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Dr. Sandra Stotsky’s new book, An Empty Curriculum, discusses the trouble that has arisen from weak teacher licensing expectations, easy teacher tests, and the recruiting of teacher candidates from the lowest third of graduating classes. She points to South Korea, Finland, and Singapore which recruit teachers from the top third of their classes; America does the opposite.

Stotsky notes that states must have the fortitude to let under-qualified candidates fail.  She calls on everyone involved in the education of children to model academic excellence.

In his review of the book, Michael Poliakoff explains: “Dr. Stotsky explodes the convenient and comforting belief that state regulations are a reliable assurance that teachers are academically competent to teach the subjects they were legally licensed to teach. These tests often set a standard well below reasonable expectations for a college student, much less a college senior or college graduate” (pp. 105–107).

 Read the rest of the review here.  Buy the book here.
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2 responses to “New Book by Sandra Stotsky: An Empty Curriculum

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  1. You may want to look at the research of Anita Hoge on twitter, and

  2. Please stop with these kind of broad generalizations. Every state and university has a different credentialing process. This article makes it sound as if it’s easy to become a teacher. That’s not the truth. I would also ask that you research test scores and grades in other countries. In India, China, and other places there is a lot of cheating and corruption leading to inflated test scores and grades. Culture and history is also notable. After WWI and WWII the men came home and their teaching positions were gone, given to women. Unfortunately, over time this meant lower pay for teachers as many view teaching as the second income for families. No longer the primary salary. #Teachers #Education #Students

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