the-real-purpose-of-k-12-standards/

    Tucker’s presence is a reminder that the real purpose of the Common Core has been to force the New Standards project on the 24 states that were not originally participating in the 90s. That’s also why Texas did not need the Common Core. Not only did it switch to OBE in the late 80s as one of the original states, but NSP was so entrenched there that NCEE had an office in Ft Worth in the 90s. Tucker and VanDerArk together tells me Utah is formally going into what Michael Fullan calls Transdisciplinary. The academic content exists solely to be a vehicle for behavior and value changing experiences.

  6. WOW!!! Good luck, I hope he gets the boot.

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  10. What Mark Tucker is proposing at this conference – to do away with local school boards and put all schools under a community compact system as private charter schools with tax-payer funding and with appointed commissioners in charge – has already been tried in several cities across the nation. I write about it in my book The Hidden Cs of Common Core, p. 79. Here is what I wrote:

    “Compact / Partnerships for Cities and Education: Another method of destroying local representation is being done by forming City Compacts. Control over education is transferred to appointed boards with the City Mayor heading the board. There are no more elected school board members. All of the city schools can be put under such a system including private religious schools who desire to receive funding assistance, but then lose their autonomy and have to march to the drummer of the mayor and his board.
    Funding is provided by Gates Foundation and other partnerships such as the Walton Foundation (who own Walmart). City Compacts exist in such cities as: Spring Falls and Austin Texas, Nashville, Chicago, LA, Sacramento, Boston, Baltimore, Rochester, Denver, NYC, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Hartford, and Central Falls, RI.
    Great Schools Compact of Philadelphia: Betsy Krause writes of the Catholic Schools Compact with the City of Philadelphia, which included all of the inner city Archdiocesan schools. The compact transfers all of the governing power to the mayor and a 12-member unelected board with no parental input. Eight or nine of the 12 have a vote. The Archdiocese has no vote.
    In September, 2012, the Walton family gave a $5 million challenge grant to the Great Schools Compact. Gates has given millions as well. Gates and his associates are funding compacts in 16 major cities. Betsy Krause asks the question of her fellow Catholics?
    How many diocese are actually partnering to receive Gates Foundation money? This is a foundation that gives gifts and grants to Planned Parenthood, supports population and birth control, funded and promotes Common Core and favors biometric data collection.”

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