Utah Governor: Please Veto SB 235. Please Pass HB 360   1 comment

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The State School Board of Utah meets tomorrow and will discuss SB 235 (bad bill) and HB 360 (great bill).  They apparently want the good one vetoed.  Too much liberty for teachers; too much distance between Utah and Common Core.  It’s an open meeting; come and see.

The board doesn’t like this freedom-saving bill.  But the Utah legislature did like it; HB 360 passed both houses and should be signed into law by the governor next week.    Unless he vetoes, swayed by the school board…

Please email them:  Board@schools.utah.gov


Dear State School Board,

I want to give input on two bills that you will be recommending for veto or signing to our governor.

  • HB 360 is a good bill for teachers’ autonomy, parental input and local control.  Please do not ask for a veto.  This is a good, constitutional bill.  Parents and teachers want autonomy and this bill creates space for it.  I see no reason to veto this bill.  If this board does recommend a veto, I would like to know why each board member voted as he/she did on the issue.
  • SB 235, on the other hand, is a terrible bill that punishes schools with unvalid labels of “failing” based on the controversial SAGE tests and on an unfair bell curve, so that some are forced to failregardless; it punishes schools with high parental opt-out rates and falsely labels them “failing” and then it forces these “failing” schools to take an “expert” to create “turnaround” that will likely be based on the Obama/Gates Turnaround Model.
For detailed, annotated research on SB 235, see two articles:
1.  https://whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/utah-legislature-adopts-obamas-model-for-turnaround-schools/
2.  http://www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/sb235-effectively-federalized-utahs-education-system-and-federalization-is-anti-family/
Please consider these important bills very, very carefully before you make recommendations to our Governor.
Christel Swasey


Here’s the link for Governor Herbert’s electronic messages to ask for that SB 235 veto:    http://www.utah.gov/governor/contact/

Here are the Utah Representatives.  Ask them to contact the Governor too:  (write more than just your own rep.)

