South Carolina Rejects Common Core


(Although Indiana was the first state to drop Common Core, it appears the new Indiana standards are simply a rebranding; Oklahoma’s and South Carolina’s new laws have language designed to prevent the drop-retrieve-rebrand trick.)

This is wonderful news for South Carolina and Oklahoma.

God Bless (the rest of) America.


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    As noted elsewhere, states that hold parents to be the ultimate decider of their children’s education, are the ones most appalled by the revelations…. In those states legislators can’t dismiss public opinion with a News Journal Op-Ed written by Sweeney….

    This is real.. This is Right… Common Core is an abomination and if allowed to continue, will destroy all intellectual capacity the US currently has…. This program dumbs down students…. Don’t think for yourself, it teaches… Just make a random guess…. We aren’t even penalizing for wrong answers anymore…..

  2. Thanks again for all of your tireless work against the forces of evil!

    Thanks, Jennifer


    Jennifer Wildenradt
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  4. I see lots of blame and praise,
    but never a specific example of what is wrong with the Core.
    Does it discuss Natural Selection rather than talking snakes?
    Does it try to teach trigonometry to first-graders?
    Does it demand that the students actually study?
    Why is it “wonderful news” when a state rejects this programme?
    And what alternate plans do the states have
    (and why haven’t they done it already?)
    to bring American students up to educational parity with the rest of the world?

    • Shas Cho, you clearly have not done any homework on this subject.

      • What a waste of space.
        Your insult is pointless-
        I’ve chased down half a dozen stories on the topic
        and have found nothing but blame and praise
        (you’re evidently one of the blamers),
        so I came to a supposed discussion on the topic
        and asked for information.
        If you have some to share, I’d like to hear it.
        If you have nothing but pointless hostility,
        don’t bother.

        • There is a wealth of information right here, on this site, about Common Core – how it came about, the major players & proponents, detractors & critics etc. The information is well-researched and opinions are supported with documentation and links. It’s one of a few “go-to” Common Core sites for me (and I don’t even live in Utah).

          If you haven’t seen any “specific examples”, one must assume it’s because you haven’t looked.

    • Shas Cho, please refer to Common Core 101, a short blog post that will introduce you to the specific academic and governmental problems with Common Core.

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