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Note:  Event address changed:  Tomorrow, Thursday, 11:00 at Royal Wood Office Plaza, at 230 West 200 South in Salt Lake City.

Senator Orrin Hatch –together with Senators from other states: Senators Enzi, Alexander, Burr, Isakson, Roberts, Murkowski and Kirk — penned a powerful letter of rebuke to the federal Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan last month. (Read it here.)

The letter is an example of how checks and balances are supposed to work in this country.  When the executive branch (Duncan) oversteps its authority, the legislative branch (Hatch) reins it in.  Great system.

One would imagine that Secretary Duncan might feel humbled by the letter’s exposure of his obvious violations.  The letter says:

“Please provide the specific statutory authority for each indicator under your Results-Driven Accountability Framework,” the senators’ letter states.  It goes on: “Please identify the source of funding and authority to use funds for your $50 million technical assistance center.”  Finally:  “Changes to the existing framework must comport to the letter of the law and cannot be made by administrative fiat.”

However, Arne Duncan has shown no intention of submitting to congressional authority.  Rather than apologize and retract, he’s decided to send a federal enforcer out to the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) to inspect compliance to his unauthorized authority.  This week.

Utahns Against Common Core is therefore hosting a protest tomorrow at 11:00 at Royal Wood Office Plaza, at 230 West 200 South in Salt Lake City.

Please come.  Shy people are needed too.  You can just stand in the shade with your sign and sip a soda.  Loud people are needed as well: we can stand on the soap box (crate) provided and can state exactly why we oppose Duncan’s doings, and thank Senator Hatch for his letter.

The bottom line for me –why I’m spending time, energy and gas money to drive to Salt Lake tomorrow– is this:  when the federal government (and local state government enablers) step on my Constitutional right to control education locally because of money bribes or misguided faith in central planning,  I lose the power to run and care for my own local school(s) and the children I love who go there. 

I choose to stand up, show up, push back and say, “The buck stops here.  Don’t tread on me.”  My children can’t do this; it is MY responsiblity.  Please join me.

I’m now going to paste what Oak Norton,  of Utahns Against Common Core, wrote: 


Tomorrow: Thursday at 11:00 at Royal Wood Office Plaza, at 230 West 200 South in Salt Lake City ). Invite everyone, especially parents and teachers of children with disabilities.

In a nutshell: Secretary Arne Duncan violated federal law seeking to punish state school disability programs, got caught big time, and a federal Dept. of Education official is here in Utah on a “routine” visit. Time for a protest.

What you are about to read should result in congressional hearings and Arne Duncan probably being fired as the US Secretary of Education.

Federal law sets forth certain things that can be done under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). No one may circumvent those laws. Only Congress can change laws, but because of the current Executive Branch’s agenda to bring states under federal control, grant-based regulations and mandates have increasingly been created by Secretary Duncan, in violation of the Constitution.

On June 24, 2014, Secretary Duncan circumvented congress and issued mandates for changes in the way state special education programs are evaluated. (

“To improve the educational outcomes of America’s 6.5 million children and youth with disabilities, the U.S. Department of Education today announced a major shift in the way it oversees the effectiveness of states’ special education programs.”

He then went on to explain what changes he is mandating.

Eight U.S. senators prepared a letter explaining the violations of law involved in Duncan’s action and asked the Secretary a number of very pointed questions. Evidently, Senator Hatch from Utah walked that letter into a meeting, interrupting it, to deliver it to Secretary Duncan. The senators’ letter is embedded at the bottom of this article.

In essence, the mandate changes the way the school funding game is played by suddenly announcing that historical NAEP test score data will be used retroactively to evaluate federal funding on schools that have children with disabilities. As the senators’ letter points out this is a very clear violation of the law.

Duncan calls this new framework, “Results-Driven Accountability.” It’s simply unconstitutional and illegal. The press release states:

“Last year, when the Department considered only compliance data in making annual determinations, 41 states and territories met requirements. This year, however, when the Department includes data on how students are actually performing, only 18 states and territories meet requirements.”

Why are they so eager to tell states they aren’t meeting requirements? So they can enact more requirements. It’s the way things work for those in power. Tell schools they aren’t performing and then punish them with additional requirements.

Utah happens to be coming up short and is on the list of states that “need assistance.” The USDOE continues, “If a state needs assistance for two years in a row, IDEA requires the Department to takeactions such as requiring the state to obtain technical assistance or identifying the state as a high-risk grant recipient.”

So Utah is at risk of losing federal funds due to the feds moving the goal post and mandating, against the rules of the game, that teams retroactively enact the new rules. Suddenly the score that was 14-0, is 0-0.

Now I’m no fan of federal funding in any respect and I’d love to see it abolished, but until we are able to accomplish that, this is an egregious violation of the law and should result in Duncan and maybe others being short-timers on the hill for their actions.

NAEP was supposed to be for a common set of data between the states and was mandated to never be used for high stakes testing determination.

