Legislative Meeting: Utah Discussing Adopting Founderless Version of U.S. History   4 comments

Today, right now, the unmaking of history is happening at the Utah State Capitol. I just found out now, via email.

Listen at this link: http://utahlegislature.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&event_id=83651

So the Utah Legislature’s education committee is meeting now, listening to (among other things) the Utah State Office of Education’s reasoning for adopting the David Coleman-pushed, awful, transformed U.S. History standards for A.P. History.  These standards have come under extreme criticism for promoting a negative view of American accomplishments.  They deleted the necessity for teachers to even mention –at all– Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, Martin Luther King, the Gettysburg Address, Hitler, and much, much more that is crucial to understanding American history.  The noble portions of history and vital facts simply won’t  be on the test.

It seems truly too bad to be true.

I wish some mom, grandpa, teacher, or professor were there, testifying, as this Texas mother did, that the state must absolutely fight, not adopt, these new history standards!

I wish that Sydnee Dickson, Diana Suddreth, and Robert Austin ( USOE officials responsible for promoting the new history standards) were elected officials –so that we could vote them out.  But they are plain state employees, so they stay in, reel in fat taxpayer funded salaries, and they are unstopped by the legislators, parents or administrators who have the power to stop them –if enough would just stand up.

So much is happening, so fast, to transform and deform our educational system now that it feels impossible to keep up with or try to rein in.

We have to try.  We have to educate and activate the necessary numbers of citizens to push our elected representatives to say no.

Please write to your representatives and  school boards.  Let them know that you oppose the transformed AP U.S. History Standards for our schools.


Here is the link to find your Representative:   http://www.le.utah.gov/GIS/findDistrict.jsp

Here is the link to find your Senator: http://www.utahsenate.org/#


USA Today published an opinion editorial— today– by Jane Robbins of American Principles Project on this subject.  I’m reposting:


Defenses of the College Board’s revised Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) Curriculum Framework have ranged from “it’s a balanced document” to “teachers will have flexibility” to “what’s wrong with a leftist slant?” None of these defenses should be acceptable.

To the “balanced document” argument, we say: Read it. A Pioneer Institute study by experts, including renowned Madisonian scholar Ralph Ketcham, describes the framework as “a portrait of America as a dystopian society — one riddled with racism, violence, hypocrisy, greed, imperialism and injustice.”

The origins of the framework have been traced to the philosophy that the U. S. is only one nation among many, and not a particularly admirable one at that. Every trace of American exceptionalism has been scrubbed; seminal documents such as the Gettysburg Address have vanished.

What about teachers’ flexibility? Will APUSH teachers still teach the vital content in their state history standards? Although the College Board (under duress) is erasing its warning that none of this state material will be tested, the practical reality remains that teachers won’t waste time on it.

The exam’s structure will encourage students and teachers to stick to the leftist framework. We’ll have a national history curriculum rather than state flexibility and control.

The College Board’s recent release of the previously secret sample exam confirms this conclusion. All sample questions are anchored firmly in the framework, even the pejorative language used to describe President Reagan. The sample exam makes it clear that if teachers want their students to score well on the APUSH exam, they will teach the framework.

So we’re left with the argument that the APUSH course rightly veers off into progressive territory (diminishing content knowledge in favor of “historical skills” and “themes” and embracing identity politics) because accurate history is disfavored in some university programs. If so, parents will want their children to avoid APUSH. The unelected College Board may decide to impose revisionist history, but its customers need not buy it.

Jane Robbins is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project, a conservative advocacy group.

4 responses to “Legislative Meeting: Utah Discussing Adopting Founderless Version of U.S. History

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  1. In Delaware we are beginning to organize an Opt Out plan that uses de-facto public non-compliance as a protest mechanism. We need just 6% of students to opt out for the test data to make our state’s data become irrelevant (95% compliance is required). If our scores become irrelevant, then the entire $330 million spent on the two consortiums was done in vain and the idiocy of Common Core cannot continue to be brushed aside and ignored by major media, for we have forced consequences….We recommend all other state’s parent’s grass-roots affiliations organize to do the same. An Opt Out movement driven by school-aged children’s parents, brings a clarity to Common Core’s deficiencies like nothing we’ve tried before. ….

  2. You may want to check out the pornography in the AP psyche text book hidden in the ” motivations chapter. It is twisted perversion and salacious provocation of teenagers Pushing the “comprehensive sex ed ” desired by unesco and planned parenthood to teach future recruits.
    It is sick and hardly academic or within the scope of college level psych 201.

  3. Opting out is key. Look at it like thelma and louise, they are gunning it to the cliff and then… Whatever. Because the point is destruction of the institution, cloward/piven, cultural marxism. Opting out if quick enough can slow it down but the chaos will take some time to settle. PARENTS! OPT OUT! !!
    Use your rights! OPT OUT OF SEX ED THEY ARE DECEIVING YOU. And your kids are too embarrassed to tell you.
    Request viewing of all material and background check on teacher.
    Look up ” passing the trash”. Look up how many tea hers are arrested in your state….

  4. Check out what is lost and lacking in Native American History and information. They hardly exist in History classes anymore. Why?

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