Texas Mother of 4 AP Students Testifies Against New History Standards #APUSH   5 comments



This mother of four AP students points out, among other things, that the new APUSH curriculum is anti-semitic.  It presents World War II in a way that excludes the atrocities of Hitler and the heroism of those who fought him.  This mother wants to know what the people of America are saying about the new College Board history curriculum which not only discludes the atrocities of Hitler, but does not include the Reverend Martin Luther King, nor Benjamin Franklin, nor the Gettysburg Address, nor the sacrifices and motivations of the signers of the Declaration of Independence–  a curriculum that makes no mention of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and barely mentions George Washington.

So do I.


5 responses to “Texas Mother of 4 AP Students Testifies Against New History Standards #APUSH

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  1. stunning and terribly sad

  2. I don’t think you know what the word “anti-Semitic” means.

  3. Congratulations on taking the time and effort to research what your child is learning…AND going forth with this. Most people never look into what the schools are teaching, and certainly don’t try to remedy the situation. I wish you success in this journey.

    Valerie Dickhaus
  4. To Blargle….please elaborate on your comment.

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