So what kind of “technical assistance” does the USDOE have in mind?

“As part of the move to RDA, OSERS [Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services] will fund a new $50 million technical assistance center – the Center on Systemic Improvement – to help states leverage the $11.5 billion in federal special education funds which they currently receive to improve outcomes for students with disabilities. In addition, OSERS will be working with each state to support them in developing comprehensive plans designed to improve results for children with disabilities.”

Because so many states were suddenly deemed to be below threshold (without knowing that’s how they would be evaluated), we’re going to see a new federal “assistance” center because obviously the states aren’t capable of educating children with disabilities. We “need” that federal help…  (Oh, and Common Core isn’t being pushed by the feds either, of course.)

Interestingly, Gregory Corr, the Director of Monitoring and State Improvement Planning at OSEP (Office of Special Education Programs), is coming to Utah *right now* to do some type of investigation. This is beyond normal. Directors don’t go to states on “routine” visits.  I understand he will be at the State Office of Education on Thursday.

Please come Thursday,  tomorrow: 11:00 at Royal Wood Office Plaza, at 230 West 200 South in Salt Lake City . Help tell the the feds to stop violating the law, stop violating Utah’s sovereignty, and stop messing with children with disabilities. It’s OUR education system. Bring your signs:  “Stop Fed Ed”  “Support Children With Disabilities”  “Defend Local Control”  “Thank You Senator Hatch”.


4 responses to “Tomorrow at 11:00 – Protest Unauthorized Federal Enforcement / Support Children With Disabilities

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  1. Please note: time and address are changed! It’s not at the USOE offices anymore: the federal DOEd Director will in a different location so we moved the protest location.

    NEW VENUE AND TIME: Please come to a protest on Thursday at 11:00 – 12:30 at Royal Wood Office Plaza, 230 West 200 South. The parking lot is shared with the US post office. Invite everyone you can, especially those with children with disabilities.

    Potential signs you can bring:
    Dump Duncan
    End Fed Ed
    Don’t Fed on Me
    Stop Common Core
    Hey Feds, leave our kids alone

    Wear green if you can, but please show up.

  2. Arne Duncan is a idiot who does not care the least bit about ground level outcomes for kids in special education.

    His policies are directly in conflict with peer reviewed research, but work nicely with his goals of obtaining power.

    Secretary Duncan is a arrogant, frat boy slave to special interest groups.

  3. I am renting a megaphone and a friend’s bringing a soapbox for tomorrow’s protest. Just FYI. In case you have any strong feelings you’d like to express at our permit-holding, peaceful #DUMPDUNCAN #THANKHATCH event tomorrow.

  4. Friends, this is long but please read it. How far we’ve come, in so many tragic ways, in our state from being “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
    Sadly: although the Constitution assigns the right to control practically everything (including education) to the states– still, the feds have assumed a bullying role cloaked in parental/nanny care– that we need to fight, and hard, because the Dept. of Ed is throwing shackel after shackel on our heads: for example, the SLDS computer base which they the feds paid for and designed; the national standards and tests, which they approved and promoted; endless agents, pseudo-governmental agencies, and branches of branches of governmental agencies, all in place to monitor, inspect and cause us to comply–with what they are UNauthorized to demand of us, as free states in the USA.

    Senator Hatch’s letter (see yesterday) brilliantly showed how it’s supposed to work: agencies are supposed to have authority before they slap regulations on people– and Sec. Duncan of the US Dept of ED does not have it.

    Now, the federal agent who is in Utah TODAY –and for whom we have organized this protest that I’ve been advertising all day yesterday hoping some patriots still exist and don’t have dentist appointments today at 11:00– that very federal agent, Greg Corr, has the title: DIRECTOR OF MONITORING OF STATES under the special education branch of the US Department of Education. Did you catch that? Director of monitoring. It’s an utterly unconstitutional title in an unconstitutional role in an educational system that is being transformed so rapidly by those who are not friends to freedom, that it’s dizzying. Here’s the link to his name and title, in case anyone actually read all this. Most people really don’t care, or really don’t understand the gravity, of the stuff I and others fight so hard about.

    But I think of the small handful of people won against the entire British Army in the 1770s, and I know that even if they would have lost, they would not have changed a thing about that fight they fought. I feel the same way. It may be embarrassing to be seen as a nut by most of the members of the state school board, the USOE and the governor and plenty of other. It may be stressful and exhausting, but aren’t we required as saints of God, as Americans, as human beings, to recognize the loss of, and fight for the restoration of, freedom?

    I wish the twelve thousand who signed the petition at Utahns Against Common Core showed up for every protest and rally and wrote to their legislators every week– but it is what it is, and so, this is my final invitation to see you at 11:00 downtown. Or call a legislator today. Act. If we don’t act, we lose. Nobody is doing it in our place. And it takes more than five people to win a fight.

    We have to be the warriors ourselves. As far as we are able. Here’s that link to the Director of Monitoring:

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