U.S. Senate bill S1787: Anti-Family Communist Power Grab, No Big Deal   19 comments



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An anti-family bill, a communist’s dream bill, is sitting in the U.S. Senate right now.  It’s called S1787, The Full Service Community Schools Act (bill’s  full text is here; promoters’ talking points, here.)

To take action to prevent it from becoming law, contact the U.S. Senate: contact information is here.

This bill sounds friendly, but it is not friendly. Any initiative that shifts the center of a child’s universe away from home, church and family to snatch family authority and personal privacy while it strengthens government’s authority over almost every aspect of a life, is communism.  History and religion have repeatedly warned us against communism. But here it is, posing as “social justice” and “community schools”.




S1787 will grant the wish that  US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan dreamed would come true.  Years ago, Duncan wished to see schools as the center of a child’s life and society, with 14 hour school days and 7 day per week schedules.   Watch this 44 second clip.


So what’s the tyrrany of  S1787?  It creates micromanagement of students and intrudes into families.  Powerfully fueled by data mining, including many government agencies outside school agencies,  it will dangle grant money carrots in front of communities in exchange for greater federal power over the local community.  It seeks to take over the local community agenda (not just the school community– the entire community’s agenda) and to absorb family time.

How?  Community schools can control (“assist”) individuals because they are astronomically empowered to know everything about a child, by nonconsensual data collecting and by the wide open data-mashing that has been happening –between state and federal lines (Study the State Longitudinal Database Systems, the Common Core of Data, the SIF interoperability frameworks) –and across state and private lines (Study the private CCSSO’s partnership with the US Department of Education and with State Higher Ed in promoting Common Educational Data Standards and the Data Quality Campaign).




With a society  increasingly forgetting the protections of the Constitution and increasingly buying into the nanny-knows-best philosophy of government, few people are standing against the nonconsensual collection of personally identifiable data. Ignorance or tolerance by the people is making individuals’ data-life-takeover possible.

Recall that this communistic, centrally-managed direction is the one in which our US Secretary of Education has been pushing us, unconstitutionally, for years.


In a December 2012 speech Duncan clearly stated:

“…We have pursued a cradle-to-career agenda, from early childhood programs through postsecondary graduation… [the] final core element in our strategy is promoting a career-to-cradle agenda.” 

He also said: “we have to learn to think very, very differently about time. I think our school day is too short.  I think our school week is too short.  I think our school year is too short.”

Years ago, Duncan wrecked privacy regulations (FERPA) and punched out parental rights by reducing the requirement that agencies get parental consent prior to sharing student data.  He also altered the definition of the term “education program”.  It now “includes, but is not limited to” a long, long list of programs that are to be called education programs “regardless of whether the program is administered by an educational authority.”

Community schools are “social justice” (and communism) in action.  There is no representation of individuals.  There is no privacy. Nobody gets to opt out.  Personal data of a medical, academic, mental, familial, or any other type, belongs to the nanny government. In fact, individuals owe themselves as human capital to the government.  It’s in the language of the bill. In community schools, HIPPA (medical privacy rights) protections do not exist because FERPA (school privacy nonrights) usurps them.  Your child has fewer privacy rights than ever in a community school.

Please don’t think it’s only academic scores that are being collected.  Remember that Comrade Duncan also altered the term “personally identifiable information,” which now includes biometric data —meaning psychological and biological data:  “a record of one or more measurable biological or behavioral characteristics that can be used for automated recognition of an individual. Examples include fingerprints; retina and iris patterns; voiceprints; DNA sequence; facial characteristics; and handwriting.”

So how could a student retain private records of a medical, mental health, academic, or family nature, under S1787?  The whole purpose of the community school is to mesh and mash records and services.

Lest there be any confusion or name calling (“conspiracy wacko!”) remember that neither the data grab nor the push toward communism is theoretical or hidden.  It is promoted by notable congressmen and the US Secretary of Education.  Just study the words of Secretary Duncan and Congressman Fattah (PA) and Congressman Honda (CA) who were were the architects  of the education redistribution program known as The Equity and Excellence Commission. Congressman Fattah explained: “The Equity and Excellence Commission…that has been established by Secretary Arne Duncan will begin to close the gap in resource distribution between rich and poor…”

Duncan prefers the term “social justice” over the term “communism.”  But he fights for it!  At a University of Virginia speech, Duncan said:  “Great teaching is about so much more than education; it is a daily fight for social justice.”  At an IES research conference, he said: “The fight for quality education is about so much more than education. It’s a fight for social justice.” 

The truth is that social justice is the opposite of justice.  It is forced financial equality; it means wealth and property theft and redistribution, Animal Farm style. It is communism. And there’s only one way to enforce it: top down, heavy-handed government force.

S1787 means to reassign authority (from families to governments) to crush independent businesses and churches (in favor of government-partnered ones) and to redistribute money and resources –without the consent of the people who owned and earned them.

