Dr. Thompson, Dr. Glass: Exposing the Underbelly of Psychometric Testing   4 comments

gene glass


Dr. Gene V. Glass, the award-winning psychometrician who invented the term meta-analysis, made recent news when he announced that he is no longer comfortable in his field.  In a Washington Post column, Dr. Glass summarized the failure of psychometrics (educational measurement using big data) to give accurate information: “Both talent and tasks were too complex to yield to this simple plan.”

This failure of psychometrics to win “the wars on poverty and ignorance” do not stop psychometric testing companies from lobbying politicians to alter American education for financial gain, he said.  Glass writes: “test company lobbyists convince politicians that grading teachers and schools is as easy as grading cuts of meat. A huge publishing company from the United Kingdom has spent $8 million in the past decade lobbying Congress.”

Glass laments the false belief of politicians who are convinced by articulate, monied lobbyists to buy, and then act on, the idea “that testing must be the cornerstone of any education policy”.

The results? “Parents see the stress placed on their children and report them sick on test day. Educators, under pressure they see as illegitimate, break the rules imposed on them by governments. Many teachers put their best judgment and best lessons aside… And too many of the best teachers exit the profession.”  A result Glass did not mention, but which is also notable, is that some politicians are beginning to be swayed by the idea of stealth testing.

The resignation from the field of psychometrics by Dr. Glass came to my attention because of Utah-based child psychologist Dr. Gary Thompson, who published the article with the following warning directed at Utahns who are complicit  in the use of Utah’s nonconsensual student data mining web.


A Warning To Educational Data Worshipers:

We can’t paint a meta data picture of creations we still know so little of. The arrogance of the “career and college ready crowd” along these lines, is astounding to me both as a father, and as a doctoral level local clinical community scientist.

Apparently the scientist, who I studied in graduate school…and who pioneered the process of mass educational meta data analysis, feels the same way that I do.

Mankind (e.g., “Bill Gates, Secretary Duncan, AIR, USOE, or Superintendent Smith, etc) will never create a form of data analysis more accurate and informative than what can be garnered from the combination of a mother, a well trained local teacher and principal, and valid, personalized, private, assessment tools interpreted by a professional, with one, and only one motive in mind:

To lift the academic, emotional, and spiritual foundation of a child for the sake of the joy of enrichment.

Assessments, as well as the associated meta-data generated by our current Common Core-based educational system, will never be able to be used as a valid measure of teachers, schools, or as a tool to achieve the mythical political term of “career & college ready”….or to support the political desires of our current Governor and Utah’s Chamber of Commerce.

Parents are, and must always be the resident experts of their own children.

The testing/data pseudo-science spewing from the lips of the educational/political bureaucracy, can’t change this very law of nature and the universe.

Be wise Utah.



Thank you, Dr. Gary Thompson and Dr. Gene Glass.

4 responses to “Dr. Thompson, Dr. Glass: Exposing the Underbelly of Psychometric Testing

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  2. I believe the push for more data on students and excessive testing comes from two sources: 1 – The Federal Government determination to not only take control over education but also attitudes, thinking, and beliefs of students and 2 – Lobbying by progressive organizations and crony capitalist businesses who are making money from the data collection and testing. It seems that no matter how great the cry from parents and citizens, the establishment continues to ignore them. We must work to defeat them and to defund the U.S. Department of Education.

  3. Three years ago, our clinic’s then Special education lawyer Edward Flint and I were invited to USOE’s office to spend a few hours talking about privacy concerns with Superintendent Martell Menlove. After we informed Dr. Menlove of our (well documented) concerns regarding privacy and the misuse of “meta-data” accumulated via experimental means in psychology, I will never forget Dr. Menlove’s response to Mr. Flint:

    “I promise you that this stuff will never happen under my watch.”

    Dr. Menlove kept his word….he mysteriously and abruptly resigned 7 months later, and as been out of the country since that time serving a LDS mission with his wife.

    Mr. Flint shared your blog post on his page….this is, in part, what I wrote on his page in response for his (mostly) Liberal “viewers” to see:

    “There was something about a Mormon-Uber-liberal lawyer, socialist, of Jewish decent, who warns on a entirely intellectual level, of the State of Utah becoming in danger of passing out proverbial “Stars of David” as labels to kids in my community, that sent chills up my spine.”

    Somebody, somehow, regardless of political leanings, must stop this madness.

    I’m old and tired. Edward Flint is even more old and more tired. Yet we both smile during late night communications on occasion knowing that “youngsters” of the next generation of parents like you actually heard the warnings, and took up the torch.

    Thank you for all you have done for this community.

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