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Some people think that unless you have large wads of cash for insanely expensive private schools, you are limited to two choices:  public school, or home school at the kitchen table.  Today I’m going to describe a handful of alternatives and there are probably many, many more.  (Add links in the comment section if you know of some.)

But first:  DO NOT FEAR.  Whatever you choose can work.   If your family’s circumstances mean that you have to send your child to public school, still do not fear.

As I teach my children, they can pretty easily discern the p.c. indoctrination at school and do come home reporting the silly propaganda.

You and your child can and will roll your eyes together, after you’ve taught him/her:

  • That your child is a child of God, not just “human capital” meant to serve the collective economy and compete in a global economy.
  • That there’s a world of difference between voluntary sharing (God’s way) and forced sharing (social justice or socialism.)
  • That your child is an American (or Canadian or Swedish or Bolivian) citizen, not a global citizen– because global citizenship does not guarantee sacred, sacred American rights.
  • How to use traditional math tools (algorithms, multiplication tables, formulas) if all he/she’s getting in school is fuzzy math and silly ways of wasting time to find solutions.
  • How to read and write in cursive, even if it looks like chicken scratch.
  • To love imagination and reading and learning –by having really, really interesting books on your home library shelf.  Really, really great books.
  • To be anchored in truth.  Read at the very least one verse of scripture at the breakfast table as he/she gets ready for school.  Talk about why it matters.
  • To politely refuse school surveys and standardized testing unless the school has parental, written consent.  Teach them to excuse themselves and call you if they ever feel “not okay” about something even if they can’t explain why to the school.
  • That you, the parent, are the resident expert on your child and nobody but God can claim to be a “stakeholder” over a child –ever.


Here are the schooling alternatives that I have found and have liked:


Traditional Home School –  From the myriad of home school helps, here are just a few:  Thomas Jefferson Education,  American Heritage Prep,  Ron Paul CurriculumKimber Academy, Easy Peasy All In One Home School.

Aspire Scholar Academy – This is a remarkable face to face home school co-op that caters to teenagers, located in Orem, Utah.  No one under age 12 may attend.  In addition to traditional classes based on classic principles of education and morality, this school offers a speech and debate program with teams that compete statewide against public school debate teams.  They also offer a “socializing only” option, where your student can attend many social events without attending classes at Aspire.  (The classes have filled up for this year, but the social-only option is still available.)




Freedom Project Education (FPE) – This private, online, Common Core-free school is free of any government influence — so there’s no standardized testing, no U.N. or “sustainability” worship, no anti-American or anti-religious agenda hiding in the assignments, no “human capital” here.

I’m excited that I’ll be joining FPE this year, teaching three filmed and live sections of tenth grade English at this wonderful school. We’re learning how to write clearly. We’re reading imaginative literature: Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemingway, William Shakespeare, Nathaniel Hawthorne… Details below.  There are still openings if you know a tenth grader in need of an online English class and an enthusiastic teacher. They have classes for every age.   And for a private school, it’s inexpensive.

George Mueller Academy –  This remarkable school is in person, not online.  It’s in Lehi, Utah, and I’m sharing it here because it’s a great model for those in other places who are aiming to build something that goes way beyond a home schooling co-op and becomes much like a traditional private school (but cheaper) with a physical building, face-to-face classes, specialists in advanced subjects, field trips and parties.   There is no state oversight of this school, either, so like FPE above,  there’s no political agenda and no standardized testing required.   It’s called the George Mueller Academy Center for Educational Liberty.  See the incredible list of classes– biology, coding, martial arts, U.S. history, logic, languages– with prices set by individual teachers and varying greatly.

I’m teaching an English class at GMA for twelve-and-up (year olds) that meets for two hours, once a week.  It’s called “I Love My English Class”.  I’m also co-teaching a kindergarten-first grade class that meets for two hours, twice a week, for four hours total per week, called “Little Red School House.”

My Tech High – This is both an online school for students in any location, and a Utah-specific program that can reimburse homeschoolers who take classes outside the home with certain conditions (the class can’t be religious, must be offered to a group of students, etc.)

Home School Support Group – For those pursuing hybrid schools or home schools, Marlene Fletcher offers a home school support group both on Facebook and in mini conferences where people can learn about the myriad of ways that parents and co-ops are creating the kind of education they want for their children.

On Data Mining:

The schools I’ve listed above are data-mining free!  Your child won’t be hooked into the Big Brother SLDS at all, with one partial exception:  MyTechHigh is connected to the data collection system of the government, but data mining there is minimal there since students can choose the “custom built” class option, thus attending classes that do not report to the government SLDS databases.  My Tech High does require students to report periodically about what they are accomplishing in their classes, but SAGE opt outs are available and there is no daily SIS data upload about your child there (which you will find in all public and charter schools, including most online charter schools.)



19 responses to “A Million Alternatives to Common Core and Regular Public School

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  1. Tennessee Against Common Core has been promoting home school ever since we figured out Common Core was here to stay (almost 2 years ago) On our website we have compiled a list of all kinds of resources at the state level and also things for every body no matter what state you are from. The best thing we did was create a list of home school mentors. The list is of TN parents that currently home school. And of course they all do it a different way but most do not use any online programs (my favorite is FPEUSA.org) but the group has proven to be a great asset to our drive to grow home schooling. If a parent is thinking about home school and just has questions, if they want to start, or if they want someone to walk them through the steps holding their hand all the way they can go to our list of devoted moms that are willing to share the secrets of home school with others and continue the relationship as long as needed. If any of your readers are from TN I hope you will join us at tnacc.net (PLAN B tab) or starvethebeastusa.com I know you will probably get a ton of suggestions but one area you did not hit, on your list, is higher education. Might I recommend HOMESCHOOLCOLLEGEUSA.com This is a mom from Florida that created a K-College program and it is free. She will also come do a presentation if your group will cover her travel.