I’m sure by now you want to see if this is really true.  Time to look at the language of the bill.  I’ll pose questions before each bill citation to help clarify.


  • Does the bill turn students into government resources rather than free agents?  Yes.

“engage students as resources to their communities”  -Section 5701, Purposes.

“Students are contributing to their communities.” – Section 5703

  • Does the bill dramatically increase the role of the government school in society?  Yes.

“provides access to such services to students, families, and the community, such as access during the school year (including before- and after-school hours and weekends), as well as during the summer.” – Section 5702

  • Does the bill mesh and other socialist programs, such as ObamaCare, into schools?  Yes.

” …to coordinate and integrate educational, developmental, family, health, and other comprehensive services”-Section 5702

“Access to health care and treatment of illnesses demonstrated to impact academic achievement.”

  • Does the bill integrate families into its programs without their informed consent?  Yes.

” …to coordinate and integrate educational, developmental, family, health, and other comprehensive services”-Section 5702

“Participation rates by parents and family members in school-sanctioned activities” – Section 5703

  • Does the  bill aim to influence or control children’s psychological or behavioral development under government authority?

” …to coordinate and integrate educational, developmental, family, health, and other comprehensive services”-Section 5702

  • Is the federal government to bribe schools to give away data about the students, families, and other residents of the community?  Yes.

To get a financial grant, communities must hand over “A needs assessment that identifies the academic, physical, social, emotional, health, mental health, and other needs of students, families, and community residents.”  -Section 5703

Also, to get and keep federal money, communities must show that “Families are supportive and engaged in their children’s education.” (Section 5703) How does a community measure that metric?  And, if I am an opponent (nonsupporter) of Common Core or other school-adopted programs, am I to be labeled “not supportive and engaged in my child’s education”?  What’s the consequence to me?

  • Does the bill discourage data collection opt-outs by families, by requiring multiple test measure, including inviting stealth (hidden) assessment of students?  Yes.

Multiple objective measures of student achievement, including assessments, classroom grades, and other means of assessing student performance.” – 5703

  • Does the bill encourage state workers to inspect families in their homes?  Yes.

Nurse home visitation services” and  “Teacher home visiting” and “Programs that promote parental involvement” are “qualified services” under this bill.

Remember, a “service” is not necessarily optional in the world of big government (think: compulsory education, nonconsensual data collection).

  • What non-academic or after-academic programs are included?

“expanded learning time,” “summer” learning experiences, “after school” experiences, “early childhood education,” “remedial education activities,”  “expanded learning time,” “programs under the Head Start Act,” “Programs that promote parental involvement,” “mentoring and other youth development programs,” “conflict mediation,” “Parent leadership development activities,” “Parenting education activities,” “Child care services” “Community service and service-learning opportunities,” “nurse home visitation services” and  “teacher home visiting” and “programs that promote parental involvement” “physical education,” “Programs that provide assistance to students who have been truant, suspended, or expelled” (so you can’t get kicked out/freed no matter what you do), “Job training, internship opportunities, and career counseling services,” “Nutrition services,” “Primary health and dental care,” “Mental health counseling services,” “Adult education,” “Juvenile crime prevention and rehabilitation programs,” “Specialized instructional support services,” “Homeless prevention services,” “Other services.”

(Does this sound like a gigantic community prison to anyone?  If American schools become these community schools, and all communities become sucked into this web of “services,” there will be nowhere to run.  If parents aren’t “supportive and engaged” in this paradigm, they will be reeducated in “parenting education activities” or “parent leadership development activities”.  A person can’t even escape by expulsion from school, because rehab and community service hours take place on campus, too.  Nor can anyone escape by running away because they have “homeless prevention services.”)

  •  Is there any local control in these schools?  No.

There is no representation by those governed under the community schools act.  The rulers are to be a five member,  unelected, un-repealable advisory committee, federally appointed, that will call the shots for community schools.  It will include:  “The Secretary of Education (or the Secretary’s delegate) The Attorney General of the United States (or the Attorney General’s delegate) The Secretary of Agriculture (or the Secretary’s delegate) The Secretary of Health and Human Services (or the Secretary’s delegate)  The Secretary of Labor”. – Section 5705

We are living in an upside down, black-is-white, bad-is-good, liars’ world of ed reform.

As Stanley Kurtz wrote, “you’ve got to understand the Orwellian world of Common Core advocacy, where day is night, war is peace…” and realize that “the whole trick of Common Core is to make an end-run around the legal and constitutional barriers… even as you deny that you’re doing it.”  Just as Common Core proponents “concocted a fiction” pretending that “Common Core was state led using the fig leaf of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA)”, and just as the “Student Success Act” and “Every Child Achieves Act” talking points say one thing, but the actual, buried legal language create the opposite: less and less and less and less freedom for the individual student, teacher, or family– so, too, S1787 wears a false mask.

Unlike true benevolence or community care, these ed reform initiatives carry the weight of compliance and are not based in free will or personal agency.  Forcing, even out of care, is still forcing.  And robbing, even if the purpose is to share, is still robbing.