District Representative Party Counties Represented Contact Info
1 Sandall, Scott D. R Box Elder, Cache ssandall@le.utah.gov
2 Lifferth, David E. R Utah dlifferth@le.utah.gov
3 Draxler, Jack R. R Cache jdraxler@le.utah.gov
4 Redd, Edward H. R Cache eredd@le.utah.gov
5 Webb, R. Curt R Cache curtwebb@le.utah.gov
6 Anderegg, Jacob L. R Utah janderegg@le.utah.gov
7 Fawson, Justin L. R Weber justinfawson@le.utah.gov
8 Froerer, Gage R Weber gfroerer@le.utah.gov
9 Peterson, Jeremy A. R Weber jeremyapeterson@le.utah.gov
10 Pitcher, Dixon M. R Weber dpitcher@le.utah.gov
11 Dee, Brad L. R Davis, Weber bdee@le.utah.gov
12 Schultz, Mike R Davis, Weber mikeschultz@le.utah.gov
13 Ray, Paul R Davis pray@le.utah.gov
14 Oda, Curtis R Davis coda@le.utah.gov
15 Wilson, Brad R. R Davis bradwilson@le.utah.gov
16 Handy, Stephen G. R Davis stevehandy@le.utah.gov
17 Barlow, Stewart R Davis sbarlow@le.utah.gov
18 Hawkes, Timothy D. R Davis thawkes@le.utah.gov
19 Ward, Raymond P. R Davis rayward@le.utah.gov
20 Edwards, Rebecca P. R Davis beckyedwards@le.utah.gov
21 Sagers, Douglas V. R Tooele dougsagers@le.utah.gov
22 Duckworth, Susan D Salt Lake sduckworth@le.utah.gov
23 Hollins, Sandra D Salt Lake shollins@le.utah.gov
24 Chavez-Houck, Rebecca D Salt Lake rchouck@le.utah.gov
25 Briscoe, Joel K. D Salt Lake jbriscoe@le.utah.gov
26 Romero, Angela D Salt Lake angelaromero@le.utah.gov
27 Kennedy, Michael S. R Utah mikekennedy@le.utah.gov
28 King, Brian S. D Salt Lake, Summit briansking@le.utah.gov
29 Perry, Lee B. R Box Elder, Weber leeperry@le.utah.gov
30 Cox, Fred C. R Salt Lake fredcox@le.utah.gov
31 DiCaro, Sophia M. R Salt Lake sdicaro@le.utah.gov
32 Christensen, LaVar R Salt Lake lavarchristensen@le.utah.gov
33 Hall, Craig R Salt Lake chall@le.utah.gov
34 Anderson, Johnny R Salt Lake janderson34@le.utah.gov
35 Wheatley, Mark A. D Salt Lake markwheatley@le.utah.gov
36 Arent, Patrice M. D Salt Lake parent@le.utah.gov
37 Moss, Carol Spackman D Salt Lake csmoss@le.utah.gov
38 Hutchings, Eric K. R Salt Lake ehutchings@le.utah.gov
39 Dunnigan, James A. R Salt Lake jdunnigan@le.utah.gov
40 Miller, Justin J. D Salt Lake jjmiller@le.utah.gov
41 McCay, Daniel R Salt Lake dmccay@le.utah.gov
42 Coleman, Kim R Salt Lake kimcoleman@le.utah.gov
43 Tanner, Earl D. R Salt Lake earltanner@le.utah.gov
44 Cutler, Bruce R. R Salt Lake brucecutler@le.utah.gov
45 Eliason, Steve R Salt Lake seliason@le.utah.gov
46 Poulson, Marie H. D Salt Lake mariepoulson@le.utah.gov
47 Ivory, Ken R Salt Lake kivory@le.utah.gov
48 Stratton, Keven J. R Utah kstratton@le.utah.gov
49 Spendlove, Robert M. R Salt Lake rspendlove@le.utah.gov
50 Cunningham, Rich R Salt Lake rcunningham@le.utah.gov
51 Hughes, Gregory H. R Salt Lake greghughes@le.utah.gov
52 Knotwell, John R Salt Lake jknotwell@le.utah.gov
53 Brown, Melvin R. R Daggett, Duchesne, Morgan, Rich, Summit melbrown@le.utah.gov
54 Powell, Kraig R Summit, Wasatch kraigpowell@le.utah.gov
55 Chew, Scott H. R Duchesne, Uintah scottchew@le.utah.gov
56 Christofferson, Kay J. R Utah kchristofferson@le.utah.gov
57 Greene, Brian M. R Utah bgreene@le.utah.gov
58 Cox, Jon R Juab, Sanpete jcox@le.utah.gov
59 Peterson, Val L. R Utah vpeterson@le.utah.gov
60 Daw, Brad M. R Utah bdaw@le.utah.gov
61 Grover, Keith R Utah keithgrover@le.utah.gov
62 Stanard, Jon E. R Washington jstanard@le.utah.gov
63 Sanpei, Dean R Utah dsanpei@le.utah.gov
64 Thurston, Norman K R Utah normthurston@le.utah.gov
65 Gibson, Francis D. R Utah fgibson@le.utah.gov
66 McKell, Mike K. R Utah mmckell@le.utah.gov
67 Roberts, Marc K. R Utah mroberts@le.utah.gov
68 Nelson, Merrill F. R Beaver, Juab, Millard, Tooele, Utah mnelson@le.utah.gov
69 King, Brad D Carbon, Duchesne, Emery, Grand bradking@le.utah.gov
70 McIff, Kay L. R Emery, Grand, Sanpete, Sevier kaymciff@le.utah.gov
71 Last, Bradley G. R Iron, Washington blast@le.utah.gov
72 Westwood, John R. R Iron jwestwood@le.utah.gov
73 Noel, Michael E. R Beaver, Garfield, Kane, Piute, San Juan, Sevier, Wayne mnoel@kanab.net
74 Snow, V. Lowry R Washington vlsnow@le.utah.gov
75 Ipson, Don L. R Washington dipson@le.utah.gov


Here are the Utah Senators (write more than just your own senator):