  2. Thank you for the info, Karen. I’d never heard of starvethebeast or homeschoolcollege.

  3. Friends from Bountiful, Utah recommended Liberty Hills, a new, private religious school. http://www.libertyhillsacademy.org/#!contact-us/c13w

  4. Iowa sold out to common core with the weak feckless governor, who calls himself a republican. We began homeschooling and improvise as needed. A homeschool group is lead by the public school in Iowa City. They teach science, art, p.e., and literature. Science is great so long as we share the bible on issues like creationism not evolution or big bang, etc. We joined ‘mathnasium for math; it is not common core math. Literature is common core so we do our own. And, we do spelling, grammar, phonics, reading, writing, cursive, and social studies. There have been enormous opportunities to attend special events, travel and explore because of our flexibility. Education should never be ‘one size fits all’.

  5. Thank you for the most beautiful expression of what a parent can do. It was very touching and true. I hope your comments will lift people up. There are options and parents need to know that. Thanks again!

  6. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog.

  7. Christel I have been trying to get ahold of you but can’t. There are some quotes that are very confusing on your website and I need to point them out to you. How do I get ahold of you? Thanks for what you do. I am a strong opponent and have tried for years to legislate against common core as a state legislator. Thanks Rep Lora Reinbold   From: COMMON CORE To: lorareinbold@yahoo.com Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 9:06 AM Subject: [New post] Check Out Alternatives For Your Child: No Common Core and No Data Mining Schools #yiv0992261811 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0992261811 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0992261811 a.yiv0992261811primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0992261811 a.yiv0992261811primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0992261811 a.yiv0992261811primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0992261811 a.yiv0992261811primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0992261811 WordPress.com | Christel Swasey posted: ” Some people think that unless you have large wads of cash for insanely expensive private schools, you are limited to two choices:  public school, or home school at the kitchen table.Today I’m going to describe a handful of alternatives and t” | |

  8. Thanks for this post! I’ve been experiencing sleepless nights wondering what I should do. Thanks for the advice.

  9. http://latterdaylearning.org/ is an awesome home school program. They have K-8 home school and co-ops for high school.

    Elizabeth Henderson
  10. ABEKA curriculum is fantastic for either home schoolers or for the Christian School. It is easy to use and is founded in all the right stuff. There is no data mining! I have been homeschooling my 3rd grade granddaughter since last January and will do the 4th grade this year. My granddaughter knows enough social studies to talk to adults about the conditions in the world today.

    Cheryle Harbaugh
  11. A question: My children are enrolled in the charter school Davinci Academy, but we do the distance education program. Does Davinci also upload SIS data about our children? You stated that most online charter schools do. This is very concerning to me. I opted out of SAGE last year, but are they still data mining?

  12. I found your website via Dr. Gary North, curriculum development director at Ron Paul Curriculum. Thank you for recommending alternatives to public school and Common Core. The number of options is growing. Keep up the good work! I wrote an article profiling RPC. Please read and share if you like: http://wp.me/P2ke3x-Jy

  13. Jenny Phillips and others have created this curriculum. It may be a good option too. http://www.jennyphillips.com/good-beautiful/

  14. I am near Chicago are there any groups or any thing that someone can recommend to a single mom of 5.

  15. Any suggests for homeschooling co-ops in the Los Angeles Ca. area?

  16. Any suggestions in the North Bay San Francisco ?

  17. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1604770366476431/ Latterdaylearning/ TheFamilySchoolOnline.org is in all 50 states and 50 countries. You can find groups near you.

  18. Im a single dad with 2 teen boys. My oldest is 15, he is very intelligent but has Aspergers and ADHD. My other son soon to be 14 is also intelligent but with no learning difficulties.

    My oldest son struggled on his public school. I was able to get him a placement in a private school that specializes in educating children with learning differences. My youngest son is performing very well at the same public school.

    However, both schools are followong common core. When my oldest son switched schools he had to repeat a grade because he was academically behind.
    Now both boys are in the same grade. Both boys are following the same curriculum. They are both expected to keep pace although their abilities are vastly different. My youngest is doing very well, but my older son is beating his head against a wall trying to complete the same work with multiple learning disabilities and a significantly lower reading comprehension level.

    The problem I see is this. My oldest son who has multiple learning issues has a raw intelect superior to that of my younger son and me. He has strengths in the mechanical realm that are way above average.
    Unfortunatly he spends his school days struggling to do required common core that will always be difficult and no time building on the strengths that he possess because its not the common core. He cannot progress sufficiently the prerequisite courses in math, writing and reading to even get to the mechanical courses that he could excel in. Even the private school is following common core. They do not have enough time or staff to do the very specific remediation in reading for example that could help him more than anything.

    As a single father I can’t stay home with him and do online or home school. Our current educational system forces my son to struggle through his weaknesses to meet a group think standard while ignoring his strenghs and potential.

    He hates school, its torture. He is being left behind by a system set up for others without learning differences like my younger son.

    He and children like him are the casualties of an inflexible system. They are not being served. They and their families struggle to keep pace with the common core standard because thats the only option.

    It breaks my heart to know that being a single parent reduces his options and significantly decreases his chance of success. I wish he had better.

    Sincerely, a frustrated dad.

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