In S1787, proponents have again concocted a fiction that their Full Services Community Schools Act will empower parents, bless children, and benefit communities. Few things could be further from the truth.



19 responses to “U.S. Senate bill S1787: Anti-Family Communist Power Grab, No Big Deal

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  1. Christel

  2. It would be so much easier for weak disabled eyes to be able to read this important information in black font on a white background, please.
    Thanks for the consideration

    • Many have asked, but this blogger evidently prefers the white-on-dark. Her choice, of course! But I can’t read it, either. What works for me is to cut and paste everything into a Word document. Can you do that?

      Amy Hopkins Raab
    • I believe your issue is a computer issue. I have absolutely no problem reading this blog and I know many others that have no problem. To create a blog with colors and font that appeal to everyone and all computers is impossible.

  3. When is this supposed to be voted on? I have heard this from him before. I just put my kids back in school but it doesn’t feel right. I will pull them out permanently on this one. But I don’t know what I can do other than homeschool. Most people think I’m crazy if I start talking about this stuff.

  4. http://abcsofdumbdown.blogspot.com/2015/08/red-alert-red-alert-red-alert-11_14.html

    Please read this post for history of Communist Core and S1787 The Full Service Community Schools Act. Community Education dates back to The Montgomery County, Maryland Plan, 1947. Find out about the role of Reagan Administration in restructuring of education from academic learning to Skinnerian behavior modification (dog raining) for implementation of Soviet Workforce Training. You cannot cure the problem without understanding the 100 year history of the Carnegie Corporation plan initiated in 1931.

  5. I am against Common Core because it is narrow in scope and parts of it are developmentally inappropriate, and I don’t think a national curriculum will work in this country. I am also against high-stakes, mandated, standardized testing. I am also leery about how personal data is used. I don’t think any of this should be federally mandated. However, there is a need for educational resources to be more equitably distributed. Every child should have the right to a good education, and all of us benefit from this. Although they shouldn’t be federally mandated – and it does sound like the community has to apply in order to get this grant money – community schools, with services provided for the community at large, have been shown to be effective in economically-depressed communities.

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  7. Reblogged this on stopcommoncorenys.

  8. Here’s the research I was able to use to connect more to Community Schools: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/06/19/fom-a-new-ccs-coalition-for-community-schools/

  9. I understand the concern about federal government intervention because of the Arne Duncan/Common Core fiasco. Thankfully, resistance has had some effect and many states are going away from Common Core. But this bill has nothing to do with Arne Duncan or Common Core. It’s sponsored by my senator, Senator Sherrod Brown.

    I’ve read the bill, and there’s nothing in it about longer school hours. (The community schools in Madison, WI, linked on this site, do not have longer school hours.) The bill specifically says it cannot change how the schools operate. Schools are open before and after school hours and weekends to provide food for those who need and want it, extracurricular activities, and things like GED, parenting, and nutrition classes for those who want them. They’re already open before school for breakfast and after school and weekends for clubs and sports activities; it’s the same thing, just expanded to provide things for the community at large that, since they help families, will also help students.

    The data asked for from applicants is general information from the census and other data already recorded, like how many kids get subsidized lunches, so that the USDOE can see that there is poverty and a need for more coordinated access to services. There is nothing compulsive about any of this. It’s not taking anything away from businesses or churches. The bill wants organizations already in the community to partner with the school to offer better access to services. It’s clear there’s nothing mandatory about these programs; that’s why, to get the grant renewed, the USDOE wants to know if people participated.

    Senator Brown is not Arne Duncan. He would never want to take away anyone’s liberty; he just wants everyone to have the freedom of access to the services they need.

    • The schools have had to do what the Federal Government tells them to do since the 1960s, or their federal money will be taken away. Common Core just ups the anti. The senators and school boards have been going along with “changing” the schools for many years. Everything is rubber stamped. All changes are done through laws that have been signed by the legislators and then by the president, although the ideas for those laws are thought up behind the scenes by the so-called experts instead of by the locals. It is top down government. As for longer hours, haven’t you heard the Democrats promoting pre-school and after hour programs? They are for more and more schooling for longer and longer hours because that is different than what American schools were designed to do in the first place. When schools were great in this country, they were run differently. The functional ones today are still run the old way.

    • This bill takes family responsibility away and gives it to government and it is NOT the governments job. The family should be the central unit of the community NOT the school. Health care, day care, sports, education, meals and the list goes on really???

  10. Introduced:
    Jul 16, 2015
    Referred to Committee on Jul 16, 2015
    This bill was assigned to a congressional committee on July 16, 2015, which will consider it before possibly sending it on to the House or Senate as a whole.
    Sherrod Brown
    Sherrod Brown
    Senior Senator from Ohio
    Bill Text
    Read Text »
    Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015
    Length: 23 pages
    2% chance of being enacted

    (Is being considered right behind the Swiss Cheese & Crackers to the Moon Act)

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