Hearingless Congressional Vote Scheduled for S227 – Children Losing Privacy – SETRA Bill   8 comments

The press release below came out today, February 23, 2015, from Kate Bryan at American Principles in Action.

I have not read this bill.  When I do, I will write about it.  

The vote is scheduled for two days from now… so read, please, and comment here and to your reps and senators.   I am posting this ASAP because I received it from Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project, whom I trust as an honest leader in preserving parental rights and Constitutional liberty.  

Here’s a link to this huge data collection bill.

stealth assessment baby



CONTACT: Kate Bryan

American Principles in Action     




 Congressional Leadership Attempting to Ram Child Data Collection Bill Through Congress

Washington, D.C.–American Principles in Action is calling on Congress to oppose S.227, the Strengthening Education through Research Act (SETRA), which would violate the privacy of millions of students and parents.

SETRA is scheduled to be voted on Wednesday, February 25th in the U.S. House—even though the Senate has not yet voted on the bill. Congressional leadership intends to call a vote on the matter in both the House and the Senate this week, despite neither body holding a hearing on the bill.

“SETRA is dangerous legislation that would expand federal psychological profiling of children through expanding research on ‘social and emotional learning,’” said Jane Robbins, Senior Fellow at American Principles in Action.  “It would facilitate sharing of education statistics across states and agencies. It would continue to rely on the now-gutted FERPA statute to protect student data. SETRA must be defeated to protect student privacy rights.”

Emmett McGroarty, Director of Education at American Principles in Action, said, “Leadership is betraying the Constitution and the American people by rushing this bill through. Having so blithely disrespected the American people, it is difficult to see how they will ever regain their trust.”

American Principles in Action’s concerns with SETRA are three-fold:

1.) SETRA reauthorizes ESRA, the Education Sciences Reform Act, first passed in 2002, which facilitates intrusive data collection on students. ESRA began the idea of state longitudinal databases, which created the structure that would facilitate a de facto national student database. ESRA also eliminated previous penalties for sharing and otherwise misusing student data.

2.) SETRA allows for psychological profiling of our children, raising serious privacy concerns. Section 132, page 28 of SETRA: “…and which may include research on social and emotional learning, and the acquisition of competencies and skills, including the ability to think critically, solve complex problems, evaluate evidence, and communicate effectively…”

This means the federal government will continue to promote collection of students’ psychological information. APIA does not support allowing the federal government to maintain psychological dossiers on our children.

3.) SETRA depends on FERPA to protect student privacy, legislation that is now outdated and has been gutted by regulation. FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, passed in 1974, and is no longer sufficient to protect student privacy in the age of technology. Even worse, the Obama Administration gutted FERPA so that it no longer offers the protections it once did.

American Principles In Action is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to preserving and propagating the fundamental principles on which our country was founded. It aims to return our nation to an understanding that governance via these timeless principles will strengthen us as a country.

For further information or to schedule an interview with Jane Robbins or Emmett McGroarty, please contact Kate Bryan at American Principles in Action at 202-503-2010 or kbryan@americanprinciplesproject.org.

8 responses to “Hearingless Congressional Vote Scheduled for S227 – Children Losing Privacy – SETRA Bill

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  1. Reblogged this on Wyoming Against the Common Core and commented:
    Due to time constraints I am choosing to reblog this from Christal’s blog! I will have time to go more in depth about this DATA COLLECTION NIGHTMARE! Please read the following information:

  2. Looks like the original bill is here. The changes appear in the link above, https://www.congress.gov/113/crpt/srpt275/CRPT-113srpt275.pdf

  3. Urgent that the House not blindly approve this bill — not tomorrow, not ever! The Senate should never see it. Just more in the long line of Unconstitutional edicts, mandates, executive delusions from “I have a pen”…Bottom line goes to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. This would tag and invade Our Nation’s childrens’ privacy, parental rights, etc! Sounds so much more like a well-established Communist Regime!

  4. PLEASE vote “NO” on S227. My daughter went from homeschooling to enrolling in public school in the 8th grade. She struggled so severely with the Common Core, our nights were dotted with sobbing fits on a regular basis. I pulled her out of all Common Core classes this year and homeschool for those classes. The only thing she takes at school are electives. This is Data Mining for no purpose other than to destroy our public education system, making us all responsible to the government for our needs. This needs to stop!

  5. How can you call this “hearingless”? According to: opencongress.org, it was Read Twice on January 21st and referred to committee, and then was active in the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions on February 4th. I don’t agree with the bill, but don’t misrepresent it either.

    • Mr. Public:

      When not one independent doctor of clinical child psychology or child development expert from a institution higher educstion is not included in the “hearing”, one may as well call this what this really is:

      A sham.

  6. 4).
    “…meets the procedures for peer review established and maintained by the Director under section 114(f)(5) and the standards of research described in section 134; and”

    These folks are slick. I have ripped on the education establishment for putting out programs that have not been subjected to the independent peer reviewed scientific process.

    Their response to this was to bring in the peer review process….but to eliminate the “independent” portion of it.

    The Director now has the power to “establish” (e.g., “re-write) the procedures for peer review….and also has the power to appoint exactly who the reviewers will be.

    Big Testing Lobby is writing some pretty big checks on the D.C. Hill.

    Just hope my Utah Reps. and Senators are not cashing them in.

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