Video: Uncommon Conformity   3 comments

I like this video.  Thanks, Sam Martin.

3 responses to “Video: Uncommon Conformity

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  1. If that video is not on u-tube, it should be. I’d like to see this go viral. It’s the best video I have seen to simply describe how awful this Common Core is and how detrimental it is to our children and grandchildren. We have a group of Grandmas in Minnesota fighting Common Core. We are called Grandma Grizzlies….our slogan….You DON’T want to mess with our cubs!!! We are gaining momentum as we travel to meetings in MN and WI informing people of this attack on our educational system. We are up for the challenge to defend our children and grandchildren.

  2. I echo the sentiments of the Grandma Grizzlies and I thank you for these post. We are here in Hawaii battling as we speak with legislation to federally mandate common core. there was no notification by the school system simply comply or die type of socialist implementation of the curriculum. Than you and keep up the fight we support your efforts

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