District Name Email County(ies)
1 Escamilla, Luz (D) lescamilla@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
2 Dabakis, Jim (D) jdabakis@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
3 Davis, Gene (D) gdavis@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
4 Iwamoto, Jani (D) jiwamoto@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
5 Mayne, Karen (D) kmayne@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
6 Harper, Wayne A. (R) wharper@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
7 Henderson, Deidre M. (R) dhenderson@le.utah.gov Utah
8 Shiozawa, Brian E. (R) bshiozawa@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
9 Niederhauser, Wayne L. (R) wniederhauser@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
10 Osmond, Aaron (R) aosmond@le.utah.gov Salt Lake
11 Stephenson, Howard A. (R) hstephenson@le.utah.gov Salt Lake, Utah
12 Thatcher, Daniel W. (R) dthatcher@le.utah.gov Salt Lake, Tooele
13 Madsen, Mark B. (R) mmadsen@le.utah.gov Salt Lake, Utah
14 Jackson, Alvin B. (R) abjackson@le.utah.gov Utah
15 Dayton, Margaret (R) mdayton@le.utah.gov Utah
16 Bramble, Curtis S. (R) curt@cbramble.com Utah, Wasatch
17 Knudson, Peter C. (R) pknudson@le.utah.gov Box Elder, Cache, Tooele
18 Millner, Ann (R) amillner@le.utah.gov Davis, Morgan, Weber
19 Christensen, Allen M. (R) achristensen@le.utah.gov Morgan, Summit, Weber
20 Jenkins, Scott K. (R) sjenkins@le.utah.gov Davis, Weber
21 Stevenson, Jerry W. (R) jwstevenson@le.utah.gov Davis
22 Adams, J. Stuart (R) jsadams@le.utah.gov Davis
23 Weiler, Todd (R) tweiler@le.utah.gov Davis, Salt Lake
24 Okerlund, Ralph (R) rokerlund@le.utah.gov Beaver, Garfield, Juab, Kane, Millard, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Utah, Wayne
25 Hillyard, Lyle W. (R) lhillyard@le.utah.gov Cache, Rich
26 Van Tassell, Kevin T. (R) kvantassell@le.utah.gov Daggett, Duchesne, Summit, Uintah, Wasatch
27 Hinkins, David P. (R) dhinkins@le.utah.gov Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan, Utah, Wasatch
28 Vickers, Evan J. (R) evickers@le.utah.gov Beaver, Iron, Washington
29 Urquhart, Stephen H. (R) surquhart@le.utah.gov Washington


Please write or call!  This is still America and not every legislator is bought by lobby money.  Some actually do listen to constituents.We should act –even if we act alone.  If we each act on conscience, rather than failing to act, for fear of failure, we might be winning many more battles.

A war over children’s lives and schooling and privacy rights is being waged, far under the radar of most people’s daily lives– but even those who know it’s going on, often fail to act.  Keep acting, even if it appears there is no hope.  Please join me if you can.

–And by the way, there is real hope!

  • The powerful Utah Educators’ Association (UEA) was also opposed to SB 235.  So were key Utah Democrats.  Some of the conservatives who actually voted for SB 235 now regret it.

Many people have written to the governor on this issue, pleading for a veto.

  • HB 360 already successfully PASSED both legislative houses, so it has the support of our elected reps.  There’s no reason anyone would want it vetoed, that I can see, except if they are being paid (in money or in power) by “the machine”.





I sometimes think that we would be better off if we had an obvious wolf for a Governor.

If we had an obvious wolf, people would be paying very close attention to what he was doing.  But Governor Herbert uses conservative language while he passes rascally progressive bills and initiatives and blocks conservative ones.

Most of Utah pays no real attention.  Many assume that the conservative-sounding speech they heard him make on the campaign trail matches his actions today.

But this is not the case.  He’s a key member of the Common Core creation team at NGA/CCSSO and he’s a proud promoter of Prosperity 2020, the cradle-to-workforce program that puts the economy first (not children) and puts businesses, not moms, dads and teachers, in positions of power over schools.  He is not about to fight his own machine.  The only thing he might fear is losing re-election.  This is why I have a little bit of  faith that letters asking him to veto SB 235 and asking him to pass HB 360,  might, in great numbers, have influence on him –only for his re-election hopes.  If he does just the opposite of what we are asking, and passes SB 235 and vetoes HB 360, let’s at least not let him do it too quietly and without pushback.  We still have about a week until it’s too late to veto or to pass these bills into law.




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