Join Utahns Against Common Core in a  heartfelt thank you to the following U.S. Senators whose official letter both exposed Sec. Duncan’s assumption of unauthorized educational authority (which is only to be held by states); and called out Duncan’s unauthorized takeover of the rights of children with disabilities via standardized tests.

If you tweet, Facebook, or  email, please thank them.  What they did was important.  I’m using the hashtags #THANKHATCH, #THANKKIRK, etc.


Utah – SENATOR ORRIN HATCH  @SenOrrinHatch



Georgia – SENATOR JOHNNY ISAKSON  @SenatorIsakson

senator johnny








Alaska – SENATOR LISA MURKOWSKI @lisamurkowski



Kansas – SENATOR PAT ROBERTS @PatRoberts2014


Illinois – SENATOR MARK KIRK  @SenatorKirk




Wyoming – SENATOR MIKE ENZI @SenatorEnzi




North Carolina – SENATOR RICHARD BURR @SenatorBurr




Tennessee – SENATOR LAMAR ALEXANDER  @SenAlexander





If you live near Salt Lake City, please join us at 11:00 at tomorrow’s public and media event at Royal Wood Office Plaza, 230 west 200 south.  Bring signs.  Wear green if you have green.  Be prepared to take a turn on the soap box with the megaphone to use your freedom of speech and make your voice heard.

Inside the Royal Wood Office building, a federal agent of Arne Duncan’s Dept of Education will be meeting tomorrow with Utah State Office of Education leaders to ensure their compliance with federal mandates –mandates that the eight senators’ letter  just called illegal.   Let’s let our Utah State education employees know we defend their right to not comply, as they host this unauthorized federal visitor.



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  2. Friends, this is long but please read it as an addendum to the protest event invitation.

    How far we’ve come, in so many tragic ways, in our state from being “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Sadly: although the Constitution assigns the right to control practically everything (including education) to the states– still, the feds have assumed a bullying role cloaked in parental/nanny care– that we need to fight, and hard, because the Dept. of Ed is throwing shackel after shackel on our heads: for example, the SLDS computer base which they the feds paid for and designed; the national standards and tests, which they approved and promoted; endless agents, pseudo-governmental agencies, and branches of branches of governmental agencies, all in place to monitor, inspect and cause us to comply–with what they are UNauthorized to demand of us, as free states in the USA.

    Senator Hatch’s letter (see yesterday) brilliantly showed how it’s supposed to work: agencies are supposed to have authority before they slap regulations on people– and Sec. Duncan of the US Dept of ED does not have it.

    Now, the federal agent who is in Utah TODAY –and for whom we have organized this protest that I’ve been advertising all day yesterday hoping some patriots still exist and don’t have dentist appointments today at 11:00– that very federal agent, Greg Corr, has the title: DIRECTOR OF MONITORING OF STATES under the special education branch of the US Department of Education. Did you catch that? Director of monitoring. It’s an utterly unconstitutional title in an unconstitutional role in an educational system that is being transformed so rapidly by those who are not friends to freedom, that it’s dizzying. Here’s the link to his name and title, in case anyone actually read all this. Most people really don’t care, or really don’t understand the gravity, of the stuff I and others fight so hard about.

    But I think of the small handful of people won against the entire British Army in the 1770s, and I know that even if they would have lost, they would not have changed a thing about that fight they fought. I feel the same way. It may be embarrassing to be seen as a nut by most of the members of the state school board, the USOE and the governor and plenty of other. It may be stressful and exhausting, but aren’t we required as saints of God, as Americans, as human beings, to recognize the loss of, and fight for the restoration of, freedom?

    I wish the twelve thousand who signed the petition at Utahns Against Common Core showed up for every protest and rally and wrote to their legislators every week– but it is what it is, and so, this is my final invitation to see you at 11:00 downtown. Or call a legislator today. Act. If we don’t act, we lose. Nobody is doing it in our place. And it takes more than five people to win a fight.

    We have to be the warriors ourselves. As far as we are able. Here’s that link to the Director of Monitoring: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/osers/osep/staff.html

  3. If Lamar Alexander was really against federal overreach in education and Common Core, then why did he sign a letter to Arne Duncan endorsing the Race To The Top federal bribe application for Tennessee? It’s right there in Appendix A page 31:

    It must be re-election time…

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